(From the creators of Yo Ho, Mutants and Pirates, New Beginnings, Queers and Eunichs, Unknown Love, Visitors, Lust or Love, In Your Arms, and many more, comes the brand new never before seen sequel to Yo Ho. After months of pondering I have finally come up with a name for the Sequel...it will be Codswallop, meaning nonsense or foolishness. Warning: this story may be plotless, and if you cannot take a joke, read not this text, savvy?)

Codswallop Ch1 (of 89087897 lol...j/k)

"ANNAMARIA!" Jack shouted into the large mansion, whose walls echoed back. "YOUR HUSBAND'S HOME NOW!" He looked at Lorilie and winked.

A few moments later Anna appeared at the door enraged and unusually sober. "Where the bloody hell have you been, Jack?!" she looked at Jack and then at Lorilie. "Oh my god! Are you daft, Jack? You know that's called rape, right? She's like what, 13?"

"18." Lorilie whispered under her breath.

"Age has nothing to do with it." Jack commented.

"Jack, you're over 40." Anna plainly stated.

"Be we're in love, luv." Jack replied and smiled.

Anna blinked. "I thought you loved me..."

"Actually, luv, I never really SAID I loved you. You just kind of assumed it after we were married...which by the way wasn't legal."

"How could you do this to me?" She yelled, and Lorilie caught a glimpse of a person running from one room to the next.

"Who was that?" Lorilie asked at the arguing couple, and pointed to the figure that just went into the room.

"...Nobody...you silly girl..." Ann gave a nervous laugh. "Why would there be someone in here?"

Lorilie rolled her eyes, and went into the room. Jack and Anna followed. Lorilie raised and eyebrow at the half naked man. He had nothing but a thin sheet wrapped around his waist. He looked rather familiar.

"Norrington?" Jack gasped.

"Norrington." Anna stated plainly.

"Norringwho?" Lorilie was confused.

Norrington stood there trying to compose himself as the three gazed at him in shock. "Well, uh...she forced me..." he pointed to Anna accusingly.

"Shut up, fool." Anna slapped him across the face.

Just then the entire crew entered the room. Will, Jenilia (a.k.a. Farquar see Ch.7 of Yo Ho), Sam, and Adriana.

"Norrington!" Sam exclaimed. "I haven't seen you in years, cousin!"

Everyone gasped.

"What didn't you guys read Ch. 3 of Yo Ho? Think back. Remember the note Elizabeth gave Will? It said, and I quote 'Please do not try to find me because I don't want to be with you anymore, and besides, Commodore Norrington's cousin, Samuel is quite the fine fellow, and we will be getting married soon.' However, we did not due to the circumstances." Sam took a deep breath.

Everyone nodded as if they remembered when the in fact did not, except Jack, whom wrote of the adventures in the first place. "Yes, I recall it as if it were yesterday! We killed her good too. (See Ch.9 of Yo Ho). Quite fascinating really," Jack fondled with his beard. "What we did was we shot her, then we drowned her, then saved her, so we could leave her on an island with naught but a spoon so no one could save her. Brilliant if I do say so my self."

"Enough with the recaps of previous episodes!" Sam exclaimed. "I need to know what's going on in here, cousin." He looked at Norrington who had finally put on some clothes.

"Well I came to the house to tell Ana that my cousin was preparing to marry you Sam, but then Anna seduced me and here I am today." Norrington smiled.

"I don't like you" Ana said plainly. "I don't like you one bit." She took the pistol from her dresser and aimed it at Norrington.

"Hold on there, luv. Don't kill him like that." Jack interrupted.

"And why not?"

"It...lacks creativity..." He said noticing that she was really thinking about it.

"I see." She put the gun down and scratched her head.

"Anna Maria! My Love!" A handsome man with tan skin, brown eyes, and dark hair yelled.

"Who the hell are you?" she asked confused.

"I, fair lady, am Patreek." He bowed down low and kissed her hand.

Her tongue moved to the right side of her mouth as she scrunched up her face. "I, good sir, am anything but fair. Who are you?" She was very curious to find out who this man was. He had the most beautiful French accent she had ever heard.

"I am your knight, I have come to rescue you from these ruffians!" He put his hands to his hips and did a superman pose. "I am also your gardener, miss."

"Ah, Patrick. I wondered how those plants stayed alive for so long." While carrying out this conversation, Norrington sneaked out of the room and out of the house. "If I had known you were just outside I would have never bothered with Norringto...?" Anna stopped as she realized he was nowhere to be found.

"Where is Norrington?" someone asked.

"East of Britain, you make a left by the no U-turn sign and-" Adriana was interrupted.

"Be quiet, Adriana." Will said shaking his head slowly.

Adriana just smiled at him.

Anna took Patrick's hand and smiled. "Say something in French you beautiful creature you."

"Oui, mon cher." Patrick said.

Anna made her trademark face, as her tongue slid to the right side of her mouth. "Eeeee" she squealed.

By now everyone was in the living room. Adriana was becoming infatuated with Patrick. Sam noticed, but said nothing.

"O yes, I almost forgot." Anna said. "There's someone here to see you Jack, she's been here for 3 days now. I think she's still asleep."

"Where is she?" Jack asked confused. He couldn't think of anyone who wanted to see him...much less a woman.

Anna pointed to a room across the hall.

The women stayed with Anna and Patrick, while Will, Jack, and Sam walked over to the room. Jack opened the door, and then all three men screamed as they say what was behind it. They ran out of the house yelling.

Their yelling must have awoken the guest because the door open and out walked a battered, wet, and scratched woman with a scowl so fearsome it made 50 cent cry.