Disclaimer: I do NOT own Troy or any of mythology's characters and such... I simply wrote the fanfiction after the urge to write one about Briseis and Achilles came because of their touching story.

And note that the movie lines are rather wrong, but I don't think it really matters...Because the meaning and line of the story is there.

"Briseis, where is she?" Achilles asked, glaring at the Trojan soldier before him.

"I don't know, my Lord! Please, I have a wife and son at home." the Trojan soldier replied, trembling.

"Then get him out of Troy." Achilles replied, withdrawing his sword, and continuing his search. "Briseis?" he called out.

Briseis ran on and on. She was not sure at all of where exactly she was heading, due to the panic and all the chaos. She kept moving against the flow of the traffic nonetheless, hoping that Achilles was not in that wodden horse, killing all the citizens of Troy. She gasped and dodged away when a great white horse broke from the stables. She coughed from all the smoke. The pain in her head was pounding hard against, her, while the city was burning in fierce, dancing flames.

Turning this way and that, Briseis pushed away two doors, and saw the shrine of Apollo before her. She ran towards the large, magnificent statue, her bare feet blistering from all the running. She prayed on the ground, desperately hoping for the chaos to stop. She knew not of how the war could be resolved, but she cared not. Even if the silders under Agamemnon were to find her, she worried not. Achilles had said it before - everyone will die, be it now, or fifty years later.


Briseis longed to see him. Just thinking of his name made her heart ached. Nevertheless, she comtinued praying, looking up with begging eyes unto Apollo, the God of the Sun.

Very stealthily, from behind, two hands came to rest on Briseis' shoulders. Briseis gasped and jumped. "Too late for praying, my dear priestess?" Agamemnon asked. He grasped Briseis' hair, and Briseis winced from the pain. She was held by the neck, and she stared coldly at the man before her. A foolish King. "You nearly ruined my plan with your little romance!"

From within her robes, Briseis reached for a dagger, still staring fearlessly at Agamemnon. She hated killing, but the man deserved it. She raised her hand in one swift movement, and struck Agamemnon with her dagger. She watched as Agamemnon fell before her, drawing his last breath.

Briseis turned and ran, but fell onto the ground as two soldiers held her up. She struggled to break free, and hit the soldier before her. She closed her eyes, still struggling, as the soldier aimed to thrust his sword into her.

There came a cry, and Briseis opened her eyes suddenly, only to find herself on the ground, beside the two now dead soldiers.

"Achilles?" she whispered.

"Briseis.." Achilles said. "Come with me." He started to lift Briseis into his arms as Briseis held on to his strong shoulders.

"Paris!" Briseis shrieked, and pulled Achilles down before Paris shot him.

Achilles got up and drew his sword, aiming it for Paris. Briseis raised her hand in front of Achilles' sword, not wanting either of them to die. Achilles glared at Briseis, removing her hand. "Achilles!" Briseis pleaded.

"Briseis, move aside." Paris said firmly, fitting another arrow into his bow.

"Please, cousin, don't do it. Don't shoot!" Briseis sobbed, getting up. "I love him." She laid her pleading eyes on Paris. "Will killing Achilles bring cousin Hector back to life?"

Paris lowered his bow for a moment. "If I do not kill him," Paris said, "he will kill many others."


"Briseis, dear cousin, you must let him go. I must avenge my poor brother, even if killing this monster does not bring my brother back to life." Paris argued, raising his bow again.

Briseis looked defiantly against him. "So be it. If you kill him, then kill us both instead." She stood in front of Ahilles, who grasped her arms, trying to force her to move aside. Briseis stood firm, although the hands of Achilles were strong and painful to resist. "You love Helen, Paris. You love the woman who launched a thousand ships to bring the downfall of Troy. You understand the pain within, when you fall into forbidden love with another. Will you not understand my pains now?"

"But he cannot follow you. The Trojans who have run out of Troy will not allow it. Besides, my hatred for him is deep. Stand aside Briseis." Paris said. Briseis did not move. "If I do not kill him, where, then, will you go, to escape from this war?"

"I do not know. And I do not care. I will die if I must. I will follow him into death." Briseis replied.

Paris thought for a moment. He had said this before, didn't he? That if Helen returned to Sparta, he would go with him. He lowered his weapon again. "Go."

Briseis heaved a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Paris."

"Where will you go?" Paris asked.

"I can take her back to my home." Achilles answered.

Paris still had not forgiven Achilles, but still he only clenched his fists, and asked, "And how will you ever sail a boat without any sailors?"

"The Myrmidons did not sail away yet as I have asked them to. They are waiting on shore." Achilles replied.

Paris turned away, then stopped for a moment. "Goodbye." he said, and left.