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Chapter One - Red and Green Do Not Match

Harry sat silently at his desk in the middle of a potions class, mindlessly staring at Draco Malfoy. He had been at Hogwarts for four years, and now as he was entering his fifth year he was starting to realize just why he seemed to be failing in a lot of his classes. What had started out as a silly obsession was quickly becoming something much bigger. Every time Draco crossed his path Harry had an undeniable urge to just grab him and kiss him.

A week ago when he was back at number four, his Aunt Petunia had been disgusted to find him sitting in the living room listening and singing along to the radio. He had developed a liking for Faith Hill's song 'This Kiss'. It reminded him of Draco and he had spent many long and sleepless nights thinking about how wonderful it was going to be to kiss Draco for the first time.

He snapped out of his dream world as his cauldron began to over flow. Hermione fixed it just in time as Severus Snape turned to see what was going on. He looked into Harry's cauldron and sneered. "Potter, look at your potion." Harry did as he was told, then looked back at Snape. "Now look at Weasley's." Harry did so and flinched a little. "Now look at Granger's." Harry did that to and wished that the floor would swallow him.

"Ten points from Griffindor for this orange mess that, if you haven't noticed, should in fact be purple." Snape said coldly. Harry's eyes snapped up and he saw Malfoy looking at him, a malicious smile spread over his lips. Harry blushed and looked at Hermione for help, she was only to happy to oblige.

"Smarmy git." Ron remarked as Snape swept of back up the classroom to sit behind his desk and grade piles of papers, as he always did when he should be helping the lost and confused. Hermione shot Ron a rather spiteful look and he quietened down again. Despite how much he tried to fight it, Harry soon resumed his staring at Draco. He was staring so transfixed that he didn't even notice when Draco stared straight back at him.

The end of the lesson came and Hermione had managed to turn Harry's potion from thick orange slime into a pale lilac liquid. He showered her with thanks and praised her, going so far as to the unnecessary kissing of her hand. She waved him off before jumping to her feet. "I have something to do, I have to go!" She said and she quickly disappeared.

Harry turned to Ron, but he too seemed in a hurry. Harry looked at him questioningly. Ron sighed. "Detention with McGonagal for throwing that book out of the window. I bet Hermione's in the library, maybe you can go and find her or something and I'll meet you both up there." Harry nodded dumbly as he packed up the rest of his things.

By the time he had finished doing so, he was the only one left in the classroom and Snape was glaring at him from behind his desk. "So used to getting detentions that you are here voluntarily Potter?" He said in a quiet and dangerous voice. Harry didn't reply and walked swiftly out of the classroom to avoid being given a very much unwanted detention.

He walked quietly down the corridor and was about to resign to going up to the library in search of Hermione when a random hand appeared from a classroom doorway and pulled him inside. Harry was slammed against a wall as a smaller boy pressed his whole body against Harry's. Harry found himself submitting to a deep and passionate kiss with the stranger.

He pulled away after a while against his will with the need for breath and the boy leaned against him so that Harry could feel the boy's breath on his ear. "You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that, Harry Potter."

Harry grabbed his wand from his pocket and uttered an incantation. The room was filled with a serene light that fell from what looked like hundreds of little fireflies on the ceiling. He stared amazed into the eyes of the very person he had been obsessing over: Draco Malfoy. Draco just smiled sweety, a motion that most thought impossible of any Malfoy, and coiled into Harry's chest. Harry tried to pull Draco away from him for a moment but Draco stood firm. When he spoke his voice was almost sorrowful. "Please, just hold me for a while, let me enjoy this while it lasts."

"Why worry about a single moment." Harry said sweety. "When we have the rest of our lives ahead of us." Harry held Draco close, feeling Draco's warm breath through his robes onto his chest. His heart was beating fast, and butterflies swarmed his stomach. He finally had Draco in his arms.

Draco pulled back and walked toward the door of the classroom. Harry watched him for a moment, taking in everything before he grabbed Draco's arm and pulled him back. "Where are you going?"

Draco lowered his face and pulled back. "We can't do this, you know we can't. I'm sorry, if things were different then maybe, but, well... we just can't." Draco couldn't find the words to tell Harry what he really wanted to say, that he would have been happy to just feel Harry's breath on his skin for all of eternity. Harry still watched him carefully.

"Why can't we, who's to stop us?" Harry said, almost pleadingly. Gathering himself up Draco looked menacingly at Harry, it was the only thing he knew how to do to stop himself from collapsing in a fit of tears. A Malfoy was never to be seen showing emotion, he feared that he had shown too much already.

"Red and green don't go, or are you colour blind? I'm a Slytherin and you're a Griffindor. This would never work out, and you know it." Draco made for the door again but before he could open it Harry softly said something that made Draco freeze on the spot.

"Griffindor in red and gold, Slytherin in green and silver. No Draco, you're right, red and green don't go together." He paused for a moment and looked deep into Draco's silver grey eyes. "But gold and silver do. As does red and silver, and green and gold. It all depends on how you look at it. If you see what I see then there's nothing to stop this."

Draco looked back at Harry. This was the biggest decision he had ever made in his life. Turn back and try things with Harry, at the risk of them being torn apart, hurt, and unable for it to ever work between them at all. Or walk out that door and spend the rest of his life wondering whether it had worked. He thought for a moment before finally deciding.