Title: Reasons to Hope, Reasons to Live

Author: HanaHeart

Chapter: Nine

Summary: In the Battle of Helm's Deep, Haldir leaves Legolas with more than he bargained for.

Beta Oliwiaroot

Warnings: Mpreg, Character Death (later)

Disclaimer: All of LOTR characters belong to the one and only Tolkein, except for any OCs.

Reasons to Hope, Reasons to Live

Chapter Nine

Three weeks later, Legolas sat in front of the vanity mirror as Mallorn combed his golden hair. It was the day of his and Aragorn union ceremony yet the blond elf was anything but happy. In addition to the fact that he had always hated formal festivities, he was always wary of this particular one. The ceremony would be held at the centre of the White City, where they would be surrounded by Gondor's people.

True, the people of Gondor hadn't objected at the idea of their King marrying an Elven male. But that didn't mean that they had none. It could be possible that none dared to show any. The Lords of the court showed their disagreement away from the King's eyes and ears by sending hating and disapproving glares at Legolas, his brother, and the twins. Albeit not all of them, a handful of young Lords tried to get to know their future ruler and befriend him, which made Legolas feel a little bit more comfortable around them.

Legolas sighed deeply.

Mallorn, on the other hand, seemed to be having an enjoyable time, humming to himself as he prepared his brother. He had always loved royal celebrations and festivals. To him, they meant dancing, listening to music, and courting maidens to his heart's content.

Hearing Legolas' sigh, Mallorn's smile turned into a deep frown.

'What troubles you, Legolas?' he asked. 'Today is your wedding, yet, you're not as happy as you should be.'

Legolas allowed another sigh to escape his lips. 'I don't wish to go through with it,' he said.

'I still can't understand why you are so upset about it,' Mallorn said, shrugging. 'You will only exchange some vows and rings.'

'Aye, in the middle of Minas Tirith, where every single human will be present; anything could happen during the ceremony.'

Mallorn blinked, still unable to catch what Legolas meant.

'What would happen?' he asked. 'The people of Gondor have not shown any objection to your wedding as you had feared earlier. I think they took the news very well.'

'That's what makes me worry. Humans don't take such news very well.' Legolas frowned. 'I had expected them to oppose the marriage, show some anger, disapproval, or any kind of disagreement! But they didn't. No, the news of their happiness that their King had finally found a mate and that his heir was on its way has filled my ears for the past month.'

'You were expecting the people to oppose your marriage but they didn't, so where is the problem?' Mallorn said, sighing.

'I don't know.' Legolas took a deep breath. 'I just hate it when things don't happen the way I expect them to.'

/I wonder where you have acquired that from… / Mallorn thought, smirking to himself.

'I hated all those glances I have received from some of the Lords after the announcement,' Legolas continued. 'They spoke of hatred, disgust and distrust. I'm afraid that beneath that apparent calm lays a hidden anger and hatred.'

'You are just being paranoid, Greenleaf,' Mallorn said, smiling. 'Everything will go just fine.'

Legolas was about to reply when they heard some knocks on the door.

Granting the knocker an entrance, Legolas smiled widely as Lady Tarawiel appeared from behind the door. If there was some good that came from this binding ceremony, it was because the reunion of the most important people in Legolas' life. King Éomer and his sister were the first ones to arrive to Gondor, followed by the little hobbits and Gimli two weeks ago, while, his brother and his beautiful wife had arrived from Mirkwood one week ago, bearing his father's congratulations.

'Everyone is waiting for you, my prince.' Mirkwood's Crown Princess declared cheerfully as she approached her two brothers-in-law. 'Aren't you ready yet?'

'He is.' Mallorn replied, placing the brush in his hand on the table.

'Then, stand up, little Greenleaf and let me have a look at you.' Said the elven princess.

With a sigh, Legolas stood up, facing his brother and his sister-in-law.

Tarawiel's eyes sparkled in adoration as she gazed upon the young Prince. Legolas looked stunning in his gondorian clothes; he was wearing a royal blue tunic with long sleeves and silver laces, silver shirt, black leggings and black boots. His hair was left loose except for a small braid at the back. A plain silver circlet adored his forehead.

Yet, something was missing in Tarawiel's opinion.

'Aren't you going to wear your naneth's crown, Legolas?' she inquired.

Legolas shook his head in response. 'I'll be crowned as the Prince Consort after the ceremony. I'm to be given my own Gondor crown.'

'Tarawiel, where is Aredhel?' Mallorn asked.

'He was still muttering under his breath about troublesome younger brothers as I left our chambers.' The she-elf replied with a laugh. The two young princes of Mirkwood joined her.

'We must hurry now.' Tarawiel said, clapping her hands. 'All of them are waiting for us.' Smiling, the two princes along with her left the chambers.

At the center of Minas Tirith, a large stage was set up. A large white model of Gondor's Tree was set in the background. Faramir and the council members were waiting on the stage for the couple to arrive, while the rest of the Lords and Gondor's guests were waiting on each side of the stage. Also, every available space was filled with Gondorian soldiers and members of the public.

The people cheered loudly as the royal couple, followed by their families, and closed friends, arrived in a grand procession surrounded by the royal guards.

Then Aragorn took Legolas' hand, leading him up to the stage to Faramir. As soon as they reached the young steward, the two knelt.

"People of Gondor," Faramir addressed the public. "We are gathered here to celebrate the wedding of our beloved king, King Elessar to his highness Prince Legolas of Mirkwood." The public cheered loudly and Legolas fought the urge to roll his eyes.

"And although their highnesses have been married for five months," Faramir continued after the cheering ceased. "They are here today to renew their vows to each other in front of you all." Another wave of cheers rose. "Your highnesses," Faramir said, gesturing to the couple. The two rose and faced each other.

"King Elessar," Faramir began. "If you please."

Aragorn took Legolas' hands in his and looked deeply into the elf's eyes.

"I, King Elessar Telcontar of Gondor take thee, Prince Legolas Thranduiliôn of Mirkwood, to be my husband; to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better – for worse, for richer – for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, and respect, 'til death do us part, and thereto I pledge thee my faith." He took his ring, the Ring of Barahir, off and slipped it onto Legolas' finger. "With this ring, I thee wed and pledge thee my troth and all my love."

Legolas stared at the ring in amazement, then looked up at Aragorn in pure surprise. Aragorn just smiled back warmly.

"Prince Legolas," Faramir said. "If you please."

Taking a deep breath, Legolas focused into the man's eyes.

"I, Prince Legolas Thranduiliôn of Mirkwood," he began. "Take thee, King Elessar Telcontar of Gondor, to be my husband; to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better – for worse, for richer – for poorer, in sickness and in health, to cherish, and respect, 'til…" A cold shiver ran through Legolas' body as he came to realize what he was about to say. Images of Haldir's dead body flashed in front of his eyes. All the pain and hurt he had felt in the past rushed into his mind and soul.

Aragorn and Faramir exchanged worried looks as they saw Legolas' face turned into a frightened shade of white and heard his shallow fast breathing.

"Legolas?" Aragorn asked in concern.

Snapping from his momentary reverie, Legolas collected his self-control and looked at his husband.

"'Til death do us part, and thereto I pledge thee my faith," he continued in a rather broken tone, then took off a ring made of golden leaves and slipped it onto Aragorn's finger. "With this ring I thee wed, and pledge thee my troth."

The crowd cheered loudly as the two sealed their vows with a kiss. After breaking from the kiss, the two faced Faramir again; beside him was a boy holding a silver crown on a dark blue velvet cushion. Legolas observed the crown for a moment; it was made of a rather thick silver with Gondor's symbol on the front; a silver tree and seven diamond stars. The tree trunk was so long that Legolas assumed it would reach his forehead.

"Prince Legolas," Faramir addressed Legolas, who knelt in front of him. "Are you aware of your duties and obligations as Prince Consort of Gondor?"

"I am," Legolas replied quietly.

"Do you promise to fulfill them, to be honest and loyal to Gondor's Crown, to serve and treat Gondor's people with kindness and reverence?"

"I do," Legolas said in a broken voice. A tear slid unnoticed down his cheek as he heard Faramir reminding him again of his duties. He felt as if from this moment on, all his connections to Mirkwood would be broken forever.

"By the authority invested in me, I announce you, Prince Legolas Telcontar, Prince Consort of Gondor." Faramir took the small crown and placed it on Legolas' head.

Silently, Legolas stood up and faced the crowd, who were cheering at their rulers.

After the ceremony, Aragorn and Legolas were escorted by their families, friends, lords of the court and the royal guards back to the castle where a feast was held in the dance hall in the honor of the royal couple.

Éomer smiled slightly as he watched Aragorn and Legolas talking to some lords. Somehow, seeing the two of them married filled him with satisfaction. He was the first human who ever knew the true nature of Aragorn's feelings towards Legolas. Everyone in Rohan and Gondor had mistaken his love for strong friendship. And although Éomer was surprised, he realized exactly how strong and true Aragorn's love was.


Éomer entered the balcony, trying to relax his mind after the day's battle. The young prince of Rohan sighed, feeling his body throbbing with pain. After the battle they had fought in the morning, he didn't have a chance to rest his body. Burying the dead, moving the injured, burning the Orcs and Urik-Hai's bodies and helping to repair the fort had taken most of his time, not to mention, discussing Rohan's next move with the lords.

Éomer closed his eyes, allowing the cool breeze of the night to caress his face. When he opened his eyes, he noticed the outline of a figure sitting by itself on a bench in the gardens. Éomer frowned, wondering whom it would be.

Driven by his curiosity, Éomer rushed through the corridors, heading to the gardens.

In the gardens, he found Aragorn sitting alone on the bench, lost deeply in his thoughts.

"Lord Aragorn," he said, placing a hand on the man's shoulder.

"Oh, Lord Éomer," Aragorn said, nodding his head in greeting.

"Why are you sitting here by yourself?" Éomer asked, sitting next to Aragorn on the bench.

"Elves find consolation in nature. Trees, winds, birds, even the moon shares them their sorrows and joys. I suppose I have taken after them. Sitting in the gardens soothes me very much."

"I see." Éomer said. "Speaking of elves, how is your elven friend doing? I have seen how he mourned the death of one of his kin after the battle. He looked so heartbroken."

"Yes, he is." The raven-haired man said softly, before sighing. "He is trying to hide it as best as he could, but I know that Haldir's death was something he had never imagined."

"They must've been very close friends, for him to grief in such way in front of everybody."

"Closer than anyone could imagine…" Aragorn murmured softly to himself.

Éomer looked surprised at Aragorn's remark, then an idea flashed in his mind.

"They were lovers." it was more like a statement than a question.

Aragorn snapped his head, staring at Éomer with great shock not knowing what to say. He never meant his comment to be heard by the Rohirrim prince. In addition, he knew that humans didn't condone love between two males. God knows what King Théoden or his cortege would do if word of Legolas and Haldir's relationship spread.

"They were, weren't they?" Éomer said in amazement, noticing the startled look in the other man's eyes. "I have heard rumors of the elves taking other males as their mates but I have never seen it before, not even when I visited some Elven regions."

"Yes, they were," Aragorn said with a sigh. "Haldir was Legolas' first and only love. They had been in love for 500 years, ever since they had first met in Lothlórien."

Éomer watched the man next to him carefully, noticing the wistful tone in his voice. It was as if speaking of Legolas' love life hurt Isildur's heir very much, not only out of sympathy but rather, out of…

/Could it be? / Éomer thought. /Could it be that Aragorn is also in love with Legolas? /

"Aragorn," he asked quietly. "Are you in love with Legolas?"

Aragorn's eyes widened as he stared at the man in surprise at the sudden question. For the second time, the blond man had managed to make him completely speechless. Aragorn wondered what Éomer would think of him now; surely, he would be repulsed and would go and inform his uncle. Aragorn cursed himself for letting his emotions show; now everything would fall apart because of him.

Éomer watched in amusement as different emotions flashed in Aragorn's eyes. The man looked like a child caught stealing some sweets and was afraid of the punishment.

"You are in love with him," Éomer whispered in a-matter-of-fact.

"Éomer," Aragorn stood up as he said carefully. "I know that you may not approve of my feelings but this has nothing to do with what we are going through these days. Please, don't blend my personal matters with Gondor or this war. Besides, I swear I haven't acted upon my feelings within these walls. Legolas doesn't even know about them. I haven't done anything to shame your uncle's court." He looked at the man desperately.

Éomer fought the urge to chuckle upon hearing Aragorn's anxious words.

"There is no need to worry, Aragorn," he said. "As I said, I know that elves take other males as their mates; and as for your feelings towards Legolas, they are a bit shocking but as I have learned, you've been living with the elves your whole life. Thus, it's understandable that you may think and act like them." Éomer stood up and put a hand on Aragorn's shoulder. "And I know that you are a man of honor; you would not do anything to shame my uncle's court."

Aragorn smiled sadly at Éomer. "Thank you," he said, sitting back. "But nevertheless, this matter shouldn't be told to any soul."

"I agree; my uncle and his men will never understand your feelings; thus, you have my word that I will keep my knowledge secret," Éomer said, nodding as he sat back. He paused for a moment before speaking again. "Are you going to tell Legolas about your feelings?"

Aragorn looked at Éomer then shook his head. "No, I can't. I respect their love. They are both my friends and I can't risk their friendship by revealing my feelings."

"But Legolas' lover has died," Éomer said. "I understand that an elf could die from a broken heart, correct?" Aragorn nodded in response. "It would be too early to show your love but will you not consider telling him in the future?"

"One can only love once, Éomer," Aragorn said. "And once an elf gives his heart, it would be forever. Legolas will never love me the way he loved Haldir. I will always be nothing more than his friend."

"You are wrong, my friend," Éomer said. "No one can love only once. Love is in our soul. It's in our nature. It comes with companionship and friendship. You may like someone at the first sight but you don't love them unless you know them. And Legolas may not love you the way he loved Haldir, but if he knew how much you love him, I'm sure that his heart would see you as more than just a friend. Believe me; if you give him your love and warmth, his heart will welcome it and return it."

Aragorn stared at Éomer, seemingly considering his words.

Éomer smiled and put a hand on Aragorn's shoulder. "Come on, my friend," he said. "Let's go back inside. It's late and we must have some sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day."


Éomer's smile widened. Now, Aragorn was officially married to Legolas, the one he loved, and it was for everyone to know. It surprised him how the lords of Gondor had accepted this marriage. But then again, they do not have much power to oppose their king, especially someone as stubborn as Isildur's heir.

Éowyn stood alone in one corner, drinking some red wine and glancing at Aragorn and Legolas wistfully. Aragorn looked so handsome in his dark-blue royal attire and his royal silver Crown.

The Lady sighed deeply. It was not fair, in her opinion, for Aragorn to marry a male. He should marry a queen, a noble woman that would give him all her love and comfort, support him, and help him rule his kingdom.

"May I join you, my lady?" a soft voice said, interrupting her thoughts. She looked up and saw Mallorn standing beside her, smiling.

"Prince Mallorn," she said, forcing a smile upon her face. "Of course, you may."

"I noticed that you are standing by yourself," he said. "A beautiful lady, such as you, shouldn't be staying alone pondering."

Éowyn raised an eyebrow, wondering what Mallorn was after.

"What do you mean, my lord?" she asked, regarding the blond elf sceptically.

Mallorn shrugged, smiling warmly at her, and then turned his gaze towards the crowd in the hall. Éowyn followed his gaze and frowned deeply when she realized that he was watching the newlyweds.

"They fit each other, don't they?" Mallorn's voice cut through her ears.

"I don't understand how a male could fall in love with another male," she whispered softly.

"Not many humans understand it either," he said. "But it is a normal thing among our race. Legolas was in love with Haldir for 500 years. Haldir was his first love."

"What about you, my lord?" she asked, looking at him. "Have you ever been in love with a male?"

"No," Mallorn shook his head, smiling. "All my life I have courted Elven females from Mirkwood and Lothlórien but I never thought of taking a male lover. It never crossed my mind."

"Why? If this was a common thing among elves, then why hasn't it crossed your mind?"

"I really don't have a good answer to this question, Milady," Mallorn replied. "It just happened that I haven't fallen in love with another male."

"Oh," Éowyn whispered, returning her attention to the center of the hall, where some Lords and Ladies were dancing.

"How about a dance, Milady?" Mallorn offered his hand, bowing slightly.

"Why not?" Éowyn said, smiling and taking Mallorn's hand as the two headed to the dance floor.

Unknown to them, three pairs of eyes were watching them attentively.

Elrohir gritted his teeth in an attempt to hold himself from marching to the pair and snatching Mallorn away from Lady Éowyn. The mere sight of the two together flamed a fire in his heart. Unable to bear it anymore, Elrohir left the hall, heading for the privacy of his chambers.

Faramir watched with sadness as Mallorn and Éowyn danced. It seemed to him that they were enjoying their conversation together, and the fact that they had danced after confirmed his suspicions.

Faramir sighed deeply. He had admired Lady Éowyn ever since he had seen her in Gondor. Her courage, beauty, and strong personality were things he had never experienced in a woman before. He had wished to have her attention one day but now, with Prince Mallorn courting her, all Faramir's hopes were fading.

He knew that if Prince Mallorn wished to court Lady Éowyn, he would not have a chance. The Lady was a princess of Rohan after all and her mate must to be of the same status as hers.

Tarawiel smiled to herself as she eyed her brother-in-law dancing with a human maiden. Earlier, she had noticed how he hovered around the said lady as soon as the reception began.

'It seems that Mallorn found another love interest.' She sang-song merrily to the elf standing next to her.

'What?' Aredhel asked, turning his attention to the dance floor. He frowned deeply, noticing his brother dancing with the Rohirrim princess.

'By the Valar! Not him as well.' He muttered grouchily.

'Honestly, Aredhel,' Tarawiel said. 'I do not understand your preservation against your brothers having mortal mates. Even your Adar isn't that difficult.'

The Crown Prince of Mirkwood just raised a dark eyebrow at his wife.

'Now, aren't you going to ask me for a dance?'

Smiling, Aredhel extended his hand in response before leading his wife onto the dance floor.

Legolas sighed deeply as he listened, or rather pretended to listen, to Aragorn's conversation with one of his advisors. He was feeling rather tired after the morning's events and the banquet after it. Plus, the heavy crown he wore was hurting his head a lot. He wondered how Aragorn could wear his much bigger crown with such ease. Legolas closed his eyes, fighting the dizziness that plagued him suddenly. He shook his head slightly and opened his eyes again, trying to focus on the conversation around him.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. When he looked, he saw Aragorn staring at him with concern shining in his eyes.

'Do you feel well, Legolas?' he asked in Elvish.

Legolas smiled and nodded. 'Yes,' he answered. 'I'm a little weary; but I'll be fine.'

'Are you sure?' Aragorn asked, regarding him suspiciously. 'You aren't trying to hide anything, are you?'

Legolas raised a questioned eyebrow at Aragorn. 'What would I try to hide?'

'I don't know. You tell me,' Aragorn said. 'I can sense your discomfort, Legolas; so hiding your feelings will do you no good. Besides, it's not healthy for you to stress yourself very much.'

Legolas rolled his eyes. 'I'm fine,' he said stubbornly and turned his attention to the dance floor.

He watched as Aredhel danced with his wife, and Mallorn danced with Lady Éowyn while having what seemed to be an interesting conversation with her.

"It seems that Mallorn is enjoying my sister's company." Éomer said, approaching the couple.

"It seems so," Legolas said, smiling. "Though I must warn you, Éomer, Mallorn has courted half of the Elven maidens in Mirkwood and Lothlórien combined."

Éomer laughed softly. "I'd like to see how he is going to court my sister. Éowyn is not an easy woman to impress."

"And his brother is not an easy elf to surrender," Aragorn said. "Mallorn is King Thranduil's son. Nothing can prevent him from reaching his goals."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment or a complaint, King Elessar?" Legolas asked dryly.

Aragorn cleared his throat, looking as innocently as he could. Éomer chuckled softly at his friends.

"Now, you two," he said as if he was talking to two fighting children. "You can't quarrel on your wedding day and certainly not in front of your guests."

Aragorn and Legolas laughed before turning their attention to the dancing circle.

"However," Legolas said. "What Aragorn said is true. If my brother has set his mind on something, he will not stop until he achieves it."

"Only your brother, Legolas?" Éomer asked teasingly. "I still remember a certain elf who insisted on following Aragorn through the Paths of the Dead along with a certain dwarf."

"What can I do about the dwarf's stubbornness?" Legolas asked innocently, cautiously watching for Gimli, not wishing the dwarf to walk in and hear him. "He was the one who insisted on following us."

"And what about you, Greenleaf?" Aragorn asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, did you honestly expect me to let you have all the fun for yourself?" the blond elf said with a smirk.

"No, I had not," Aragorn smirked. "And I know better than to argue with one of King Thranduil's sons, especially his beloved Greenleaf."

Legolas rolled his eyes at Aragorn's remark, earning chuckles from the two men. Suddenly, another wave of dizziness hit him and his body swayed slightly. Fortunately, Aragorn sensed it and held him tightly before his legs gave out.

"Legolas, what happened?" Aragorn asked in concern.

"I don't know," Legolas said weakly. "I don't feel well. I feel dizzy."

"You better sit then, Legolas," Éomer said. "It will do you no good to wear yourself out."

"No, we better leave now," Aragorn said, supporting his husband.

"But Aragorn-" Legolas tried to protest, but Aragorn cut him off.

"No, Legolas." he said sternly. "You need to rest. I know that you have been restless for the last month. Now, you are going to have some real rest." He turned to address Éomer. "Éomer, will you please look after Legolas while I go and inform Faramir that we are leaving?"

"Of course, Aragorn," Éomer said in amusement, noticing Legolas' frown.

"I'm not a child." Legolas said under his breath, when Aragorn was far away.

"No, you aren't," Éomer said amusedly. "You are much worse."

Legolas glared at Éomer, which made the man chuckle.

"My Lords and Ladies," Faramir said, as Aragorn and Legolas stood beside him. "Their Majesties would like to wish you a pleasant night and excuse themselves."

All the Lords and Ladies stood in a row as they congratulated the couple once more and wished them a good night.

This process had taken nearly hour and a half and Legolas was having a serious problem fighting his fatigue. He sighed in relief as the last Lord finished greeting them, and was about to move when suddenly two strong arms scooped him up.

He gasped in surprise and look up to see Aragorn smiling at him. Loud applauses were heard coming from the Lords and soft laughs from the Ladies.

Legolas glared at Aragorn as the man marched out of the ballroom and walked down the long corridors heading to a long staircase at the end of it.

Legolas wanted to free himself from Aragorn's grip but after a few futile attempts, he gave up. So, he allowed his husband to carry him. Aragorn strode through another corridor until they reached a large set of doors that was watched by two guards. The guards stood at attention and opened the doors for the couple.

Legolas looked around in amazement as they entered a large living room. The room's decorations were luxurious and fancy. The room was rich with blue and silver colours; the furniture was made of dark brown wood, blue silk cushions with silver lacings and trims on large couches, three small tables, paintings of the kings of old hung on the walls, and there was a small bookcase in one of the four walls. A huge fireplace was built on one side, framed with silver. Next to the fireplace, a small doorway seemed to be leading to the balcony.

At the other end of the room were two identical wooden doors next to each other and another smaller door was at the far corner of the wall. Aragorn crossed the room to one of the three doors and pushed it with his foot revealing the bedchamber. The bedchamber was as luxurious and large as the living room was.

Like the living room, the bedroom was also rich in blue and silver. There was a wall-size closet and dressing table next to the room's door. At the left side was a door that led to the balcony next to a fireplace. At the center of the front wall, there was a big four-poster bed covered with blue and silver silk sheets and covers and there were large blue velvet curtains drawn at its four corners. On the right wall, there were two wooden doors; one looked exactly like the room's door while the second was a smaller and more to the corner of the wall. There was also a small sitting area at one corner with small cabinet of books and drinks on that side.

Aragorn strode to the bed and laid Legolas gently on it.

"There you are." He said as he took Legolas' crown off the elf's head and placing it on the nightstand.

"King Elessar," Legolas said in annoyance as he sat up on the bed. "Explain yourself. Why did you do that?"

Aragorn chuckled as he took off his crown and placed it next to Legolas'. "It is a tradition among men that a man carries his new wife to their bed in their first night." Aragorn said. "Besides, you were extremely tired. I didn't think that you would have been able to walk all the way here."

Legolas frowned at Aragorn before his look changed into a curious one. "A tradition, you say? For newlyweds? I swear you humans have the strangest traditions I have ever heard of."

Aragorn chuckled. "You haven't seen anything yet," he said. "There are a lot of things you have to learn about us, Legolas… we have certain traditions for everything and anything."

"I'd like to learn them, then," Legolas said. "As the Prince Consort of Gondor, it would be an embarrassment not to know your traditions."

"Not now, Legolas," Aragorn said, sitting on the bed next to his husband. "We came here so you can get some rest. Tomorrow, however, you will start your duties as Gondor's Prince Consort and I'm sure that Faramir will bore you with our traditions and customs."

Legolas laughed before looking around him again. "Your chambers are certainly luxurious. Where do the other two doors I saw outside lead to?"

"One is my personal study…" Aragorn said. "The other is another bedchamber."

Legolas blinked. "Another bedchamber? Why? Do you sleep in two bedchambers?"

"No," Aragorn laughed. "The other chamber is for the kings' spouses. Most marriages were for political reasons. Most of them didn't even tolerate their spouses, so they slept in different bedchambers."

"What is the point of marrying them, if they didn't even tolerate them?"

"I told you, political reasons. They only meet when they want to consummate their marriage, then each one sleeps in their own chamber."

"We are married for political reasons." Legolas said quietly, looking at him pointedly. "Should I have to sleep in the other chamber?"

Aragorn looked at Legolas then looked away. "You could, if you wanted. However, it wouldn't look well if you slept in a different chamber in our first night here." Aragorn said in a low voice before looking back at Legolas. "It would be better if you started to sleep in the other chamber after at least two weeks."

Legolas sighed deeply as he lay back on the bed. He stared back at Aragorn for a while, before sitting up again and getting off the bed.

"Show me your study." Legolas said as he walked to the door.

Getting out of their bedroom, Aragorn led Legolas to his study.

Unlike the living and the bedroom, the study was simple. There were three wall-sized bookcases where many books were arranged, a huge wooden light-brown desk in the middle. A small fireplace was built between the bookcases and there were some chairs here and there.

Legolas' eyes wandered amazedly at the books, scanning their titles. There were lots of books about every subject; History, magic, legends, healing, languages and other subjects.

"Do you like it?" Aragorn asked.

"Aye," Legolas replied. "It's not as big as Ada's or Lord Elrond's but the books look very interesting. They will keep me occupied."

"I'm glad to hear that." Aragorn smiled. It was well known to Aragorn that Legolas has a wide curiosity for everything, especially books. "There is a royal Library, located on the next wing. It is much bigger than this."

"I'll make sure to visit it later, King Elessar." Legolas said with a smile. He looked around the study once more before looking at Aragorn. "I want to see the second bedchamber." He said as he left the study. Sighing, Aragorn followed his husband.

The second bedchamber looked exactly like Aragorn's bedchamber except it was in reverse.

Aragorn stood silently at the entrance, watching Legolas regarding the place.

"So, this door leads directly to your bedroom?" the blond elf asked.

Aragorn nodded in response.

"I'm tired. I want to sleep." Legolas said quietly as he walked to the joined door and entered their bedroom.

Shaking his head, Aragorn followed him; an amused smile was slowly forming on his lips.

To be continued…

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