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Summary: Naruto and Sasuke have a bet. They have to act and LOOK like each for 5 hours, and they cannot tell anybody why...Possible Sasusaku, Naruhina, Shikaino!

Chapter1: The beginning of the problems

A spike-headed blond boy with a dark turtle-necked navy blue t-shirt walked down the street.


"Hmph, it'll be no problem acting like that bastard!" Naruto mumbled. "But I'll have to dye my hair, get contact lenses and stuff, but that's too much...I'll just dye my hair then." He thought, walking to a little store nearby. As he entered the door, he saw a quick flash of a familiar dark- haired kunoichi holding a bag of medicine, and the next thing he knew, he was on the floor.

"Oh Gomen, Sasuke-kun" Hinata apologized, apparently very embarrassed, but as she looked up... "N-Naruto-kun??" She quickly stood up, blushing deep red. " Oh, I'm so sorry!!" she whispered, playing with her fingers. Naruto was about to say he was alright, but remembered he was now Sasuke, so he just ignored her, walking away. "Eh?" Hinata murmured, exiting the store. Now lets see how Sasuke is doing, ne?

"Ohayou Sakura-Chan!" Sasuke yelled out, as happy as he could (which was very difficult, by the way.)

"Hey Naruto..." Sakura mumbled day-dreamily. But as she turned around, she nearly screamed. "S-Sasuke-kun??? Why are you?..." she stuttered, with her mouth wide open.

"Sasuke?? Where??!!!! Oh forget it, hey, let's go on a d-date!!" Sasuke managed to blurt out. Sakura blushed deeply, but staring at Sasuke smiling very cheesily made her burst into giggles. "What?? Come on, let's go have some ramen!!!!" He grinned, making Sakura laugh even more. Ah man...this isn't working Sasuke thought to himself...

1 hour later, during training, with Naruto and Sasuke looking like each other even more!

Apparently, the two were making complete fools of themselves, with Sasuke running around showing off how great he was, and Naruto trying to act all "cool" and everything...they looked so much like each other, that even Sakura and Kakashi couldn't tell which was Naruto and which was Sasuke, but Kakashi found this rather amusing and decided to let them be. It seemed that this was NOT working out....

Just then...THEY came.... a herd of girls shrieking with delight came sprinting towards the four, screaming "Sasuke- Kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" with Ino being the leader of the pack, but when they saw Naruto and Sasuke, they stopped and looked at them confused.

"Hey girls!!!!" Sasuke yelled flirtingly, trying not to run away, with Naruto trying not to laugh.

"Shut up Naruto!!!" Ino yelled. "After...him!!!" she shrieked out loud. Of course, Naruto quite enjoyed this, and ran away.... slowly.... which was a big mistake...the girls grabbed his turtleneck shirt, his legs, his arms, everywhere, and you don't wanna know what they did to the poor boy...Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi shivered in fear.


"Aa...'Naruto' pass me the bandages!"

"I told you it was hard being like me, dobe"

"What about me?? You didn't face MY pain yet!!"

"Whatever..." Sasuke muttered, walking off.

Sasuke walked around the streets, looking for a good place to eat and receiving cold stares from adults. Why are they staring at me like that? He thought. "Hmm....If I have to be like Naruto and all, then I'll obviously have to go to the Ichiharu Ramen. (How do you spell it??)..". He thought. Entering the store, he spotted Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and Tenten giggling near a corner, most likely talking about boys.... sighing, Sasuke walked to the Ramen man and ordered a miso ramen. Hinata quickly noticed "Naruto" and blushed.

"C'mon Hinata-Chan, talk to him!" Tenten whispered, nudging an embarrassed Hinata, followed by murmurs of agreement, but before she could say anything...

"Ohayou Sakura-Chan, Hinata-Chan.... And Ino and Tenten..." he trailed off. Man...I can't believe I'm doing this...he thought. The girls replied meekly, while Hinata blushed and said hello.

Is that Sasuke-Kun or Naruto? Sakura thought. "Naruto, have you seen Sasuke- Kun?" she asked.

"Err...nope..." He stammered. Almost messed up! He thought.

"Naruto, Hinata has something to ask you!" Ino said teasingly.

"What is it Hinata-Chan?"

"Err.... umm...." Hinata murmured, turning five shades of red

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