Author's note- goes from the moment Minerva got stunned to what happened next, etc. Eventually goes into her past and secrets, etc. I only own my plot- characters and opening situation belong to Rowling

Chapter one- the rose angel

"For a moment she looked luminous, illuminated by an eerie red glow, then was lifted right off her feet, landed hard on her back, and moved no more." – Order of the Phoenix, pg. 721

Hagrid watched in shock as McGonagall was lifted off the ground, her mouth open as if to gasp in surprise, or to scream. She looked like an angel, flying, glowing, trimmed in rose. Then she fell to the ground- and Hagrid realized what had happened. He fought off his attackers and ran to the gates with fang over his shoulder. He would have taken a few attackers along with him- bashed a few skulls together, but he knew the fifth years were having their astronomy O.W.L. and were watching the whole incident. He didn't want to scare them any more then they were already frightened. He ran and ran. Hagrid ran out of the school gates, and in the direction of Hogsmede. He ran from Umbridge. He also ran from memories and thoughts. But although he could outrun the High Inquisitor, he could not outrun his own mind. The image of Minerva lifted up in a red light- the rose angel. Minerva had been in school with him. She had argued in his defense to Headmaster Dippit when he was expelled. She had visited him every day in his small house in Hogsmede. The house actually belonged to Dumbledore, or it had then. Hagrid didn't have a home to go to. Minerva cared for him. She was the one who influenced him to return to Hogwarts, where he said he would never go again. But yet he went, for Minerva. He went to watch her play Quidditch. She inspired him, and partially due to her and Dumbledore he was made gamekeeper. Many memories following sank into her mind. He ran to the shrieking shack, where inside it was a small fireplace. Taking floo-powder from within his robes, he angrily threw it into the flame.
"Far Heart Villa" he said as he stepped into the green flame. The fire took him and Fang there. Dumbledore jumped as the unconscious dog and the half-giant fell out of his fireplace from green flame.
"Hagrid! What are you doing here? Why are you here? What is wrong with Fang?" Dumbledore cried as he quickly rose and ran to help Hagrid up. "Sit, please." He said gesturing to a chair. Dumbledore laid Fang on the floor, and with a flick of his wand and the mutter of a spell, Fang began to stir. Dumbledore laid a blanket down upon him, stood, and looked closely at Hagrid.
"Why are you here Hagrid? Were you fired? What is Dolores doing now?" Hagrid looked at him sadly. Dumbledore put a hand on his shoulder. "Hagrid, I asked you to stay at Hogwarts under any circumstance. I asked Flitwick and Snape the same- and Minerva of course. What has happened that you had to break that promise?" Hagrid flinched at the mention of Minerva.
"It's Professor McGonagall." Hagrid said heavily. Dumbledore's face went white as his beard. He sunk into the chair beside Hagrid.
"Minerva?" he asked bleakly. Hagrid nodded. "What happened?"
"Umbridge...she brought ministry officials, Dawlish, Shacklebolt, a few others... They came to arrest me, to stun me. Tonight was the astronomy O.W.L. The fifth years were on the roof- they could see the scene. I was making a ruckus- dodging the stunners, trying to cause attention- so that everyone would know what Dolores was trying to do. And Minerva ran out, yelling, shouting at them to stop. So they shot stunners at her." Dumbledore gasped and clutched the armrest.
"How many?" he asked, staring at the ground.
"Four. They all hit. It was such a great force it lifted her in the air, and she fell flat on her back. I wanted to go after her, but they blocked me. So I ran."
"How was she? What did you see before you left?" Dumbledore asked softly.
"She wasn't moving." He replied. Dumbledore bent his head, and pinched the bridge of his nose. He closed his eyes.
"I must send an owl." He said as he stood and walked to his desk. He sat down and began to scribble furiously. Once finished, he went to the owl cages lining a wall of the study, and chose a black owl to deliver the letter. Albus watched it fly into the night, until you couldn't tell the owl's feathers from the black velvet sky.
"Professor Dumbledore sir? Albus?" After a moment, Dumbledore turned.
"Yes Hagrid?" he asked.
"I'm sorry sir. I'm sorry I didn't try to take her to you. I probably could have dodged the stunners- they have a harder time affecting me anyway. I was scared, but that is no excuse. For all she has done for me, I could have done this for her."
"Hagrid, be at peace. It isn't your fault."
"They didn't even warn her, Headmaster. They didn't say a word. All they did was shoot those stunners straight at her. She was an angel for a second, thrown into the air. And then it was no more."
They both sat in thought for a minute. But, thoughts were interrupted by the return of the owl. Albus tore open the letter.
"It's in Poppy's hand. I sent it to Minerva, but Madam Pomfery must have received it in her stead." He continued to read the letter.

Dear Headmaster Dumbledore,
As I was levitating Minerva upon a stretcher, your owl arrived. I must express upon you the crisis it would have caused if it had gone through the inspection, or had been found by anyone but me and your other loyal staff. You are lucky you have loyal owls.
I write this from Minerva's beside. She is not well Albus- I won't deny it. Minerva was hit with four stunners straight in the chest. I am amazed she is alive. She is still breathing, but is unconscious. I've been unable to wake her. It is most likely she will not survive the night, or will have to be transferred to St. Mungo's in the morning.
I will keep you informed, as I must send your letter on its way as the owl is making my arm bleed. It really did not like the mail intercepted from Minerva- even though I tried to impress upon it her inability to receive mail in her current state.
I am sorry Albus
Poppy Pomfery

When he finished, he folded up the letter and put it on the desk. He helped the owl back into its cage.
"Of course it wouldn't, its Minerva's owl." He muttered to himself. He turned to Hagrid.
"Hagrid, I have to go to Grimmauld Place to talk to the Order. I request that you stay here. Wait for any owls, or messages."
"Of course Headmaster." Hagrid said. Dumbledore nodded his thanks. He went into the adjoining room and soon returned fastening a cloak on and carrying a broom.
"Yes, my old Silver Arrow." He said, gesturing to the broom. "I am rather fond of it- though I don't have anything like young mister Potter's Firebolt to compare it to mind you." He said serenely. He walked into the front hall and opened the door.
"Hagrid, I thank you. And look after Fang; I see he is coming to." Hagrid turned to see his dog slowly open his eyes. He rushed toward Fang and rubbed his tummy.
"Its okay Fang, it's alright. You're safe now." Hagrid looked up to say his thanks to Dumbledore, but he was already gone.