Chapter one, By Mouse.

Anna stood before the devil, staring into his burning eyes.

''You called upon me, I have come, now what do you request?'' The devil snarled.

''I request to live once more. I request to feel the wind on my skin and the rain on my shoulders.'' Anna whispered, as if daring him.

''Very well. I shall grant this for you. But you must return as a vampire. A child of the night-'' The devil seemed finished, but was not, Anna cut in.

''Okay, deal.'' Anna was only to eager.

''I was not finished! You must return as a vampire. With Count Dracula. He was my first creation as a vampire and he needs to show you the...ropes.'' The devil smiled.

''No! I refuse to agree to this!'' Anna screamed, but the devil held up his claw,

''I have spoken.''

The next thing Anna knew was that she was standing in front of Count Dracula's castle, with the one and only Dracula standing next to her.


Dracula smiled at Anna, curtly.

''I knew you would give in to me.'' He laughed. Anna scowled and snapped at him,

''I did not give in! I was tricked into this!'' Anna was furious. Especially when Dracula offered his arm to her. She refused to take it, and marched up the mountain. Dracula smirked and followed her.

Soon they were inside the darkened castle, (A/N : not the ice one) and Anna was trying to stay as far away from Dracula as possible. Dracula noticed this,

''Are you...frightened of me?'' Dracula asked Anna smoothly,

''No, I just HATE you!'' Anna hissed. She had only came back for Van Helsing, but she couldn't see him now, she was a vampire. And one under Dracula's will.

''Tsk tsk. We WILL have to change your feelings towards me, wont we?'' He said, not asking a question, but demanding it.

''Yeah, you think that, but I would rather die!'' Anna snarled at him, Dracula walked towards her, taking her chin into his hands and staring into her deep eyes,

''Well, you're already dead!'' He laughed. Anna shook him off her, though her mind screamed at her not to.

''don't touch me you worthless piece of dirt!'' She snarled at him. Dracula didn't seem angry at the least, he smiled,

''My my, we are feisty tonight.'' Dracula laughed. If she had blood, she would have blushed. He infuriated her so!

''Stay away from me. I never wanted any of this! I just want you to stay as far away from me!'' She hissed,

''I'm sorry, but that cannot be done.'' He whispered,

''What do you mean?'' She chocked,

''You are to be my bride, be by my side at all times and sleep in my coffin.'' He smiled. She wanted to hurl. Her eyes rolled and she fainted.


Dracula caught her when she fell back. Why is she rejecting him? He was a woman magnet! Oh well, he would have her soon. He carried up to their coffin. He gently placed her into it. He thought about climbing in next to her, but thought better of it. She would go mad if she caught him up against her side. Sighing, he closed the door, waiting for her to awake.


He kept himself amused in the libary, reading. He was there for sevearl hours, when you are a vampire, it seems only like minutes. The he heard her scream. Smiling, he stood up and strolled from the room.


Anna awoke, and foubd herself in a coffin with the lid closed. She was alive! No..if she was in a coffin...she was dead! She scream, frightened. The lid open and a pair of strong arms lifted her out of the coffin, she buried her face into the cloak, shaking.

''There there. It's okay. I'm here.'' She knew that voice. Dracula. It wasnt a dream. It was real. She struggeled against him.

Stay tuned for chap 2!