Chapter 18: (….)

Instantly, everybody started shooting at each other. The little kids blindly shot, and it was so crowded, they actually managed to hit 16 year-olds.

"HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DIDN'T I SAY—oh, I didn't…SPLIT AT DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS FIRST… IF ANY OF YOU CONTINUE ATTACKING EACH OTHER, YOU'LL BE DISQUALIFIED!" Everybody stopped, except some aggressive ones that weren't paying attention. Guards out of nowhere appeared and dragged them out, some screaming loudly.

"OH, EVERYBODY STOP, I FORGOT TO GIVE THE SCORE WATCH." Everyone groaned. Mr. Aki and his guards grabbed the watches from three boxes and threw them in the air.

"Oohh, I'm getting the pink one!" Ino squealed. Shikamaru rolled his eyes.

"How ridiculous…" Neji said. Tenten tsked.

"Let's go" Tenten whispered, snapping on the small watch. Neji nodded. Sasuke and Hinata were already running away.





Sasuke and Hinata were both quiet people. They were running deeper in the forest. They were so quiet; they heard the other teams calling each other. Hinata turned on her Byagukan and spotted plenty of holograms. She also noticed Sasuke had a backpack.

"Sasuke-kun, b-behind…"

"Got it. Beside you"




"W-what is it?"


"Y-you're…not used to this are you?"

"…Yeah…it's usually…. louder…."

"…Did you like it that way?"

"…I guess…420 points."

"You know…Sakura-chan once said she liked it that you were quiet…I'm not sure why though…"

"Sakura?" Hinata nodded. "Naruto-kun hates it though, because it makes you seem so cool…" she giggled, throwing a kunai at a winged beast from above.

"He doesn't seem to mind you're so quiet." He muttered. Hinata blushed.

"…Can you tell me…more about Naruto-kun…?" She whispered. "I'll tell you about Sakura-chan…" Hinata flushed.


"Y-you know…Sakura actually wanted to apologize to you for the prank…"

"So did Naruto…"


Finally, two quiet people were finally interacting. (In a platonic way of course)

Meanwhile, what about Naruto and Sakura?

"BAKA, that's a tree!"

"But it moved..."

"Look beside it!"


"Why did you bring a backpack?"

"I need to be prepared Sakura! I guess I'm just more careful than you…" Naruto teased. 'Whack'

"Geez, you hit as hard as Sasuke…"


With all their talking, they managed to so far score 350 points.

"Each monster equals about 7 points. Damn…. Neji and Tenten…" Sakura mumbled. Those two had to upper hand.

"Hehe, with your Byagukan and my weapon skills, we're gonna kick ass!" Tenten laughed. Neji half-smiled.

"560 points." Tenten threw 5 more.


"Oh yeah…"

As for Ino and Shikamaru, the tension started once again. With Shikamaru and Ino's traps, they managed to score a fairly good 480 points.



"Dammit, just talk!" Ino yelled.

"That's your specialty." Shikamaru said while setting the traps.

"Fine. Let me start talking about how I'm going to spend our prize! First…"

"Oh god…"

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