Chapter seventeen, by mouse

Dracula stared at her. Well, at least they were on talking...well, shouting, terms. She turned away from him and sat down on a chair. He didn't know how long he stood there, or how long the silence went on for, but it seemed like a lifetime. The silence was buzzing in his ears, she sat staring out at the night sky and the nights many wonders. Owls flew by, and seemed to beg her to go play with them. Now that she was a vampire, everything seemed different, but stayed the same. The stars seemed like the light now, to lead the way, the moon was watching over you and the darkness was for evil to be hidden from sight. It had always been like this, but she only realised it when she was born into the world of darkness and evil doers.

''Anna, I...'' He stopped. Not sure of what he was going to say,

''You what? You are sorry? You will never act like this again? You will let no harm come to me? You what? Because if it is any of those, it wont work for me! I have heard it all before!'' She hissed. Dracula remained silent, for the first time in his life.

''Now...who's going to clean up this mess? Just looking at it makes me feel ill!'' He laughed. Anna's mouth twitched into a smile, she stood up and turned to him putting her hands on her hips,

''Well, I am certainly not! I got rid of the burden!'' She raised an eyebrow at him,

''Well, I suppose you would find it funny if I was to be down on my hands and knees cleaning it, no?'' He smiled,

''Yes, I would!'' She laughed at the thought of it,

''Well, I suppose now you want me to get down on my knees and beg for your forgiveness?'' Dracula asked,

''What a lovely thought...'' She smiled thinking about it. Dracula at her, then decided that this would be the only time he would EVER do anything like this to ANYBODY.

He got down on his knees and took the end of her cloak up put it in his fists. He then looked up to her and put on his best puppy dog eyes,

''Please...please...forgive me....please....master...'' He then put on his best seductive smile. Anna smiled down at him. He raised the end of her cloak a little more, then higher and higher, then Anna realised what he was trying to do, she laughed and tried to pull away from him. She tripped and fell backwards, Dracula pinned her down and put it short...they made up.


''I must go see Van Helsing.'' Anna said, the next night, while they were getting up from their coffin,

''I shall accompany you.'' He said, she looked up at him, a look of shock on her face,

''You would do that for me?'' He nodded. So they saddled two horses and put on their cloaks and rode to the small house in the field. Anna and Dracula got off their horses and tied them up. They reached the house, Anna knocked. Carl answered,

''Oh, Anna! What a-'' He cut off the moment he saw Dracula, he started to wobble then fainted into Dracula's arms. Dracula sent Anna a distressed look, but she pretended not to see and entered the house. Gabriel was sitting on a school, reading something,

''Gabriel.'' Anna smiled, he jumped and looked up, once he saw her, he jumped up and wrapped his arms around her. Then he turned and saw Dracula, holding a fainted Carl in his arms. He sighed, and lifted Carl up. He placed him on the sofa and brought a hot bun in front of his nose. Carl woke up instantly and grabbed the bun and sat telling the bun how much he wanted it.

''What is HE doing here?'' Gabriel finely challenged, stepping towards to the unwanted guest.

''Well...'' But they didn't let her finish, they started arguing, Anna sat down and sighed, staring up at the two men who fought over her.

''Well, I would rather I wasn't. I love what you have done with the place! Cobwebs and a stale smell is all the rage!'' Dracula hissed.

''You should talk! Thinking your ''It'' sitting up in that castle! What do you have, a throne?'' Gabriel snarled,

''I bet your beds a bundle of hay on the floor!'' Dracula snapped

'Yes, your d├ęcor is wombs hanging from the ceiling!' Gabriel laughed. Dracula snapped, he lunged at Gabriel, pinning him to the wall, his fangs bearing,

''You dare challenge I?'' He hissed, Carl and Anna jumped up and tried to pull him off. Gabriel dragged Dracula outside and they started circling around each other. Finely they began to fight,

''Oh no. They are going to kill each other.'' Carl whispered,

''But, Gabriel cant kill Dracula, can he?'' Anna's voice became urgent.

''Well, actually he can. He still has a bit of werewolf in him. So either way, they are going to kill each other.'' Carl said. Anna's eyes grew wide. It all happened in a blur.

Gabriel lunged at Dracula, pinning him down, Dracula bearing his fangs, transporting himself. Gabriel grabbing a stake, throwing it at Dracula. It hit him. Dracula gasped and fell backwards. Anna rushed to his side,

''Anna...I feel so cold...'' He managed to choke out. Anna put her hand on his skin, sure enough, he was becoming cold.

''Oh no...please...don't leave me.'' Anna whispered. Dracula smiled up at his angel. His sight was becoming a blur.

''Anna...I love you...'' He then turned to ash. Anna sat and stared at the ash that had just told her it's true feelings. Her body began to tingle and she felt something....blood. Blood was rushing through her vains...

''Carl...what's happening?'' Anna said, staring as the colour came back to her skin.

''The has been lifted...He set you free...'' He whispered, kneeing beside her.

''Oh...'' Anna said. She turned and looked into the eyes of her love's killer.

''Anna....I'm sorry...'' Gabriel mumbled. Anna looked down then back up,

''I forgive you. He's free of the cruse he bestowed on himself.'' She smiled, just a little. She never went back up to Dracula's castle....until now.


It had been a year now. She was living with Carl and Van Helsing now, but no lover. She could not forget him. She quickly entered the castle, she wanted to see it once more, before leaving Transylvania. They were going back to what Carl called ''Home''. But her home was here. In the old castle. It was echoing and gathering dust, nothing pleasant to live in. She wandered around. She entered their old chamber. There it was. The coffin. She walked over to it, and opened the lid. She looked down at it. His cloak was still in it. Her shoulders began to shake.

She cried. She could not hold in the pain any more. She cried for a while. Then she heard the door open behind her, and a familiar voice asked softly,

''Why are you crying?'' She turned slowly, there he was. His skin had a bit more colour to it, but it was still him.

''Is it really you?'' She gasped. He smiled and looked confused. He looked around then back at her,

''Am I really who? Who are you?'' He tilted his head to look at her, ''You look familiar.''

''You do not remember me?'' Anna felt bad again. He had forgotten her.

''I do, but I can not remember who you are. You see, I woke up here about a year ago, with no memory at all. I just remember faces. And you see, I keep to myself, so I have been up here the whole time, but a servant is here, but he says he does not remember. He makes food for me to eat. And I see the oddest things up here. Coffins, machines, and other things. So-'' He cut off and stared at Anna with the weirdest look on his face. He moved towards her, and looked closely at her neck, then he picked up what he was looking at. The necklace. The room stayed silent. Then he whispered,

''Anna...'' She looked up at him and smiled. He remembered her. He looked at her, his face smiling.

''I remember now! ANNA!'' He had the look of a child when they come home to a lovely surprise.

''You remember me.'' She smiled.

''How could I forget? Your face was the only thing I thought about! Day and night!'' He wrapped his arms around her waist.

''Funny. All I ever thought about was you.'' She smiled up at him,

''I remember everything. Aleera, Carl, the food, you and Gabriel.'' He looked thoughtful for a moment, the thing that brought him back to reality was her voice,

''I never told you this...but...I love you. With all my heart.'' Dracula smiled, then whispered,

''I know. I always knew that.'' She smiled. She was so glad to have him back,

''I missed you.'' She bit her bottom lip and a tear slid down her cheek. He let go of her and wiped it gone with his thumb,

''There there. It's okay. I'm here now.'' He hushed her,

''But I thought you were dead. Everybody did. I kept wishing I hadn't been so selfish and angry with you, none of this would never had happened.'' She whispered, feeling guilty,

''It's better though. We are human now. No more killing, no more meaningless thoughts, no more shadows and lies. We can go out in the real world together now.'' He smiled, looking out.

''Yes. We can.'' She laughed, half crying and smiling. He took her hand lead her out. That was their first time together out in the sunshine, and it led to many more, with friends, their children and soon grandchildren.