"The Journey of Jeremy Keller"

by OldScout

Part 36

The young woman pulled up in front of the abandoned farm.

Tall unkempt grass swayed in the slight breeze. She breathed deeply

and looked out across the empty fields. "It really does look blue." She

thought to herself. A smile crossed her face, she remembered thinking

the same thing the first time she saw this farm, so long ago.

Another vehicle pulled up behind her. The passenger side doors

to the Jeep Grand Cherokee swung open releasing three small children.

A good looking young man got out of the driver's seat, he looked no

older then his mid twenties.

"Miss Ericson?" he asked as he approached, and offered his

hand. Only part of his attention was on her as he kept most of it on the

three little girls he had released from his truck.

"Ophelia." the woman returned. "But my friends call me Lila."

The man grinned. "I'm Jack Walker from the real estate agency.

You know, it's not often we sell a place sight unseen."

Ophelia had strolled up the over grown driveway. "It wasn't

sight unseen." she said. Not admitting she had purchased the place from

her own corporation. "I've driven by here many times, and finally got

around to making the phone call."

Jack laughed. "Well ma'am, I'm sure glad you did. The girls

and I can make good use of the commission, they're growing so fast

these days."

"You have a beautiful family, Mr. Wagner." Ophelia said

sincerely. She noticed he wasn't wearing a wedding band, but appeared

to have it on a chain around his neck. "What's their mother doing on this

beautiful morning?"

A glaze seemed to wash over the Realtor's face. "My wife was

killed in an auto accident about a year ago. Ever since then, it's just

been me and the girls."

"I'm sorry, Jack, I had no idea." Ophelia smiled inwardly. She

took his arm and allowed him to lead her to the main house. "This is

going make such a beautiful horse farm." she said, trying to change the

subject. "I can't wait to get it fixed up."

"I've always wondered what it would look like put back

together." Jack volunteered.

Ophelia looked sweetly at the young man. "Perhaps you would

bring the girls over for dinner sometime." she suggested. "After I have

the house cleaned up a bit."

"I think they'd enjoy that." Jack responded. Then he lead Ophelia

around the property showing her features of the place she had long

forgotten. Ophelia grasped his arm and leaned closer to him then she

needed to.


Waves of heat rose from the vast empty parking lot. The

relentless Middle Eastern sun bore down from its high noon position.

Jeremy sat on a curb at the far edge of the vast see of black top and

stared at the Grand Mosque. To his right, beyond the bluff that gave the

mosque its view, the waters of the Persian Gulf sat smooth as glass

stretching to the horizon.

It had been just a few years since Jeremy had last been here, but

in some ways it felt like a life time. Then, there was a constant haze in

the air from the fires in Kuwait. Now it was clear and peaceful.

A lone figure emerged from the great sand stone colored

building. The sun shining off the gold and glass from the domes made it

difficult to look directly at the building. Shading his eyes from the glare,

Keller watched the white-robed figure.

Jeremy stood as the man approached, he adjusted his white head

dress away from his face and smiled at Jeremy. "You are American?" he

both asked and stated in perfect English.

"Jeremy Keller." Jeremy said and held out his hand.

"I am Salom Zibram" the man replied and shook hands with the

light grip that was standard for an Arab. "What brings you to visit the

Grand Mosque of Bahrain?"

A smile crossed Jeremy's face. "I thought I recognized you." he

said, "You led tours of your beautiful mosque for us after the war."

The man's face lit up. "Yes, my friend. You were a soldier

during the war? You have returned to our humble country, perhaps on

vacation?" He saw something in Jeremy's eyes. "No, it is more then


Jeremy looked away back out to the Gulf.

"Come my friend, lets talk." Salom urged. "Allah has brought

you to this place for a reason, perhaps I can help you find your path."

"My path has lead full circle." Jeremy said. "I've come in search

of peace to a place that I knew in a time I of war."

"That is good, my friend, Allah is truly a god of peace. This a

good place to start your journey."

A familiar tingle stirred the hairs at the back of Jeremy's neck.

He looked out to the narrow road that lead up to the Mosque's immense

parking lot. Two white cars approached, the lead was a Chevy Caprice,

the second was a stretched Mercedes Benz. Jeremy had contacted no

one since arriving in Bahrain the day before, but knew these cars would

come for him.

"Actually, my journey leads me just a bit further west."

The man smiled. "You head for the Holy Kingdom? It is a holy

land, but there is much unrest there."

Jeremy headed for the cars as they pulled up at a distance. "Yes,

but it is the only place I can find the kind of peace I'm looking for."

A familiar face greeted Jeremy as he reached the cars. Abual

Aziz shook Jeremy's hand and said "Welcome back my son." The old

immortal looked no older then Jeremy. "Your journey has been long, but

I am glad you have chosen to visit with me for awhile."

"It's good to see you again..." Jeremy started then realized there

was a third immortal present. He leaned down and looked into Aziz's

car. A woman sat in back wearing the traditional Saudi abya, a long

back robe that covered her from head to toe.

Aziz Motioned for Jeremy to get into the car. As Jeremy sat

down Aziz said "Allow me to introduce my daughter, Sabrina."

The woman lifted her vail revealing a beautiful face with light

skin topped with long, brown hair. "Hello, missure, Keller." she said

with a detectable French accent. "My father has told me so much about


The Arab smiled at the sight of the beautiful woman. "Sabrina's

parents were killed by raiders when she was very young."

"It's a pleasure, Miss Aziz." Jeremy said and bowed slightly

toward the woman.

Aziz clapped his hands and said "We have so much to do, there

is so much for you to help me with...."

The two cars pulled away from the mosque, and headed back to

the causeway that connected the tiny island country of Bahrain, with the

desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jeremy Keller finally found what he

was looking for, he was out of the game.