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If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?

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Commodore James Norrington was enjoying the beautiful sunset from his balcony of his large and beautiful Manson in Port Royal, the Caribbean. That was about the only thing he still enjoyed: the sunset.

Everything else was wrong, confusing even. James wasn't entirely sure if he was happy with his life right now. All the things he once thought were worth living for were either shattered or a big disappointment. Shattered was his heart and the silly idea he once had that every successful man needed a woman. Elizabeth Swann had been that woman for him, but she had decided differently. Not that he held it against her; in fact, his heart leaped with joy everytime he saw her and Will Turner, the man she had chosen over him. The two young people were clearly in love and not afraid to show the world that they were.

But it made him wonder. Wonder about what he had become. Wonder about the question that many romantics before him hunted in their sleep: what is love?

Was it love that he once felt for Elizabeth? Was it love he still felt when he looked at her? James had absolutely no idea.

Being commodore had turned out to be a big disappointment. He did enjoy the respect he got from the inhabitants of Port Royal. But he was also painfully aware of the gossiping behind his back, the fun they made out of him. And being a commodore had simply didn't brought him what he wanted.

His eyes found their way away from the sunset to the harbor of Port Royal, seeing several ships docked. It always seemed to be busy in the harbor, even now close to the darkness of the night. From his spot on the balcony he could hear the laughter from several young sailors.

Suddenly he realized he had been wrong earlier: he did enjoy something else besides the sunset. The sea.

The smell of it. The gentle breeze on his face when he was standing on the main deck. They way the sea always takes and gives. Everything. When it came to the sea he could understand Sparrow.

Now that was a scary thought.

On the day Sparrow escaped he had, for one very scary second, wanted to jump after him. Not to bring him back to the noose, of course not! One very scary second he had wanted to escape from the prison he had created for himself. The duty of being a commodore.

But with his luck he would have probably jumped straight into one of those rocks down in the bay and killed himself right away…

Either way, Sparrow had managed to take away yet again one of those things he had believed in. Sparrow had been a good man, untrusting and slightly unstable, yes, but still a good man. Not like the image of pirates he had had before their first meeting.

James shuddered. Time to get back inside. Caribbean nights could be surprisingly cold. He closed the door of his balcony behind him and then sits down on a large couch in the middle of the room.

He sighs. Although the room is decorated with all sorts of paintings (paintings from his ancestors, sea views and some landscapes) and lovely designed furniture it's not to his liking anymore.

Two intelligent green eyes observe him from behind a cushion on a chair in the corner of the room and slowly Norrington's slightly too fat cat approached him.

"Yes, yes, Niles. I know, I'm sitting on your spot on the couch." James smiled at the black and white cat, who - after a moment of hesitation - decided that if he can't lie on his spot on the couch, Norrington's lab is a good second choice.

"What's wrong, old man? Aren't you going to force me away then?"

Niles only purred in reply, slowly forcing his nails through the thin fabric of Norrington's trousers, before letting go again.

"You little devil!" But he doesn't push him away. Niles is not often in a cuddly mood like this and truth to be told: Norrington simply adored his cat.

But while Niles slowly drifts away in sleep James starts to get lost in his thoughts once again. Lately this always seems to happen, every night again. And every night it leaves him more and more confused.

He was commodore Norrington. He lived in a beautiful house, on a beautiful spot in the beautiful Caribbean. He had two people he cared a lot about: Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner. The later had shyly offered his friendship to him not long after Sparrow's escape and had proved to be loyal friends. He had Niles to keep him company. But still this was not what he wanted.

The problem was, he did not know what he wanted then. What did he want in life? Was it happiness? Luck? Love? Maybe freedom?

A couple of nights ago James had come to the shocking conclusion that he was jealous, jealous on Sparrow. Sparrow who didn't care what people thought of him and just did what was most profit to him. Sparrow who was free in all the ways he was not.

James shakes his head as if that would help him not to think these kinds of thoughts. Of course, it is useless. Maybe he should try something different. These thoughts didn't hunt him as long as he was busy doing things. Maybe he should set up some sort of expedition. To hunt pirates or something like that.

Yes, that could work.

The only thing that could happen then was that he would stumble in onto Sparrow again along the way. Knowing Sparrow that would probably happen. What would he do then? Hang him? James sighs in frustration. It was all Sparrow's fault in the first place! He doubted he would have been as confused if he had never met the pirate captain.

Or maybe he should travel a bit, just on his own. He used to do that when he was a bit younger and he always enjoyed it. Just looking around at other places, meeting new people and discovering new things. Yes, that wasn't such a bad idea at all! At least it had nothing to do with pirates!

The next morning the arrangements were made and James Norrington went away on his much deserved holiday, taking with him only a small amount of clothing and, of course, his beloved cat.

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