this is my first CSI FanFic. (For the case with the Sara Look-A-Like) Sara has a nightmare that someone will kill her, so she calls Cathrine, but she is not there. So she calls Grissom and asks him if she can... as you can tell i kinda like cliffies but this is a short and sweet fic R&R {Grissom x Sara} And to my fans from 'A Sphere Hunter's Tears' this is to help my writer's block, not that I don't love CSI but. OK, Ok, point taken I'll shut up!

The Case That Changed Two Lives (and neither knew the victims)

"Ahhhhhh!" Sara screamed as she woke up from her dream. She sat up in her bed breathing heavily, Calming down after a few minutes. "That is the fourth time this week I had that dream," she said talking out loud to herself. "Thats it! I'm calling Cathrine."

Sara grabbed her cell phone off her night table next to her bed. She dialed Cathrine's number. It rang, and rang. Still no answer. Sara figured 'I bet she is with that guy she meet on that case with the guy and his wife being shot and the hit-men killing each other'. She laughed to herself, at the guy who hired them, trying to make herself laugh.

She got out of bed looking of the clock. It was 2 am. So she deiced to get up and get ready for work early. She took a shower and brushed her hair. She walked, covered in a towel, to her closet. She took out a pair of tight jean flares, a 'citrus breeze halter' (i was looking though my 'Alloy' catalog and found this so i had sara wear it i don't own Alloy or CSI cause if i did i would not be hear now and u can see 'Alloy' products at . oh and the thong is made (but i have altered the color) by Billabong Stares into space thinking of all the hot guys on the Billabong Odyssey DVD and i don't own Billabong but i did buy a hoddie from them), a thong with little citrus (colored) stars, and a bandeau bra to match.

As she began to change she felt someone's eyes on her. She tried to pass it off as a paranoid moment. But she couldn't. So still in her towel, she went to her phone. She thought of calling Nick, but then she decided not to. Then thought of calling Warrick, but he was on vacation. Her last option was Grissom. So she called him. The phone rang twice, and then he answered,"Hello". "Hi Grissom," she said.

"What's wrong Sara?" "Its about the case, and I'm having night mares and-"She paused thinking of how stupid she must sound and continued, " I'm sorry I called and-" "Sara its alright, calm down." "Its just that, I feel that I am being watched." "And what do think should I do about that??" "Umm..,"she tried to think of an answer to his question. She had an idea and said,"I was wondering if you could come to my house and keep me company." "If thats what you want," he said and continued,"I'll be there in five minutes, ok?" "Ok, Bye." "Bye." They both hung up. She found herself excited that 'he' was coming over to her house. She didn't know why. She tried to analyze her feelings. But she head the door bell ring. "Oh, shit!! I haven't even changed yet!", She whispered to herself. On the way down the stairs she thought "I hope he doesn't get the wrong idea" then she thought, "Not that I wouldn't want him to get the wrong idea."

She shook her head trying to shake out the thought. "Hey, Grissom, thanks for coming." "Hello and you're welcome." "Come in, do you want some coffee??" "Sure," He said as he stepped in, noticing that she had nothing but a towel on (And a short towel he might add). She felt eyes on her, but this time the gaze on her was welcomed.

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