Disclaimer: Luna Lovegood belongs to J.K. Rowling, though Sabelle belongs to me.

The Ballad of Two Moons and How They Fell.

in your womb, o mother
i felt the tha-thump of your
love poured down to me.

how long have i known you? all my life
and before, before
the gasping of my first breath, there was
i knew your insides, curled my fist to your heart,
before i ever saw your face.

dissecting your name
and mine, i think
we were made for the moon, you Isabelle called sabelle,
I Luna.
we were made to wax and wane
and reflect light.

in your hospital bed i see your face -
the face i know second, and never have kissed -
slack and still and silent.
i pour my love into you,
tha-thumping it deep deep deep,
as your heart once did for me.

sabelle Lovegood was your name; my name
Luna Lovegood.
names have meaning, have shape,
shape our lives and our deaths.
the moon we were made for our first names say, and
Love good is our last.

o, we have loved, haven't we? in our hearts
you and i have loved one another. it means much
that last name, means
everything. i have loved you well, with my all.

i hope you have known this.

in your hospital bed you reflect my light of love,
as i reflect your light of so long ago.
between us we are mirrors, forever echoing
and never full.

Lovegood shapes our deaths, you
first, a living death, trapped ten years
in the shell of your muscle and blood and crumbling bone.
you loved good, loved me, and cursed you fell,
curled about my baby-self,

and i... i am waiting here
by your bedside, your face and heart the same as mine,
trapped by devotion,
which is just another word for love. mother
wake! rise up from your sleep and take my hand.
with you in the world it will make sense again.

this will never be;

no, no.

i have loved good, do love good, and seeing your pain unspoken, i
place my first (last) kiss to your cheek and say







and watch green light burst to engulf and carry you.
without you, my mirror,
my light goes unreflected, leaving me hollow
and surrounded by dark.