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They may call someone who steals another's story a Plagiarist, but as far I am concerned they are a demon of which has stolen another's soul.


" Talking


Memories and Daydreams

Skit Eight: One-Sided Fluff-Part 2

Surprisingly enough, I had come downstairs to talk to him. I didn't really know what, but I guess I always thought that we really didn't know each as well as we could. I decided to meditate in the main room. That way I could just talk to him he woke back up.

Cyborg woke about ten minutes after I came down to speak with him, but he didn't know that because I was in deep meditation. Until…


Needless to say, I screamed bloody murder and fell flat on my face. I looked up a minute later to see Cyborg's sorrowful face; he obviously didn't know it was going to be so loud, "Need a hand?" he asked offering on of his large silver hands to me. I took it, I really didn't have enough strength at that moment and didn't want to stay on the floor, besides, he was trying to apologize for his impudence….I mean ignorance, "Cyborg?"

I'd woken up with a yawn, and took a glance around to see what else could be going on. Then I saw Raven meditating, I decided that I should leave the room, but then I realized my favorite TV show was on now. So, I took the remote with caution, and turned the TV on with caution. My fingers prepped to press the 'volume down' button, the TV beamed on, and I furiously pressed and held the volume button down. Damn thing's broken! The TV boomed the sounds of the Sports Car show.

I am sooo dead…I thought turning around to hear and see Raven fall flat on her face.

"Sorry 'bout that Rae." I said, after explaining myself.

"No really, it's okay." She said, but I could tell she was trying to keep the anger from her voice, "Is there something you need to tell me?"

I looked around feverishly, What? "Um Raven?"

I looked at him almost indignantly, and tapped my foot a minute or two, "Well, all I can tell is you've been acting strange lately, and I was just wondering what's up."

I waited patiently, trying to keep my violet eyes from appearing irritated or frustrated. My metal friend just looked at me, still confused. He was normally keener than this or at least observant. Maybe it was something hard for him to say with all the noise. I used my magic to lightly switch the TV off, "Cyborg?"

"It's nothing really." I lied. Now wasn't the time. But when? My conscious scoffed. "I just—"

Raven could sense my discomfort, I think, so she jumped over the couch and sat next to me, she removed her hood and looked me straight in the eye. She knew. She had to. She was Raven, the most perceptive of all the Titans. Busted. My conscious mocked. I physically glared at it.

Oops, Raven thought I was glaring at her, "My bad, bad thought." I grinned sheepishly.

I'm getting nowhere with this boy, I was going to tell him the vision I had this morning. But could he handle it now? "Cyborg, listen to me. I think your life maybe in danger."

"What?" he asked, clearly shocked, that obviously wasn't what he was expecting me to say.

"I had a vision this morning. And in it you were severely hurt. So I have reason to believe you might be in danger."

Cyborg just sat back against the seat again, "What makes you say that? How? What do you know?"

"All I know is what I told you." I said honestly, I really didn't know what else to say, but then I heard him start to chuckle, "Cyborg?"

Heh, Raven thought that I was in danger? In danger of being lonely maybe… "Raven, you saw one of the dreams I had last night."I told her; the next part was harder…

"Oh, sounds more like a nightmare to me." She said, almost jokingly.

I took a deep breath and then the plunge, "You only saw part of it, the other part of it was you and me together."

She was taken aback obviously, she scooted away some, "That's what I've wanted to tell you for so long. I have a crush on you. And I'm sorry if this changes your opinion of me, or whatever, but I hope we can still be friends and teammates and stuff like that…" I was starting to ramble, that was harder than anticipated.

I looked at him in utter shock, while pulling my cloak over my head. This wasn't what I expected. I thought that I was late in the news that he might be in danger, that this was just going to be him telling me, admitting that he was scared or something like that. It wasn't like him to get scared, but nor was it my style so I figured it couldn't hurt, but this is…almost too much.

"Cyborg," I said softly, pulling my cloak down again, and placing a hand on his arm, he stopped rambling and looked toward me, expecting the worst, "I have to tell you this, as have I told Beast Boy. I like you, but not that way. And really, it isn't good for me to get involved with anyone. I mean, you're a nice guy and all, but I really shouldn't." There, said it. But I know it's hurt him bad.

Ouch. I thought. Raven let me down as easy as she could, but that was still hard for him. He really did like her. Everything about her, "Okay. Now that that's out of the way, do you think I could still take you out, as friend, to the drive in?"

(3rd person-omnipresent)

"You rhymed." Raven giggled, and then recomposed herself. Whoops.

Cyborg still looked toward her for an answer, "Sure," she started, "as long as your buying." She added.

"Race you to the T-car!" Cyborg said suddenly, leaving Raven behind in a rush.

"Oh really?" she said to herself, deciding to take a moment to write a note to the others, before floating through the many levels of the Tower.


"That was so much fun, huh Terra?" Beast Boy exclaimed walking in with Terra close behind.

"Yep, too bad two other Titans stayed here and missed out on all the fun!" she said mimicking his over-loud tone.

Robin and Starfire walked in with them, "Where are they?" Robin asked.

"Look a note!" Starfire exclaimed flying over to it.

The others gathered around and read it to themselves over Robin's shoulder:

Dear Titans,

Cyborg and I went out. AS FRIENDS. Beast Boy, I will get you if you make any kissy notes on my door again. Go ahead and laugh Terra, you're such a giggle-box as it is. Robin, we promise to be back around 11:00PM, so don't wait up. And Starfire, I want you to tell me all about your date with Robbie-poo when I get back, or tomorrow.


P.S. Don't think I don't mean it Beast Boy. Oh and keep on glaring Robin, you might burn the paper. >: )

"I wonder how bad we're talking…" Beast Boy said to himself contemplating the potential damage of 'Kissy' notes.

"Giggle-box? How insulting…" Terra grumbled to herself.

Robin just rolled his eyes at their antics, and Starfire just nodded happily as she re-read the part about the telling of her date. Meanwhile, Raven and Cyborg were enjoying themselves eating milkshakes, and talking about nothing in particular.

This night is perfect…for friends I mean. Raven had herself thinking.

This night is perfect…thanks Rae. Cyborg found himself thinking.

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