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It took about an hour for the ship to land on the Spay-Stay, and Zenon, Yvonne and Tasha were the first ones off. They ran into some police officers. "You Zenon Carr?" one asked gruffly.

"Yes, sir," Zenon answered. "Where are they?" "Would you back off for a while, please?" Zenon asked impatiently. "If we don't catch them in the act, we're as good as dead as we have no proof. They are two Russian looking men wearing suits. Watch for them." "You got it," he answered, and the three hurried off.

"I cannot believe we're in space!" Yvonne laughed, twirling around. "I'm in a space station!" Zenon looked around, breathed in the scent of plastic and metal materials and sighed happily. Hawaii was okay, but there was definitely no place like home.

"And to think you'll be living here!" Zenon teased her. "If we escape out of this alive," Tasha reminded them. Something about her made Zenon look closely at her. Tasha looked normal, but less lively. She looked like the Tasha that Zenon had known before they had gone off to Hawaii. Calm, a little on the wild side, but not like the Tasha who had been at home in Hawaii.

"You okay, Tash?" Yvonne asked, noticing Tasha's change as well. "I'm fine," Tasha looked at them, a little surprised. "Why wouldn't I be?" "You just seem different, is all," Yvonne said. "I don't feel different," Tasha looked at them, eyebrows raised, and then shrugged.

"Shouldn't we find your parents?" Tasha suggested. "Uh...yeah," Zenon said. "Come on, this way. Mom and Dad will be so psyched to finally meet you, Eve," Zenon said to Yvonne. "I can't wait to meet THEM," Yvonne giggled.

As the twins walked around the corner, Tasha stopped for a moment, and looked out a window at the small planet that was slowly spinning around in its orbit. She put her hand on the window, and sighed. "Aloha, Hawaii," she said sadly. "I don't know when I'll get to see you again."


Zenon rapped quickly on the door with her knuckles, and waited with expectation. Her mom opened the door, and her mouth opened with astonishment as she gazed down at the three girls. "Hi, Mom!" Zenon and Yvonne said simultaneously, and threw themselves into her arms. Mrs. Carr stumbled back a bit, and tears sprang to her eyes. "Oh, Zenon, Yvonne!" she wept.

"Who's who?" she wondered. "The one in pink is Yvonne," Tasha pointed out, "and the one in blue is Zenon." "Oh," Mrs. Carr blushed.

"C'mon, Mom," Zenon pushed out of her arms. "We have to go inside and fill you in on everything."

After telling the Carrs about the dire situation, they told them about what they were going to do about it. "Are you sure that they'll be caught?" Mr. Carr asked. "Well, we hope so," Yvonne answered. "Otherwise this whole thing is gonna be in huge pilikia," Tasha continued, and her eyes suddenly looked sad.

"Pi...pilikia?" Mrs. Carr asked, slightly confused. "Hawaiian for trouble," Zenon explained. "We went to Hawaii." "You went to..." Mrs. Carr started, but before she could continue, there was a knock at the door. "Who is it?" Mr. Carr asked.

"Police, sir," came the police man's voice. Mr. Carr opened the door, and the man stepped in, lugging after him the two Russian guys. "These the culprits, Ms. Carr?" he asked Zenon. "You caught them in action?" Zenon asked.

"Yup," he answered. "We got video tapes, sound recordings, and pictures." Zenon grinned. "Then that's it!" "Thank you, Ms. Carr," the policeman grinned, and walked out. "We so totally did it!" Zenon squealed, hugging Tasha and Yvonne tightly.

They all hugged, relieved that it was over.


The girls were curled up on Zenon's sofa, drinking some cola, and just talking. Tasha kept glancing out the window periodically until Zenon and Yvonne had had enough. "Tash!" Zenon said to her. Tasha's head whipped around. "What?" she asked.

"What is the matter?" Yvonne asked, grabbing her soda before it spilled. "Nothing," Tasha answered automatically, as if she were a robot. "C'mon, Tash," Zenon said. "If you can't tell us, who can you tell?" Tasha sighed and turned to face them.

"I miss Hawaii," she answered in a low voice. The twins exchanged glances. "So?" Yvonne asked. "You can always go back." "No, I can't," Tasha answered in the same low, sad voice. "Dad has a new job in a new destination. He's taking me with him and our family. He said we might never even see the earth again."

The twins' eyes widened. "What is he talking about?" they asked in unison. "NASA is sending another space program into orbit-around Mars," Tasha explained, her voice breaking slightly. "It'll be up for seven years. Seven years," she said, her eyes shining with unshed tears.

"He'll be the commander up there. The army is putting him there because they want at least one member of them up there. We will only get food shuttles every six months. No visitors. No one will leave. For seven years. Do you realize that I will be twenty two before I can leave??" By now Tasha was sobbing openly.

"I won't see Hawaii for SEVEN YEARS. Before, I could always visit. Now, I won't see anything but the stupid red planet of war!" With a sob, she thrust herself off the sofa, and out of Zenon's bedroom.

Zenon and Yvonne sat in shocked silence. "When could she have possibly learned that?" Yvonne asked Zenon softly. "When we were sleeping on the ship," Zenon answered. "She was checking her video phone messages."

"Oh," Yvonne said. "We won't see Tasha for seven years." And they just sat there.


Yvonne was officially adopted by the Carrs, and lived happily up in space. Tasha finally had had enough of moving and decided that her father had no right to force her to stay in space for seven years, especially when she turned twenty one and was independent. So, she put her foot down. Her father was very upset, but eventually realized the truth in what Tasha was saying.

So, he decided that Tasha could stay behind if she wanted to. Tasha, of course, accepted, although she missed her family for some time. There was the problem of finding a place where Tasha could stay for the remaining three years before she turned eighteen. After discussing the matter seriously for a while, the Carrs invited her to stay on the Spay-Stay with them. Tasha readily accepted.

As Tasha felt a special bond with Hawaii, her favorite home, the Carrs, or the girls, at least, journeyed down to Hawaii at least once every two months. Aunt Judy would usually accompany them, just to make sure they were safe.

Yvonne eventually got to like wine and champagne, although she couldn't abide beer. She enjoyed pink champagne and white wine especially. Of course she started drinking at the right age, not when she was underage.

Tasha went to the University of Hawaii when she turned eighteen and...ironic, no?...joined the military as a nurse.

Yvonne and Zenon also attended the University of Hawaii, and Yvonne went on to become a wine specialist (just like Mr. P.) and in her spare time, she taught surfing classes.

And Zenon? Well, I won't tell you what happened to Zenon. You can just guess.


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