Origami Koshi

Chapter 1: I Love Her

Kyou's Point Of View

A/N: This is my first Fruits Basket fanfiction, but my 9th (?) successful fanfiction overall and probably my 200th fanfiction out of the ones that really sucked. Yeah, I think I am a pretty good writer. People seem to like my stories alot, to the point of obsession and it's scary. Though I shouldn't be talking, I'm a scary person. Anywhoo, I am working with a whole new set of characters and new reviewers. Like in Yu Yu Hakusho reviewers, people are more laid back on out of character stuff and like in Tenchi Muyo reviewers, people are strict. (Figures why I stopped writing Tenchi Muyo fics.) I just wanted to start you all off with a bit about me. This is Kyou X Tohru, sorry all you Yuki fans, he looks like a heshe.

I love her. Tohru, I mean. Tohru Honda. She's about 6 inches shorter then me, long brown hair, marine eyes and the cutest smile ever. She cooks, she cleans, she does the laundry, she smiles. She shops, she talks, she walks, she smiles. It's all she ever does. I watch her, alot. I watch her as she runs around the house, scrubbing, sweeping, soaping everything that has a bit of dust. I know I should stop watching and help her, but she's amazing. We're seniors in high school now. Tohru has gotten more and more prettier over the years, if that's even possible. Nobody loves her more then I do. The only one who can surpass that love is her long-since-past parents. Not Yuki. Like I claimed, nobody loves her more then I do.

" Kyou!" She laughed.

"Hold still!" I commanded, trying not to laugh.

" I'm going to look so silly." She giggled.

" No you won't, don't worry about it. I may suck at this, but I don't suck so bad I'll make you look like a dork."

" Ouch." She winced,

" Did I pull your hair?" I asked.

" Yeah, but it's fine." She stayed quiet for a while and started giggling.

" What's so funny now?" I asked, flustered over the fact she couldn't sit still as I tried to braid her hair. I needed to learn how to braid for Home Ect, which we all had to take. I made Tohru be my partner, because I can't do anything like that, well, I can cook, but we already did that session last year. It was almost the end of summer and Tohru and I had been spending alot of time together.

" I don't know. I just never thought you, Kyou, of all people would be braiding my hair on the front porch."

" Well, Yuki'd kill me if I tried to braid his hair not like I'd want to. I found a bottle of dandruff shampoo that sure isn't mine and I know it's not yours or Shigure's."

" Why couldn't it be Shigure's?" Tohru asked, leaning forward and messing up another one of my braids.

" Tohru, you move one more time I am going to tape you down to the floor." I half heartedly threatened.

" Oh! Sorry Kyou!" She apologized.

" You don't need to say sorry. Maybe it's just me sucking at this anyway. Ahh! Damn it!" I said, dropping the third one I started on. I took Tohru's brush from next to her and brushed them out, leaving tiny waves in her hair.

" You're gonna quit?" She asked. " Last time I checked, my big brother Kyou-Chan, never quits!"

" What're you talking about? I've quit on things before."

" Really?"

" Like when I tried making you a birthday cake last year, I just quit and bought you one." I confessed. She laughed.

" You told me you made it! I was so proud of you too!"

" You're proud meter just went out the window huh?" I asked.

" No, Kyou, I think you're amazing." She smiled.

" You're amazing too, Tohru." I said, patting her head.

" I thought you were the cat." She giggled.

"God! What's with you today!? I've never seen you laugh so much and it's not even noon yet! You're so hyper!" I said, standing up.

" Sorry, Sorry!"

" Stop apologizing!" I yelled, tickling her feet.

" No! Kyou! Stop!" She said between uncontrolable laughs. I stopped and helped her up off the porch. " You're mean." She sniffled.

" Ooh, did sweet little Tohru just insult somebody?" I teased.

" Oh, I didn't mean to insult you, I'm--" I put my finger over her lips.

" Don't say you're sorry." I said, her cheeks turning red.

" Hai, Kyou." She smiled and ran off to make breakfast.

I've told you before and I will say it over and over and again and again. I Love Tohru. I love her so much! Nobody could ever surpass the amount of love I have for Tohru! She's everything to me. I'd die to protect her. I'd do anything if it meant Tohru's honest and true happiness. Even if that happiness, wasn't with me. I don't think she likes me quite as much as I love her, but I won't tell her. I won't. To know Tohru is truly in love with me, she'd have to tell me herself, then and only then, would we love with the most passionate love their is.

A/N: I hope you all like it! There will be ongoing chapters and the story will start in the second chapter and Shigure and Yuki will appear more often. Mostly Yuki though. Umm, yeah! Please review! I think they're like 17 in this story.