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Chapter 5

Gabriel carried Alchemy down into the Order's underground lair. He set her down in the first chair he saw and kneeled in front of her.

"Alchemy?" he said.

Alchemy made herself focus on Gabriel, "Is it really you?"

"Yes, it is really me." He found himself smiling. "How did you get here?"

"I don't know." Alchemy answered lowering her head. "I only remember flashes."

"Tell me what you remember." Gabriel prodded.

"There is a large room full of people. They're dressed formally. I'm there, in a golden dress. You're there too. You're smiling at me. And there is another man."

Gabriel felt his blood run cold, "Tell me about the man."

"He is dressed in black with long black hair pulled back and bound. There is something about his eyes, the way he looked at me. He's terrifying. And then there is pain, it courses through every part of my body. It feels like I am dying."

"Is that all?"

"Yes, then everything went black and I woke up here on the steps of the church. Do you know what has happened to me?"

Gabriel took Alchemy's hand, "No, but I hope to find out."

Gabriel left Alchemy in the chair and walked over to Karl. He stood with the High Priest, his mentor.

"What did she tell you Gabriel?" the priest asked him.

"When I killed Dracula I regained the memory of my last day before coming to you. Before I turned up at the church."


"She just described that very day. She was there."

"Well that can't be right. Your memory would have come from hundreds and hundreds of years ago." Karl said.

Gabriel glanced back to Alchemy, "That's not all. That night there was a ball held. I attended, as well as Alchemy. There was another whom she remembers seeing there."

"Dracula." Karl said matter of factly.

"Yes, that was the same night I killed him. The night he made the deal with the devil to live forever as a vampire."

"Did Alchemy witness this act?" the priest asked.

"No, she didn't."

"Why not?"

"Because," Gabriel sighed, "She was already dead."

Dracula stood in the silent forest, still as a statue. He briefly wondered if Alchemy had reached her destination yet before returning to the task at hand. He had tracked the monster Frankenstein for three nights now. He had been hiding in Fangor just like Alchemy had told him. But somehow he must have gotten wind of Dracula's arrival because he began moving quickly, never staying in one spot for very long.

Dracula wasn't worried. He knew it was only a matter of time before he caught up with the monster. The monster was frightened and alone, plus he wasn't able to move very quickly. Dracula smirked; he would make easy work of him yet.

"What do you mean she was dead?" Karl squeaked.

"Haven't either of you ever wondered why I killed Dracula that night? We had known each other for many years, grown up together, but on that night of them all I struck."

"I assume you know why?" the priest pushed.

"Don't you see? It's because of her!" Gabriel all but yelled. "Dracula killed Alchemy right in front of me, in front of everyone."

"And that upset you?"

"Of course it did! I was in love with her." He seethed, reliving the horrible moment again. "And he knew it. Dracula knew of my feelings for Alchemy, he knew that I had picked that night to ask her to marry me. And what is worse is that he knew all of this because I told him. I believed him to be my friend, but he betrayed me."

"Well, I must say that gives some sense to things." Karl smiled, trying to find the bright side of things.

"But the question remains, why is she here?" the priest said turning away from Alchemy's questioning gaze. He knew she couldn't here them but she could tell they were in a tense conversation.

"She doesn't remember anything besides that night. Nothing after, which makes sense because that is when she died." Gabriel stated. "But where has she been all of these years? Why has she arrived now?"

"Do you think she has been reincarnated?" Karl wondered.

The priest looked sideways at Karl, "I think there is something far more sinister at work here."

"What are you saying?" Gabriel said. "She is not evil."

"I didn't say that she was. But we must decipher the mystery surrounding her. Are you sure you can handle this Gabriel? Can you stop your emotions from clouding your judgment of the girl? Will you be able to do what is necessary if it comes to it?"

Gabriel glared at the priest, the mere thought of Alchemy being anything but good and true enraging him. "I have always been able to perform my duty. This situation is no different."

Alchemy watched on as the three men conversed, oblivious to her eavesdropping. Of course, they didn't think she could hear them from where they stood, so that made things easier.

She marveled at how easily she had gained entrance to the little secret society's lair. She would have thought that they would be more cautious when letting in strangers. In fact, her whole plan was working perfectly. Gabriel had blindly believed every word she spoke just as she knew he would. He had followed her every whim five hundred years ago and it seemed he would do the same now.

She had to admit, it had been painful reliving the night of her death. The pain had been excruciating but what had been even worse was seeing it coming. Watching her lover come at her with the dagger had been petrifying. As she lay dying in Gabriel's arms she'd felt her heart break. And to her shame her dying thought had been wishing she could see Dracula's face one last time.

To her luck, she had. For murdering her, Gabriel had taken his revenge on Dracula. Not ready for death, he forged a deal with the devil that would change the course of history.

The next night Dracula had come to her body and made her his first bride.

Alchemy's eyes clouded when she remembered waking up to her new life. She'd still felt the pain of the man she loved killing her and above all things wanted to know why he had done it. It had taken him many, many years to finally tell her his reason and it still haunted Alchemy to this day.

Alchemy shook her head, willing the thoughts to go away. Right now she needed to focus on one thing and one thing only, making Gabriel fall in love with her all over again.