Love Potion No. 9

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Ch. 1- Confessions

Beast Boy looked at Starfire with bated breath, fit to cry. "I just…I dunno why, but it hit me, and I thought it wasn't possible, but then I figured…it was…I…I…I beat Cyborg's highest score!" He hugged Starfire, who optimistically smiled with him. When they pulled away, though, she seemed flustered.

"I am happy for you, Beast Boy, but I do not understand. That is the reason you pulled me from breakfast? Rather than announce this glorious news to all of our friends, as well?"

"No," Beast Boy said, scratching the back of his neck. "That was just to break the ice."

"I see…It is better to break the ice than the camel's back!" said Starfire, mouth upturned and eyes shut.

"…Right," Beast Boy nodded, looking at the Tameranian skeptically.

"Well, then," Starfire began, situating herself even more comfortably on the changeling's bed, "what is this news that you wish to confide solely in me?"

"Uh…well…" Beast Boy made himself comfortable as possible on his bottom bunk, too. "You have to swear you won't tell anybody…not a peep about any of this…you're the only girl here I can trust."

"Why is it not possible to confide in Raven?"

The sound of her name made Beast Boy cringe. He gulped, and tugged on his shirt collar. "Uh…"

"Is this about Raven?" the alien inquired further.


Starfire gasped, and whispered, "Is it possible that you can only confide in me because I'm the only girl on the team?"

Beast Boy blinked. "…No."

A wave of relief swept over Starfire. "That is glorious enough news for me! Please proceed!"

"Just promise you won't say anything," Beast Boy pleaded.

"I promise," Starfire swore.

"OK," Beast Boy sighed, both relieved and nervous. "See…I've been having these dreams…"


"Me next! Me next!" a blonde-haired teenaged girl chanted, jumping up and down.

Beast Boy surveyed the crowd from the stage, girls everywhere, jealous looking boyfriends on the sidelines, watching the girls.

"Just 'cause I ain't green," one of them moaned, covering his face with his hands.

"I LOVE YOU, BEAST BOY!!!" another girl screamed.

"Same here, baby!" Beast Boy winked. The girls yelled even more, some desperately climbing the railings to get closer to the shape shifter.

"Ladies, please," he smiled, "take it easy, there's plenty of BB to go around…you'll all get my picture I promise." He gave a trademark wink as he looked at the crowd.

"Are you done yet?" someone said, according to the tone, displeased with the picture.

"Huh?" Beast Boy turned around. A cloaked figure stood in the far corner of the stage; she removed her hood. "Raven? What are you doing in my dream? Not in line…not wanting my picture…?" He started frowning.

Raven rolled her eyes…even in snoozeville she was her normal self. "Because you conjured my being into your dream."

"Uh…ok…" Beast Boy said.

"BEAST BOY MARRY ME!" another girl shouted in the crowd.

Raven looked at the person and shot a blast of energy at her, knocking her out.

"Hey! She was one of my best fans!" Beast Boy protested. "What gives?"

"I don't care if anyone wants your picture," Raven said, walking towards him. "But the only person who's ever going to think of you as their husband is going to be me, got it?" At this point she was holding him by the scuff of his shirt collar.

"Say what?!" Beast Boy said, freaked out.

Raven smiled…Beast Boy wasn't sure if it could happen in reality, but it happened here…and she looked radiant. "Shut up and smile." She turned him to the camera. The camera flashed, and Beast Boy woke up.

End flashback

"…and I've been having dreams like these for the past week…in last night's…" Beast Boy gulped, and then smiled dazedly, "we kissed."

"Oh, how romantic!" Starfire exclaimed at the top of her lungs.

"Sshhhh!" Beast Boy said, covering her mouth.

"Sorry," Starfire muffled into his hand. He removed it.

"I believe," the alien said quieter, "that that is ever wonderful news!"

"And, the funny thing is," Beast Boy said, "I think I'm really, really starting to like her…even if she doesn't laugh at my jokes…" he half grimaced. "I just…I dunno what to tell her…what should I do?"

"I say," Starfire looked him straight in the eye, "you go up to her when she is at peace, sit down next to her, and make her listen. Tell her how you feel…how the complex relationship you now have and what you are feeling conflict and make you feel like gribnorks are oozing out of your stomach, and does she feel the same, because if not then you really might ooze gribnorks…"

"Star?" Beast Boy interjected, cocking his head to one side.

"Yes, friend?" Starfire said empathetically.

"I got it, thanks," he tried to smile.

"Certainly! I am glad I could be of service in the 'keeping of the secrets'!" Starfire grinned from ear to ear, standing up. "And if you do ooze gribnorks, I will be more than happy to assist you further by feeding you the Tameranian 'Get Well Pudding'!"

"Gee…you'd really do that for me?" Beast Boy said slowly, trying to sound modest.

"Of course! For that is the role friends play in this universe among others!" Starfire said. At that moment, a low rumble could be heard in the room. Starfire blushed. "Forgive me, I now need to service my stomach, for it is aching with the hunger."

"Sure…uh…knock yourself out," Beast Boy said, suppressing a laugh. Starfire rocketed out of the room. "Oh, and thanks for helping!" He called after her, though he was sure she didn't hear him.

When he was sure she was out of earshot, he slumped back on his bed, taking his hair in both hands. "There has got to be an easier way," he muttered.

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