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Chapter 9: End of the Roll

"God, I swear walking in on Kenshin and that racoon girl was just creepy." Sanosuke complained, picking at a muffin as he sat across from Misao in the cafeteria.

"Yea, it is." Misao agreed, sighing.

"Hey, how long have they been together? I mean, Kenshin never looks at or dates other girls."


"Uh...the terror. I think my eyes still hurt. Hey, uh, Shinomori isn't still wanting to kick my ass is he?"

"No. I yelled at him. He was being an ass."

"And you hitting me was...?"

" comradery." she said blushing.

"Sureeeeeeee. Look weasel, just come out of the closet and confess your love. It's blatant. Come on."

Misao sighed, narrowing her eyes.

"I. Am. Not. Gay."

"Right. And I just adore Saitoh."

Misao laughed at that.

"Why Sano, who knew." Misao joked, getting up and waving bye as she was off to class.

Sanosuke watched Misao go and bit into his muffin.

"That guy is gay. Why doesn't he just confess."

And with that he finished breakfast.

Meanwhile, Aoshi was doing kendo club inventory in the gym and pondering on Misao. She was obviously upset about his past, but accepted it. He realized then that she had always been open and honest about her past, well, gender aside. But other than that, he knew her whole story.

And she never knew his.

He was always so distant and quiet. Never said much to her. Why was it she loved him anyway?

She was always by his side at school, always smiling for him.


He didn't think he had much to offer, and yet the girl still wanted to be with him.

Was she really...

That wonderful?

And as Aoshi pondered this Tokio was waking up to Saitoh slicking his hair back with gel, a cigarette dangling from his lips.

"You know, one day you're going to have a smoking/gel mishap and you'll set your hair on fire. It'd be chaos. Sagara would laugh. You'd be bald." she said, waving her hands in gesture as she spoke.

"Sagara would hardly be able to speak after I break his jaw."


"You've been hanging out much with Makimachi lately. Should I be jealous?"

Tokio laughed. If Saitoh only knew...

"Hardly. Misao-chan is totally not a threat to you."

"Women generally aren't."

Tokio's eyes widened and her lips pursed.


"Makimachi is a girl. Don't pretend you're shocked. I know you know."


"For one thing, I've seen you two hang out. And I see how is with Shinomori. And I'm not blind. I first assumed like others that Makimachi was just effeminate and homosexual, but then I just realized the obvious."


"When I overheard Sagara bitching and moaning about Makimachi decking him at a bar after Sagara hit Shinomori. Makimachi's reaction was utterly female."

Tokio pouted and sighed.

"Hajime, promise me you won't rat her out. Really you are too clever for your own good. She's a friend and she has valid reasons for doing this."

"As much a runt as she is, I'll give her this much, she is sometimes a clever girl to have gotten away with this as long as she has."

"It's the school's fault if anything for offering a scholarship not realizing the large clerical error they made in not noticing an 'F' instead of an 'M'."

"Well, I'm not saying anything about it. It's her business. As long as she follows house rules I couldn't care about her personal life."

"Sometimes your indifference is actually good."

"Indeed." he murmured and patted her on top of the head and nothing more was said.


"Say Aoshi, when the next break from school comes, do you think you might want to do something when we get back to Kyoto?" she asked as she typed up a report on her computer.

"Such as?" Aoshi asked, seated on his bed reading.

"I dunno, movies, arcade, hikes. Stuff." she asked, turning slightly to face him.

"Perhaps. But then I suppose than means sex is out."

Misao blinked, and then stuck her tongue out at him.

"Your humor really does suck! Anyways, I'm sure Jiya would probably want to meet you at some point cause I'm not too good at hiding things from him. He raised me after all."

"Yet you've hidden for years your gender?"

"Well Jiya can see through me, others can't. When it matters."

"Even if people think you're gay?"

"Oh ho ho, I think this is the first time you've brought that up. If I knew all it took to get you talking was sleeping with you, I'd have jumped you from day one." Misao said with a grin.

Aoshi sighed.

"You wouldn't have had the guts. It took you close to a year to talk without stuttering to me."

"Oh yeah..."

"Misao, we will do things together on breaks. Don't worry."

She turned back to her report and made a grumbling noise that sounded like "right right".

Despite her grumbling she was genuinely happy. Her and Aoshi were closer than ever, and she was doing well in school.

It was like everything she wanted for happiness was coming to fruition.

Focusing on her report, she typed up the last paragraph and saved and closed it.

"Hey, are you reading for any particular important reason?" she suddenly asked, getting out of her chair.

"Not really. Why?"

She didn't reply, but merely lunged at him and began kissing him.

As the two began some not exactly code of conduct fun, Sano and Kenshin had just entered the building having what Sano considered a great debate.

"I'm telling you Kenshin. It's all there. I mean, the way he talks, acts, gawks at the Ice Block. You have to see it! Misao is totally gay."

"I really think you're wrong. No, I know it." Kenshin replied, wanting to steer conversation away from Misao. As much as Sano was his friend, he was blessedly dense sometimes.

"Come on! Seriously, what was with that punching me crap?"

"Well, it did get you and Megumi-dono closer." Kenshin pointed out as they got into the elevator.

Sanosuke grinned.

"Well, I guess the good ol doctor realized the Sagara charm at last."

"Or pitied you de gozaru."

"What! No way! She enjoyed herself totally! And at least we kept it private Mr. Doesn't Leave Note on Door! Seriously, my eyes still have residual hurting."


"Yea, man. Seeing you naked with that girl..."

"No, I know what residual means?"

Sanosuke's eyes narrowed.

"Kenshin, not funny."

"Sano, leave Misao-dono alone." Kenshin sighed. It wasn't just that Misao knew his own secret, Misao was a good friend to him and Kaoru, and he didn't want her getting hurt.

"Fine. But really, next time warn me when you decide to actually stop being celibate."

Kenshin looked at his feet for a moment.

"Actually Kaoru-dono has returned home. She had to get back."

"Oh? Sorry to hear."

"Well, I'm sort of used to us being apart."

Sano blinked.

"Just how long have you been with her? You never mentioned her until she came."

Kenshin didn't answer as the elevator beeped and the doors opened to their floor.

"Fine don't answer. Maybe that weasel Misao will come out drinking with me and not punch me this time."

"Ah, don't overdo it." Kenshin said entering their room as Sano approached Aoshi and Misao's door and didn't even stop to knock as he opened it.

And was greeted with the sight of a naked Misao straddling an equally naked Aoshi. And he then noticed something else.

"Oh my god! BREASTS!"

Misao turned startled, which made Aoshi sit up quickly as they both grasped for the sheets to cover themselves.



"Not one but two breasteses... what...the...hell..." Sano remarked, leaning back against the door and shutting it as sat.

"Look! It's...well...ok! I'm a girl first off!"

"I...ew god. Weasel boobs. You're a girl! No wonder you kept saying you weren't gay!"

"Well ya! I like boys." she huffed, but inside was shaking.

Another person knew...

"Sagara, long story short: Misao's scholarship here was based on the school thinking she was male. She's been pretending from day one."

" knew?"

"Not until recently."

" guys are...are..."

"A couple." Misao said, getting off of Aoshi and hiding more under the sheets.

"I...I..I can't believe I couldn't tell. That was a kind of girly punch."

"Oh bullcrap! You were hurting!" Misao protested.

Aoshi crossed his arms as Misao argued with Sano.

Of all the inopportune times...and right when they were getting to the good part...

"Who...else knows?" Sano asked.

"Just Kenshin. And Tokio-chan found out."

"...Kenshin knew?"

"He knew me from before."

"...And no one told me!"

"Well, it wasn't your business! I never intended for anyone to know. I didn't know Kenshin went to school here, and I certainly never expected Tokio to rip my shirt open one day."

"Jesus, Weasel. Shinomori, you never..."

"I just thought she had a crush on me when I thought she was a boy. Honestly though I tried not thinking of it. And then I found out she was a girl."

"And you two began um..."

"That's DEFINITELY not your business! Can you like...go away for a while! We'll talk later!"

Sano blinked, and even blushed a bit.


Getting up and leaving the room, Sano cringed.

He was forever traumatized to walk in on his friends in the middle of and after sex. It was official, he had the worst luck sometimes.


"So how worried are you?" Kenshin asked as he and Misao slowly worked on some kendo techniques.

"Well, Sano can be dense, but he does have the ability to keep his mouth shut. At least now he won't keep calling me gay."


"Listen Himura, thanks for not telling on me. I know you and Sano are good friends and I really appreciate it."

"Yes well, you've kept mine all this time."

"Well I understand you not wanting people to know you're married. The school has some odd rules."

"Yea, it was a close call when Kaoru-dono came up."

"Yea, but it was good seeing her. Don't worry pal, your secret is so less obvious than mine."

"Well yes. So how are things with Aoshi?"

"Really good actually. I think I'm really glad he found out."

"That's good."

He noticed Misao stop to scratch just her armpit.

"You okay?"

"Yea...just...this damn duct tape!"

Kenshin chuckled and set his boken down.

"At least I know what to get you for your birthday."

Misao made a growl and threw her boken at him.

"So not funny, Himura! I swear the only good thing about it is Aoshi taking it off of me."

"Oro...too much information, Misao-dono."

"Ah...sorry. Well, I've gotten by two years thus far posing as a boy almost successfully. What's another two? At least now I know the truth behind those handcuff rumors and Aoshi."


Misao grinned.

"Sorry Himura, that's something you won't want to hear."


Misao just laughed.

Who would have ever thought the strange situation of posing as a boy would bring her so many good things...

She was not letting Aoshi go for one second, and had duct tape to hold him down if he even tried!

All in all, life was looking good for Makimachi Misao.


OWARI! That's it. No more Duct Tape. This was it.

As for Saitoh knowing, Saitoh being Saitoh wouldn't EVER let Misao he knew. He won't say anything.

This story went as far as I could take it. Now I can work on wrapping other stuff up!