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Ajisai is Japanese for hydrangea.

Duct Tape Romance

Chapter 1: This Time Next Year

"You know, you would think it being a college for guys it would be a strong, manly name. No, it's named for a fucking flower."

The short, red-headed boy named Kenshin looked up at his tall companion with spiky brown hair and blinked in response.

"Well Sano, perhaps the founder liked hydrangea."

"Perhaps the founder WAS a flower."

Walking up the grey pavement towards the large, red colored brick campus the two were carrying large duffel bags as other boys their age passed by.

It was the end of winter break and the new term was beginning at Ajisai College. Both Sagara Sanosuke and Himura Kenshin were now seniors.

"So seeing as you're my new room-mate, who will be rooming with Aoshi?" Kenshin asked.

Sano scratched his nose.

"Hmmm..I'm not sure. Saitoh was pretty tight-lipped about room assignments."

"Che, more like his lips were tightened on a cigarette." Sanosuke muttered, as they walked into the dorms and up to the fourth floor.

It was no secret that Sanosuke hated Saitoh Hajime with a passion, and the feeling was mutual. Ever since Saitoh decided to call Sano 'ahou' it had been like a warzone.

"I can tell you one thing, I'm glad this year I don't have to deal with that fucking wolf-faced bastard gel addict." Sano said with a grin.

Kenshin blinked and his eyes widened.

"Orooror...Sano..." Kenshin murmured, pointing behind Sano.

Sanosuke smelled the scent of cigarettes and tense, hanging his head in a groan.

"Good to see you too Ahou, and I'm sure you'll be happy to know they transferred me to RA the fourth floor. Looks like you're mine for another year."

He finished by blowing smoke in Sano's face.

Sano blinked.

" can't'm supposed to be free of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kenshin could only oro more as Saitoh simply walked right on by as a tall figure appeared next to Kenshin.

"Oh, Aoshi, how was your vacation?"

Aoshi merely glanced down at him with his icy blue eyes and shrugged.

That was Shinomori Aoshi, a man of very few words but one of Ajisai's top students. His skills with a sword made him practically a god of the kendo team and admired by all the younger students. Despite his frost-like demeanor.

"What happened to Sagara?" he asked, his voice deep.

"Apparently Saitoh is, once more, our resident advisor. I think Sano may be traumatized a bit at this, de gozaru."

"Aa. Perhaps it is best he is no longer my room mate." Aoshi said.

For two years Aoshi and Sano had been roomed together, and to say it was an odd couple was an understatement. Apparently the first week of rooming together Sano had annoyed Aoshi so much that Aoshi ended up handcuffing Sano to his desk. Why Aoshi had one wanted to guess.

There were those rumors about him, though.

"Oi Shinomori, who the hell did you end up with this year by the way?" Sano asked, sighed and rubbing his temples.

Aoshi closed his eyes and made a small, sighing noise.

He didn't respond and Sano simply shook his head.

"You know snowflake, one day you're going to have to speak in full sentences and I can't wait to see that." Sano remarked and headed off towards room number 181 where he and Kenshin were roomed.

Aoshi merely glared at him.

"Well Aoshi, see ya around. I better get my stuff unloaded."

"Aa." Aoshi replied and headed back downstairs to get the rest of his stuff.

"Why...the..hell...did I....decide this?" the small figured moaned as the tall trees echoed the complaint.

The long dirt path stretched on as sea blue eyes closed in irritation.

It was lllllllllllllloooooooooooong way from Kyoto to Tokyo.

"Perhaps going old school and walking the Tokaido was a bad idea after all...."

"Okay kids, gather around I got a few ground rules to lay down for those who are new and those who need a reminder..." Saitoh began as they sat in the fourth floor lounge.

Sano rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

"First rule: Curfew is midnight on weekdays and two am on weekends....any later and your sleeping on pavement. Two: There is NO drinking in the dorms. Three: No gambling and that IS referring to you Sagara!"

"Here's your gambling." Sano replied, flipping Saitoh off.

"Hmm..rule number four and the most important..I am the law. What I say goes. Got that? Now go and unload the rest of your crap. I'm room number 173, and if you have a problem I don't really give a shit unless it's an emergency. Have a good day gentlemen."

"What a freakin ego." Sano murmured.

"Saitoh does seems extra full of himself this year, de gozaru."

"Hey Shinomori.."


"Really, who's your room mate?"

Aoshi sighed and stood up, ignoring Sano and walking towards the room he was designated to this year, room 182, which was diagonally across from Sano and Kenshin's. He opened and shut the door and flopped down on the bed.

He had a busy week ahead with classes beginning and re-grouping the kendo team, and getting used to his new room mate.

With Sano he had managed to 'train' the rooster head into some form of behaving...but this year...he was stuck with the most hyper student at Ajisai college...the Tiny Terror....

He wasn't too thrilled, but not overly upset. Perhaps rooming together would give Aoshi a chance to get to know him better and the kid was promising in kendo. But still...


He couldn't help but shiver as he recalled the high-pitched, almost too feminine voice. It brought forth the image black hair and blue eyes, small stature. An almost too pretty face....

The door burst open with a crash to reveal a huffing and puffing figure carrying a large bag.

"Hey, Aoshi-senpai...."

And lurching forward the figure crashed to the floor.

Aoshi blinked and quickly ran to to his new room mate's side.

"Hey...are you dead?" he asked.


Aoshi's eyes widened slightly.

'He walked the Tokaido here??'

The long forest path leading from Kyoto to Tokyo would take a good two to three days to walk.

"No." Misao weakely replied, feeling every muscle in her body throbbing.

"Do you...want me to help you to your bed?"

"NO! That's fine!" Misao said quickly, standing up and groaning loudly as she practically hopped into bed.

Aoshi sighed. It was going to be a long year.

Misao flopped onto her stomach and winced feeling the duct tape wrapped around her breasts itch slightly. She wished she could remove it, but no one could ever learn she was a girl and not a boy.

Ajisai had the best kendo program and the only school that offered a scholarship.....on the basis that Makimachi Misao was male and not female. It had been a desperate attempt, but somehow work. So for the past two years she had been posing as a boy. Only one person knew the truth at Ajisai, Kenshin, her former room mate. The only reason Kenshin knew was because him and Misao had a mutual acquaintance....and Misao knew Kenshin's secret as well.

She looked over to see Aoshi sit back on his bed and leisurely admired him, albeit discreetly. He was sooooo gorgeous.

Tall, sexy blue eyes, that black hair, the sculptured physique. And he was brilliant..and a skilled swordsman.

In short, he was the perfect man in Misao's eyes.

Which made it unfortunate for as Aoshi was her perfect man, he thought she was a man.

This was going to be a long, hard year.

Aoshi glanced over to notice Misao was staring at him.

"Is there a problem?"

"No. No problem." Misao murmured, remembering to lower the pitch of her voice. Flopping over to her side, her back now facing him she tried to forget how sexy Aoshi was and focused on something else.

'Need groceries. Hmm...need cough drops...pads...Coke...chips...pens...pencils...notebooks...oh..duct tape..lots and lots of duct tape.'

And so began the school year at Ajisai college.

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