[I wasn't sure how to end this, so I got a little carried away. Enjoy it anyway.]


Looking up from buttoning her blouse, Sara checked herself in the mirror once more before reaching for her suit jacket that was hung on the back of the chair.

After giving herself one last check in the long wall mirror, she bent to retrieve her heeled shoes from the floor along with her purse.

It has been almost 13 months since she had returned to Vegas. Though she went to night school to get her PhD in Physics and Forensics Combined, she had managed to work at the crime lab without wasting precious study time on overtime each month.

She had finally found her balance in life.

Going back to Vegas was an easy choice once she realised that her life was there all along. She was happier than she had ever been and she was on better speaking terms with her father than she had in a long time.

She still remembered all the pain and suffering she went through, but now the pain was gone and it's replacement was so much warmer than the coldness that was once inside her heart.

She was happy.

Focusing back on the present, Sara walked through to the living room to get her heavy weather coat as it was still raining outside. Once she had everything, she slipped on her shoes at the door and locked up on her way out.

The Beach 13 months Earlier!

Grissom jogged up the beach to reach her side. He had stood motionless when she burst out laughing. "That wasn't funny Sara. That was cruel." He said breathlessly.

She giggled and playfully elbowed him in the ribs and caught his arm as he pulled away from her in a mock-pout. "I'm telling the truth. We need sleep and we've got a plane to catch."

He moved his arm and raised it over her head to come down and rest on her shoulders, pulling her into his side comfortably. "I should ring the airport first. I haven't got a ticket."

Sara looked up at him, her face half hidden in his chest. "No ticket?"

He nodded. "I left in a hurry. No time to book for a return flight. Must have slipped my mind between panicking, grovelling and making an ass of myself."

Giggling again, Sara sighed against him and wrapped her arm around his waist. "I like your ass." She said suddenly and emphasised her words by grabbing one cheek in her hand and squeezing, eliciting a yelp from Grissom.

"Hey hey, enough of that you two." Stewart chided, wagging his index finger at them.

"Shut up Stewy." Sara smiled as she slipped her palm into the back of Grissom's pants pocket.

"It's Stewart, and mom's made dinner." He turned and headed up the steps to the deck.

Back to Present Day!

Adjusting his tie as he waited in the large hall, Grissom looked around, noting the small groups of people. He unbuttoned his suit jacket and tucked one hand into his pocket as he leaned against a nearest wall.

Nick and Warrick stood not far away in similar suits, talking to Catherine and Brass. They too were dressed in proper attire for a big scale court.

The only person that was missing was Sara and she was on the stand first. Grissom was a bit nervous about this as the prosecutor is the one and only 'Soundbite Wescott'. She had already torn his team apart with personal questioning and professional slapping.

After he had read the transcript for their last case with her as the prosecutor, he had noted with distain how much she attacks, only remember the mean trick his mentor had played on him in front of a whole courtroom. Using his genetic worries against him in public.

"This is still a big case Nicky."

Grissom heard Catherine's voice echo in the large hall. He pushed off the wall and approached them. "What's wrong?" He asked, shifting his tie into a momentarily comfortable position.

Catherine smiled. "Nicky here wants to bail in order to keep a lunch date."

Nick turned and gave his supervisor a sheepish grin. "I wasn't really even on the case."

"Even so, you are up after Warrick, so sit tight. If there was a way out if this charade, I'd be the first to find it, believe me." Grissom's eyes focused behind them as they started chatting again.

"Sorry I'm late guys. Once I left the house, the damn traffic hit me all at one." Sara smiled at them and moved around to stand beside Grissom.

Warrick checked his jacket and pants in one look down motion before turning to look towards the courtroom doors. "Man, I wish they'd get this over with. Wescott's gonna fry me."

Grissom sighed. "Guys, listen." He waited for their attentions before continuing. "She's human, like all of us. Last year, she had something to use, now she doesn't. She'll be gripping straws."

Catherine nodded. "Yeah, think about it." She looked at Warrick and gave him a warm smile. "You don't gamble anymore and you haven't in almost two years. There's nothing there to grab at."

Warrick sighed as their words sunk in. "Thanks guys, that means a lot."

Nick chuckled. "No problem man." He patted his friend on the shoulder reassuringly. "That's Warrick sorted, but what about me?"

Grissom shrugged. "You weren't primary and you didn't work alone on this one. You catalogued evidence to the book, nothing went wrong. You checked your work, so nothing to worry about." He looked at Catherine. "Same goes to you. She can't attack your personal life, she dug that up last time. She's got nothing on you."

"Eddie-" Catherine started.

Grissom shook his head firmly. "Uh-uh. Not going to be a factor. If it is, you don't answer. That has no room in a court. It's old news."

"Good, I'd hate to get asked about anything else, cuz there's nothing I can remember." She chuckled nervously.

Sara sighed. "Yeah, well. I'll most likely get a kickin' the second I sit down."

Grissom turned his head and looked at her. "I doubt that."

She shrugged. "She attacked my personal life the whole time I was on the stand. She practically tore my credibility apart."

"Your personal life is no longer the same. Plus, she's got nothing to use against you. No ex's or potential's to bring up, right?" He smirked. "Unless you have something to tell me about?"

Warrick, Nick and Catherine chuckled. Brass shook his head and smiled at them.

Sara raised an eyebrow in thought. "Now you mention it…" She focused on his eyes and held them for a moment. "Nope. Only this thorn in my side."

A few playful calls were heard from the others as they continued to watch or listen to the couple banter away.

Grissom sighed and shook his head playfully. "Is that all. I thought it was something serious." He reached up and adjusted his tie again.

Sara smiled warmly and tapped his hands away. "Why did you put this one on if it's irritating you so much?" She pulled the tie free from his neck and opened her purse. "The things I do to keep you happy." She mock-grumbled, fishing out another tie from the purse depths.

"I thought that was Grissom's line." Brass grinned, laughing at the blush creeping up his friends neck.

Sara easily slid the new tie around his neck, catching his eyes now and then as she tied the fabric.

"Why's Grissom have to change his tie anyhow?" Nick whined as he messed with his own. "I hate ties."

"You're not allergic to politics, or certain fabric cleaners Nicky." Sara chided him, casting a smile at the others before turning back to Grissom. "Anyway, this is the only one he'll leave alone."

"Silk." Catherine said with a wistful smile. "Always works."

"Sara Sidle?" The foreman called.

Grissom reached for Sara's hand and turned her back to him. He brushed her hair back and smiled. "Don't worry about anything. Answer her questions and you'll be out of there in no time."

She nodded and sucked in a deep breath and let it out to relax. "God, I hate politics." She breathed out, leaning forward to give him a quick kiss before turning away and following the foreman into the courtroom.

"Wow, Grissom, man, that's what we call a public display of affection." Warrick whistled quietly, chuckling with the others at his supervisors blush.

"How long will it take to shut you lot up?" He stared at them, waiting for an answer.

Catherine and Brass smirked, leaning into each other. "More like, how much."

"I heard that." Grissom grumbled, turning to look at the large door Sara had gone through. He smiled slightly and looked over his shoulder at them. "I asked Sara to marry me."

The others looked at him bug-eyed. He had been doing more and more un-Grissom like things since he got back from San Francisco, including talking.

"What did she say?" Nick asked quickly.

Catherine jabbed him in the stomach. "What do you think she said dumbo? She said yes." Turning her head quickly, she looked at Grissom with wide eyes. "She did say yes, right?"

Grissom's smirk widened. "Yes."

Brass was the first to move. "Well, congratulations Gil." He shook Grissom's hand whilst the other's congratulated and slapped their boss on the back.

"Thank you. I'm glad you're ok with this. It means a lot to both of us." Grissom flattened down his tie and tucked it into his jacket as it buttoned it.

"Were you supposed to wait?" Warrick asked. "Cuz, my grandmothers sister once said to me that it's bad luck to spread that kind of news without the bride to be."

Grissom chuckled. "Sara was the one nervous about telling everyone. I said I'd do it."

Catherine grinned. "She was pulling your leg."

Grissom's chuckled died. "That's what I thought until I confronted her with it."

Brass and Catherine shrugged. "She was still pulling your leg."

Warrick smiled and Nick shook his head. "She was so pulling you leg."

Grissom turned narrow eyes to the courtroom door. "That little-"

"Gil!" Catherine burst out laughing. "I'm sure it was all for your own good."

He shrugged. "I guess it's funny."

"A man with such a dry sense of humour." Brass chuckled.

Nick nodded. "Matches Sara to a tee."

Grissom looked at them one at a time and realised that this was the first real conversation they had all had in a long time. Since he came back to Vegas with Sara, they were all getting on more easily. He had even starting coming out of his office to eat and talk with them more often. Mostly when his paperwork was unbearable and his reluctance to face it always found him at one or the other's sides for something or nothing.

Ten minutes past before any further group conversation happened as Brass and Grissom went to get coffee, knowing it was going to be a long day.

Sara finally came out, looking like she just went ten rounds with Mike Tyson. "That was a breeze." She breathed sarcastically.

Nick walked over to the water machine and got a bottle of water for her. "What did she say?" He asked as he handed over the bottle.

Sara unscrewed the cap. "She started off talking about the case, then hit a doozy of a questioning on me like 20-20 questions on Saturday night." Taking a few gulps of water, she handed it back to Nick. "Thanks." She wiped her mouth slightly and sighed. "Then she made me talk out the entire scene, in detail."

Warrick raised his eyebrows. "That it?"

Sara nodded. "I don't think there was anything personal in it, just case reviewing and suspect information."

Nick's face broke out into a grin. "I can do that." He moved around energetically, feeling he had nothing more to worry about.

Sara smiled and looked behind them to see Grissom and Brass holding cups.

Sitting down with her cup of fresh coffee and her bowl of fresh fruit, Sara leaned back into Grissom's chest as he drank his coffee and talked openly about the case they had just closed.

Catherine and Warrick sat on the other side of the table with Nick sitting in the isle. Brass had taken off sometime after he came out of court. Now the remaining few talked and ate.

"Dr Grissom." Came an all too familiar voice from behind Nick, who looked up with a piece of toast hanging out his mouth in surprise.

"Miss Wescott." Grissom greeted, setting his coffee down.

Wescott looked around the table. "I just wanted to say congratulations on winning. It was a fair court this afternoon." She genuinely smiled and held out her hand to the head of the group.

Grissom nodded and reached around Sara to shake the offered hand. "I'm glad you think so. It was open and shut from the beginning, but you know politics…" He shrugged, shaking Sara slightly.

Catherine laughed lightly. "Uh, Sara, hon, you have pineapple on your blouse." She wiped her mouth with her napkin and looked at Grissom with a smile.

Sara sat up and sighed. "Damn." She looked up and smile apologetically. "You'll have to excuse me while I clean up." She stood, placing her hand on Grissom's thigh to push herself up.

"I hope that we can continue this good relationship we have built up over the past few years." Wescott said confidently as she stepped back for Sara to pass by.

Grissom inclined his head. "Let's hope so."

"Good." Wescott nodded, moving back a bit when Sara came back and scooted back into her seat.

Grissom reached out and plucked an apricot segment from Sara's bowl as she sat back down. "How did your client take the news?" He asked casually.

Sara settled down and noticed her fruit breakfast was beginning to vanish piece by piece. She picked up her coffee and took a sip as Grissom and Wescott conversed. After a few minutes, she spotted his hand reach into the bowl.

Wescott smiled and nodded. "Good to know you are all still here. You know things in court are mainly for show. I can guarantee that it's not personal, much." She chuckled light-heartedly. She watched the display before her before continuing. "And I'm glad to see that Miss Sidle is still here. I heard you were transferring."

The silence around the table was almost deafening. Sara looked at Wescott's blank face with raised eyebrows. "That's news to me and that's Doctor Sidle."

"Yes. I remember. Doctor." Wescott said coolly.

Grissom cleared his throat to get Sara's attention. "Sara, let's get going. We've got appointments to keep before shift."

Sara nodded and turned to the others. "Wedding plans. I take it he's told you."

Catherine and Warrick snickered.

Nick grinned. "Watch your back. He figured it out."

Grissom chuckled good naturedly. "Don't worry, she'll pay." He stood with Sara and grabbed their coats as he addressed Wescott. "It was nice speaking with you Miss Wescott, but please excuse us, we're getting married in a few weeks and need to start thinking about who, where and when." He shrugged on his jacket and assisted Sara with hers, pulling her hair out from under the collar.

Wescott started walking back to her table. "Congratulations." She turned away and moved to sit down with her assistant. She could remember a year or so back when they were all on stand in front of a large room, answering questions she was firing at them.

Some part of her knew the outcome, a good side of her was glad it was all working out for all of them, but the court, ugly side of her, was displeased by it all. Making appearances were not her thing and after that last case, she needed them to know that anything in court, stays in court. So far she was pleased with the outcome and hoped it would stay that way. She had enemies of the real kind, she didn't need professionals on her ass too.

Stewart wiped his floured hands on his blue and white striped apron before picking up the envelope that sat on his meat work station in the kitchen.

"Stewart, two more specials." Sue said as she walked into the kitchen with her husband following behind with a tray of dirty dishes. "What do you have there?" She asked.

Andrew started rinsing the plates off and washing them in the hot soapy water in the half filled sink. "I bet it's a letter from Sara. She mentioned something about mail the other night."

Stewart finished wiping his hands enough to handle the crisp envelope and pulled open the flap. For a moment he just stared at the card inside before pulling it out and holding it up to read.

Sue covered her mouth in a delightful gasp with a broadening smile. "He did it!" She advanced on her oldest son and snatched the card from his fingers to wave it in the air and read aloud.

'You are invited to the,

Special White Wedding of

Gil Grissom & Sara Sidle

on the 27th August 2004'

Andrew smirked and nodded proudly. "Good man Gil, good man."

Sue shrieked. "I've got a Son-in-Law!"