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Previously on You'll Be In My Heart!

"I love you Videl" Gohan whispered into her ear. "I've loved since I first saw you again"

"Gohan, " Videl whispered "How can you love me so soon?"

"I don't know I just do" Gohan answered

"Don't you'll only end up getting hurt" Videl whispered.

A New Friend

Waking up to gentle breeze of cool air flowing through the barely even open window was extremely refreshing to that of Videl. The sun shining through the curtains allowing just the perfect amount of light to touch her face and warm her up accordingly. She smiled to herself as she looked over at the man lying beside her, his arms encircling her tightly.

He smirked a mischievous smirk as he opened his eyes and greeted her. She blushed. She couldn't believe how beautiful he looked. She was finding it hard to believe that anyone could care for her the way he made her feel. He made her fee as though she could fly.

Like time stopped whenever she was with him. The touch of his lips against the side of her neck sent a gentle chill down her spine. A chill that only made her want even more of the demi saiyan. She just wanted to hug tightly and not let him go.

He placed a kiss on her cheek, before leaning in and kissing her deeply on her soft delicate lips. He couldn't believe he was finally kissing her. Something he'd wanted to do for ever so long.

Knock Knock

"Come in" Gohan shouted as Videl qriggled out of his arms causing him to pout at the girl. It was young Goten at the door.

"Time for breakfast" Goten answered before turning to walk out the room.

"Goten!" Gohan called "Since when do you knock?"

"Mommy said you were busy making her a grandbaby" Goten answered smiling "But I don't know how when you don't have any arts or crafts to make one, how can you make one without glue?"

Videl blushed and Gohan laughed sightly to himself. That was just so adorable. The things he came out with was definitely Goku. The two got up out of the bed and Videl put on a jacket and walked out into the living room. Then into the kitchen. On the table was enough to feed an army.

Videl always knew that the men in this family ate a lot. But she never expected this much to be on the table. Chichi handed Videl a plate as she kept Gohan and Goten away from the table.

"Better be quick my dear or you wont get anything" Chichi suggested as Videl sat at the table and began to put some bacon, eggs, fish, rice and pancakes onto her plate. She smirked at the two who were standing besides chichi looking as if they needed to go to the bathroom. They were just that desperate to eat.

The older woman smirked at the younger woman. Who picked up her fork with a piece of bacon on it, and placed it in her mouth. She began to make faces at the two boys, faces of savouring and enjoyment. This only teased them more.

"Mommy let me eat I'm hungry!" Goten shouted as he pouted at the woman, he folded his arms across his chest.

"Mom let us eat!" Gohan practically begged. He soon realized his mother wasn't beside them anymore. She had joined Videl and both were sitting at the table savouring their food.

"Hmm taste so good" Videl answered with a smirk. Although it wasn't entirely a lie, the food was beautiful.

"Come on boys I think you can eat now" Chichi answered smiling at her two sons. She watched as Gohan sat beside Videl. He wasn't paying much attention to anything else but the food. But that would be usual at any mealtime during the day or night.

"So I was walking past them and they began talking about how much of a wanna be I was so I said…"

"Eraser this doesn't involve those girls you've been fighting with since third grade now does it?" Videl cut in as she and Gohan sat next to their friends. Sharpener just seemed to snicker at Gohan. Mainly because this young man got so close to Videl and Sharpener couldn't even sit next to her without being punched in the face.

"We've got that school excursion today don't we?" Eraser asked dumbfound as the others stared at her. The only time she even thought about school was when their was a school excursion.

"Is this the one to the restaurant in Central City?" Videl asked

"Oh yum food!" Gohan answered as his stomach growled, the group laughed.

"God you just ate how could you be hungry again?" Videl answered slapping herself in the head. "You're a bottomless pit I absolutely swear"

"Yeah well its an all you can eat restaurant so he should be fine" a voice piped up from behind them. They all turned to see a thin girl wearing her long brown hair in a braid, which fell onto her shoulder, her green eyes sparkled, as did the shirt she was wearing which said, "Watch out I'm Coming"

"Excuse me who are you?" Eraser asked the girl.

"Oh sorry, my names Lime" Lime answered, "I met Gohan years ago, I'm sorry for being so rude and intruding"

"Lime?" Gohan whispered 'The little girl of that village before cell'

"Hey I'm Eraser" Eraser answered tapping the seat next to her. Lime happily sat beside her. "Are you new?"

"Yeah I am" Lime confessed, "It's my first day"

"Welcome to a sucky school" Videl answered to the girl.

"Videl Satan!" Lime exclaimed, "The Videl Satan?"

"One and only" Videl replied with sarcasm,


"That's sharpener" Videl answered pointing to the blonde on the other side of the table. "Ignore him at all costs"

Ring Ring

The bell went off and the group went to their first class. Ah the joys of a new day in school. But all Gohan could think of was his stomach, and the food that was waiting for him at that restaurant.

Gohan's stomach then growled.

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