Kitsune Past.

Author's note: This is a dark fic. Meaning it deals with a lot of issues that may be disturbing and offensive. If you have a problem with the content, then stop reading, I don't plan on changing anything because you don't like it, so please don't flame me for it. I enjoy getting constructive criticism, but if it just written to be mean, please be considerate, and don't write it. As for updates, I will update this fic if I get a good enough response, if not, I'll put it on hold until I'm ready to continue. Till then, enjoy, and let me know how I'm doing. Thank you.

Part one: The Auction.

My life before I became human was not as wonderful as the legends claim. I wasn't born a powerful blood thirsty creature. There was a time when I was innocent, vulnerable; but that is easily destroyed when you live in a world of tarnished dreams and lust.

Legends say that Youko was a blood thirsty monster that killed for joy, and was driven by lust and passionate nights of pleasure. I was far from that. I wasn't much different from my human form when I was younger. I was fortunate in a way that I was found in my infant years from two brother's that raised me like their own son.

Flash Back:

The mist of night danced along the muddy roads, interrupted by the movement of the demon clothed in black. The demon made his way to the dimly lit bar. A look of distaste crossed his face at the smell that assaulted him when he opened the door. The sounds of laughter and yelling could be heard, and the demon couldn't help but look at the large crowd curiously. "What is going on?" the demon asked slipping into a booth across from a demon that had features similar to his own.

"It's a slave convention. Some demons broke into Inari's temple and kidnapped six kits that the goddess had under her care," the violet eyed demon explained brushing aside his black hair and gazing at the demon across from him. "So are you satisfied with the lair, brother?" the demon asked.

"It will do."

The violet eyed demon sighed and leaned backwards in his chair. "Nothing satisfies you dear Kuronue. Maybe I should buy you one of those foxes for a companion."

"Don't you dare Karasu. You know I despise slavery, especially that sort of slavery," Kuronue pointed out glaring as his brother laughed at his reaction.

"Calm down, I wouldn't dream of buying you one so old. They are already too old to make into proper slaves. If you want a good slave, you need to get them when they are new born. Before they are even waned from their mother," Karasu said chuckling.

Kuronue relaxed slightly, knowing that Karasu was only saying that to annoy him. But then there was a sadistic side to his brother that had to have come from the type of demon his half brother received from his power hungry father.


Kuronue looked up as a brown colored kitsune kit was given to what looked like a wolf demon.

"Disgusting," Karasu snorted as the large wolf's eyes roamed up and down the little yearling.

Kuronue smiled inwardly, even though his brother had a mind that could curdle milk, the other demon found the topic of having a sex slave almost as repulsive as he did. Though Kuronue did have his doubts when it came to fox demons. The creatures were known for being very beautiful and seductive creatures that few could resist. And many times Kuronue had seen his brother's eyes roam on a full grown female kitsune with longing.

"Come, this is making me sick," Kuronue commented trying to turn his gaze away from the disgusting display, but there was something in his brother's eyes that caught his interest. Kuronue turned just in time to see as a seventh kitsune was pulled out of a sealed basket. A gasp filled the room as a silver newborn kitsune was held up for auctioning. Immediately high bids were yelled, causing a chaotic roar to fill the dusty building.

"A silver kitsune…" Karasu murmured, his hand tightening on the table, "Such a rare treasure, there is only one way that a kit could be born with a coat like that. He must be the goddess's child…but I never knew she had a son," Karasu said his eyes widening before he stood up.

"Karasu?" Kuronue yelled causing his brother to throw him a cold glare, "If he is Inari's child, then it would be a sin to make him a slave," Kuronue said knowing quit well what his brother was planning on doing.

"It would be a sin to let one of those disgusting freaks have him," Karasu pointed out before he forced his way toward the center of the crowd.

Kuronue leaned back in his chair, his head going to his hands, as his finger's worked on rubbing his temples to ease the pain in his head. He feared taking the silver kit. If it was true about him being Inari's child, then he would be in danger of losing his soul for having her child in his possession. It was a known fact that the Goddess had been longing for a son for centuries, and if the silver kit was truly her child, then it would explain how the her temple was infiltrated so easily. The Goddess was only weak when she was in the last few weeks of pregnancy, and if that was the case, then the kit was only a day or two days old. When the Goddess recovered, there was going to be a world of trouble.

"Cheer up brother, I brought you a beautiful gift," Karasu said sitting back down, and holding the small bundle up across the table so the half bat demon could inspect the child.

Reluctantly, Kuronue lifted his head, only to be met with bright innocent golden eyes. A gasp escaped the bat demon, before his hand went to grab the offered gift. Karasu smiled as the small kit was pulled into a comforting embrace in Kuronue's strong arms. "So precious," Kuronue mumbled looking over the infant's flawless features.

The small fox was wearing a soft silk robe, and had small little mittens on his hand so that he wouldn't scratch himself with his claws. A small silver tail wrapped around the infant like a blanket, while the kit snuggled closer to Kuronue's chest, trying to seep as much warmth as he could.

"Well?" Karasu asked smirking, knowing well that his older, "softer," brother was completely attached to the small creature.

Kuronue's head snapped upward before a small smile crossed his face. "I hope I don't regret this later, but I'm glad you brought him. If only for the reason that I would never forgive myself if he was made into a slave by one of those bastards," Kuronue said throwing a few demon's a nasty glare as they played with their new "slaves."

"Well, we better head to the lair, there is much to be done if we are to raise him properly," Karasu pointed out, pausing as his hand wandered to another object wrapped in a brown cloth. "I almost forgot. This came with the kit. It's supposed to be some sort of protective gem. Probably one of Inari's pearls," Karasu said unwrapping the gem.

"One of Inari's pearls, but those are priceless," Kuronue pointed out his eyes wandering over to the slave traders. Obviously the kidnappers didn't understand too much about kitsune legends, because if they did, they never would have given up the pearl. Every kitsune born was given a pearl that had the ability to reincarnate a kitsune. The pearls were rumored to give immortality to other demons, and it was a cause of thousands of kitsune deaths. Demons and humans breaded fox demons just for their pearl, and then killed the "useless" foxes once the jewel appeared. But Kuronue had never heard of a pearl being detached from a fox demon unless it was taken by force. And besides a few bruises and scratches, the little fox looked unharmed. Kuronue had a suspicion that the infant fox still had his pearl buried deep inside of him, and that the pearl Karasu had was extra protection that Inari was giving to her son.

"Here, I don't like flashy jewelry," Karasu muttered pulling Kuronue out of his thoughts before he tossed him the necklace.

Kuronue stared at the red pendant in his hand with wonderment before he spun it around to look at the inscription on the back. Written in the language of the God's, was the name:

Youko Kurama.