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Hermione's Circumstances

Chapter One

The perfect student.

That's what I had to be.

I guess it all started on my first day of kindergarten, though technically you could say that it started long before then. No one at Hogwarts understands why I study so hard... Why I skip meals and stay up late... They don't understand, because I can't tell them. Even Harry and Ron think that I have the most normal and perfect family, if I told them it was far from that, they would misunderstand.

My current parents are wonderful. I love them very much and they love me. My current parents however, are not my real parents. My real father is the younger brother of my current father. He was the black sheep of the family I suppose. He chose to make a living as a con artist while the rest of my family are and had been dentists for generations.

I don't have many memories of my real parents; they packed up one day when I was very young, and disappeared, leaving me behind, alone. The memories that I do have of them however, are not pleasant ones.

I don't think they cared for children very much.

After I was abandoned by my real parents, my current parents took me in. The rest of the family have always said that I would turn out to be no good. That a child coming from such parents couldn't possibly turn out well. They would say things like that right in front of me when I was younger. I suppose that since I was a child, they didn't think I would understand.

I understood a lot more than they thought...

From that moment on, I made it my duty to be the perfect child. As my current parents had me start taking piano lessons, I would practice tirelessly for hours until the songs were perfect. I could not afford to make any mistakes during my recitals. I had to make my current parents proud; I had to prove to the rest of my family that I would not turn out like my real parents.

When Kindergarten began, I discovered a new way to impress my current parents. I would academically surpass every other child in my class. I had to.

I have to prove that I am not a useless person.

It's even more important now that I'm at Hogwarts that I do academically well. My parents don't exactly understand everything about the magical world, but they do understand academic grades. I have to work extra hard to show them that being a witch is a worthwhile pursuit.

My parents respect my decision to be at Hogwarts, but I can't talk to my parents the way Ron can. Ron has such a close and open family. They share things with one another; they understand all the bad things that are going on in the wizarding world. It's hard for me to just talk to my parents the way that Ron does his.

I love my parents more than anything, but they just aren't as open about the sharing of thoughts, feelings and emotions like Ron's. They tend to keep their thoughts to themselves, and so do I. Especially when it comes to the dangers of the wizarding world.

Since both my parents are dentists, they always seem to busy. We never have time for that sit down dinner without a phone ringing or a business meeting interfering. They're always off at the office or at a work conference.

I'm about to begin my seventh year at Hogwarts and the NEWTS are right around the corner. This is the height of my career as a student and here, I can not fail.

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