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Codswallop Ch 11

The crew had returned to the ship, and had decided, as usual, to celebrate by having a rum party. Yignacio would be doing the meal preparations, and arranging for the musical entertainment.

Jack and Will were arguing again, while Farqu…I mean Jenni and Lorilie were checking out the Spanish band that Yiggy had gotten to entertain. They went by the name of Dia Verde.

"Why not Orange Day?" Lorilie asked the vocalist.

"…Orange, madam?" He raised an eyebrow. He had dark charcoal around his eyes like Jack did, except his eyes were not brown.

"Aye…Orange." Lorilie nodded firmly, her curls tossing about. "Orange used to be my favorite color."

"No it wasn't…" Jenni interrupted. "You said your favorite color was Pink…I remember clearly…"

Lorilie's eyes widened, as she looked from the singer to her friend. "Shh…Well green be my favorite color now…"

"That is nice to hear miss…" The singer nodded.

"So what is your name, kind sir?" Farquar questioned politely.

"Well…My birth name is William…but you may call me Bill."

"How about Billy?" Jenni asked remembering that was Will's father's name.

"Or Prudence!" Lorilie exclaimed ruining the moment.

Both Billy and Jenni looked upon her with curiosity. "You are one strange egg." They both said in unison.

"Did I hear eggs?" Adriana skipped over to the congregating crowd.

"Green eggs and ham, madam?" Billy extended his hand.

Adriana shook his hand. "I detest ham…and the color green."

Jenni elbowed her in the ribs. "She kids Billy, look how she kids…" Jenni began to chuckle wantonly.

Adriana grimaced. "Pain…"

Billy quickly stepped to her side wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "Are you alright, madam?"

Adriana nodded holding the offended rib. "I shall be alright…"

Jenni rolled her eyes. "Yes, she shall indeed." She mused sarcastically.

"Unhand her immediately!" Sam shouted separating the two, only injuring Adriana more. He pushed Adriana away and unsheathed his sword. "Run woman!"

Adriana fell over, and Jenni snickered.

"What are you doing Samuel? Have you lost your mind?" Lorilie questioned holding back laughter.

"I am…saving a damsel, miss. One to seems to be in distress…"

"Well she is now…" Lorilie laughed looking upon the fallen Adriana.

"…" Sam tool a while to make sense of the situation. A long while…after a few moments Sam spoke. "…I don't get it."

Adriana heard this and swooped her leg under Sam's feet, causing him to drop to the ground with her. "That is my saying…"

Sam's jaw dropped. "You are terrible…" he spat, brushing himself off then running off into the distance.

"What did you see in him, Adriana?" Lorilie shook her head slowly.

"Hey, I could say the same about Jack." Adriana rebuttled.

"You could, but you won't." She threatened raising and shaking her fist in the air.

"You have a cold heart…" Adriana pouted rubbing her injured side. As she did so, Billy came to her rescue.

"Do you need any medical assistance madam?"

"Oh indeed!" She jumped up and pulled the musician away into her quarters.

"That woman just walked away with our entertainment…" Yignacio spoke as she emerged from the kitchen with soiled hands. "Well, anyhonkle, let the party commence!."

Everyone was silent.

Yignacio sighed and took out a few bottles of rum, handing them out.

The crew cheered.

Jack came out and sniffed the air. "I smell rum."

"…and I smell pirate, but you don't see me announcing it to the world…" Yiggy spoke to herself.

"I heard that." Jack stated.

"I know."


"…" Yiggy went back into the kitchen silently.

"You should mind her Jack, after all she is a psychic." Lorilie said clinging to her lover.

"Psychic my fanny."

"You have a nice fanny." Lorilie smiled.

"Yes, I know." Jack smiled taking a swing at his rum.

Meanwhile in the bowels of the ship something mysterious was happening…so mysterious nobody even knew it was happening…dramatic music.

"I am Will's father reincarnated!" Billy told Adriana.

"…I don't get it…"

The man sighed. "Forget it, and lets fondle."

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