Author's note- my story returns. Enjoy

Albus waited in the airport for Hermia and Athena. He saw a girl skip out of a terminal, with excitement filling her eyes, followed by a lady, trying to catch up to her. The lady looked around nervously, as if she didn't quite know what she was doing. Albus knew that it must be Hermia.

"Hermia!" he shouted. She and the girl looked over at him. Albus had changed his appearance so he looked a bit more normal, but he still looked unusual for a muggle. The girl and her mother walked warily toward him. He handed her a sheet of paper. "My copy of the letter I sent you." He explained. "So you would know that it was me." Hermia nodded. "Shall we?" he asked, gesturing towards the taxi. Hermia followed Albus into it, and Athena followed eagerly.

Hermia was in shock at what she was doing. She had never done anything this spontaneous in all her life, or anything this adventurous. The three of them sat in silence as the taxi drove through London. Athena looked eagerly out the windows, but Hermia stared at her hands, deep in thought. They arrived at Kings Cross Station very quickly. The girls got out, and Albus paid the driver. Then they followed him inside.

"Now, what I am going to tell you to do next may surprise you." Albus warned. "But you have to follow my instructions carefully." They stood at the barrier between platforms 9 and 10. "Now, what you have to do is-" he began, but stopped short.

"The train," Hermia murmured. Albus looked quizzically at her. "The train, there is a platform here. To reach a train." Albus looked at her in amazement. Minerva hadn't used a memory charm on the girl because she did not want to risk harming her. But she had done enough mind tricks to prevent her from remembering any magic ever since she had brought her to America. But apparently returning to familiar places jogged Hermia's memory.

"Right you are." Albus said. "So, if you will walk to the station, and I will take Athena's hand and follow." Hermia did as she was told, and walked through the barrier. She saw a scarlet steam engine, just as she knew she would. Athena ran up beside her and looked around in amazement.

"Mommy, is this real?" she asked. Albus led them onto the train. Their was just one car. They picked a compartment and sat down.

"Usually the train only runs about 6 times a year, and never over the summer, but they made an exception for me. It had just brought students back to london, so the conductor was willing to take me back to the school."

"What school?" Athena asked.

"Ah, well that is where the story begins." Said Albus. "once upon a time, 1000 years ago, a magic school was formed, for all the witches and wizards, people who could perform magic to attend." Albus explained all about magic. Hermia and Athena both believed him and took the news about the existence of magic quite well.

"But what does magic have to do with mommy and me?" asked Athena. Hermia just stared at her daughter, and at Albus.

"That is the next part of my story." Albus looked out the window. They would have enough time to tell the story before they reached the school where Minerva would be waiting for them. "26 years ago, a very evil wizard emerged. He took power, and was murderous. He killed many people who did not support his evil ways. The year he came to power was marked by many many deaths, as were all the years he held power. Many parents of the children at the school were killed. But the children, all who were at Hogwarts were safe. However, in the summertime, the children had to return to their homes. Everyone was very scared because they knew they might not come back alive. The professors at the school were heartbroken, but their was nothing they could do." Athena listened in silence, her eyes huge. Hermia too paid rapt attention, realizing with fright that she knew parts of the story before Albus reached them.

"There was a professor at the school, who is still there today in fact. She had to put the students on the train to send them home in the summer. But she realized her heart couldn't take it. Now at the school there was also a small girl, who was in Ravenclaw house, who was a first year. The girl's parents had been murdered the previous year, and the professor knew she would not come back alive. So she took the girl and hid her in the castle. All the students went home but her. After a couple weeks, she took the girl to America, and put her in an orphanage. She convinced the girl that magic didn't exist."

"What happened to her?" Athena asked breathlessly.

"Well," Albus answered, "She was not adopted. But she met a boy, and at 18 they got married. They now have a daughter and a son. Their daughter is about 10 years old I believe." Athena's eyes widened, and stared at her mother.

"Mommy, that's you!" and hermia nodded slowly.

"Somehow, I knew. From when you started, I knew." She said to Albus, "I've dreamt about this place, and about the lady that saved me. Arabella, the lady at the orphanage, said her name was Athena. That's why I named her that." She said, gesturing to her daughter.

"Arabella was sworn to secrecy about the identity of the lady who delivered you. She had broken many laws to save you, so she and Arabella decided that her identity could never be revealed. But things have changed now."

"What is she like? Who is she, who is my savior?" Hermia questioned desperately.

"Her name is Minerva. Professor Minerva McGonagall. She is my wife, and I love her with all my heart and soul." The train had started to slow now. "And if you would like, you can have the chance to meet her. Soon in fact, she will be meeting us at the station."

Minerva saw the train from the distance. Her heart started racing as she saw it approach. She sat on the bench, tired from the walk down from the castle to the station. She watched, holding her breath as she saw Albus get off the train, followed by a girl, and finally by a woman. Minerva began to cry. Albus whispered to the woman, and pointed toward Minerva. The woman began to cry to, and ran over to her. They embraced.

"My savior, you saved me! You saved my life, thank you, thank you!" Hermia said through her tears. She let go of the woman and got a good look at her. "Mammy!" she suddenly cried out. Minerva's eyes widened.

"You remember? You called me that, you used to call me that!" Minerva exclaimed.

"I am remembering, little by little. Oh, I'm so happy to be here." Hermia turned and waved Athena forward.

"This is my daughter, Athena. For years I begged Madame Arabella to tell me about you, the lady who had brought me to America. When I was 18, she told me your name was Athena. I named my daughter after you. Or at least I tried, Albus just told me your name is Minerva." Hermia said, laughing as she cried. She sat on the bench, and Athena crawled into her lap.

"Hello Athena." Minerva said softly.

"Hi" she said shyly." Hermia hugged her daughter. "Hermia, this is Minerva. She saved my life. She is the reason I'm alive, a reason you're alive."

Albus came and sat down on the other side of his wife. She fell into him, tired from the crying. He realized he was crying too. Voldemort had destroyed so much, but he had not destroyed this family. He had not destroyed his wife's love, and he never could.