Hey guys! This is just a bunch of One-shotters put together, most are about Beast Boy and Terra, but there maybe a Robin and Starfire somewhere. Oh, and I find it necessary to share where I got my inspiration for these stories because it is so amazing how your brain can be inspired to create a great story out of one little occurrence.

This story was inspired while I went shopping. I began to think what an enormous amount of effort it takes to get clothing because of all the trying on, and well I wanted some humor to liven me up, and this popped into my head. Think about it, you may go to the store and try on twenty something pairs of jeans and only end up buying two pairs. It's madness I tell you!


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Skit One: The Mega Uber Super Duper Shopping Extravaganza

"Are you ready, Beast Boy?" Robin asked.

"Dude, I was born ready!" was Beast Boy's only reply as he leapt forward and changed into a lion and then a small little kitten. (Think Forces of Nature ep)

Beast Boy meowed cutely as he sat at the store's entrance. This caught the attention of a few girls and soon most of the customers. They were passing him around and talking about how cute he was and what a sweet angel kitten he was.

Beast Boy was just the distraction the other Titans needed to dart into the store. Robin calling back a "Good job Beast Boy!" as they started their hunt.

No problem dude. Beast Boy thought knowing Robin or the others wouldn't hear it but just the fact that he was answering was enough for him.

The others ran in full speed, "Cyborg you're next. Ready?" Robin asked as they continued to run and skid around the many corners of the store.

Cyborg nodded and took his position looking over the clothes racks in the boys (men's, whatever you want to call it) department. And sure enough a group of fans crowded around him and started asking random questions.

The other three titans continued onward coming closer to their target, "Get ready Raven!" Robin instructed as they curved another corner.

Raven nodded and tried to look natural as she scoped out some of the boy's tees (come on now, she's a tomboy what do you expect?). In an instant a horde of fan boys showed up, drooling over Raven's good looks and asking for autographs.

Robin and Starfire picked up speed; they were so close. Starfire took flight and grabbed Robin by the wrist and he held tightly back.

"Please hurry Robin," Starfire pleaded, as she looked nervously around, flying him slightly higher, "we do no know how long the others can hold them."

Robin nodded his understanding and proceeded with the directions through the clothes sections, "Right! And then left Star."

Starfire guided him down closer to the clothes rack as they approached it; Robin scanned the sizes quickly and snatched up the proper fitting.

"I got it Star, GO!"

Starfire nodded and jetted him the checkout counter, which happened to only be a few more meters away. She dropped him in front of the counter.

"Here." Robin said throwing the item onto the counter.

"Hey, you're Robin! And Starfire!" the clerk exclaimed.

"Robin! They are approaching!" Starfire exclaimed from her in the air post.

"Yeah, can we checkout now?!" Robin fumed, couldn't the clerk tell they were in a hurry? "Put it on the card."

The clerk hurriedly put the item in a bag and scanned the Titans' credit card and handed the items back.

"Have a good day…" the clerk said, slightly confused as Starfire and Robin jetted off again.

"Raven," Robin talked into the communicator, "we're nearing your post."

Raven nodded and closed her communicator as she saw Starfire approaching with Robin in tow. Raven signed one last autograph and used her mind powers to warp Starfire, Robin and herself to an area nearer to Cyborg's post.

"We're approaching quickly, Cyborg." Raven said as closed her communicator.

Cyborg turned just in time to see the others approaching; Starfire was still flying Robin high above the walkway and Raven had taken flight. For a split second, Raven and Cyborg's eyes met and in the next instant a black discus appeared on the other side of Cyborg's fans.

"See ya'll later!" Cyborg called as he leapt on the discus and rode it like a flying skateboard.

"Yo, BB," Cyborg called on his communicator, "we're almost to the entrance."

Beast Boy nodded understanding and still in his kitten form. And almost on cue the rest of the Titans burst through the store entrance doors.

"Well, it's been fun," Beast Boy winked and said now in his human form, "but I gotta jet!" and with that he turned into a bird and flew by the other Titans.

"Ahh it's Beast Boy!!" some of the fan girls yelled.

A little away from the store the Titans landed on the sidewalk.

"Man, I CAN'T believe we have to go through ALL that trouble just so Rob can get new boxers." Cyborg sighed exasperated.

"Um, guys…I think I got the wrong size…" Robin stated, looking at the tag.

The others just slapped their foreheads, "Not AGAIN!!"

Heheh, Robin needs boxers….sorry if that seemed like a crude joke but I found it the most upbeat and one of the funniest things I've thought of. Gosh, I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I would appreciate it you all told me if it was as fast as it should seem. Cause it is a fast pursuit.

Oh, and for the few who are wondering why they would have to go through all that trouble; he's a super hero, and most girls probably find him cute, sexy, etc. (My heart's for Beast Boy so don't get any ideas ) and if they saw him casually buying boxers, gosh, who knows what some rabid, Robin-loving fan girl could do! Also, you may be wondering how many times the Titans had to do that routine; Don't ask me, I lost count.