Origami Koshi

Chapter 13: Interview with Kyou, Tohru & Paisley!

A/N: This is the epilogue for Origami Koshi, an interview with me, Tohru and Kyou! Thank you for all the questions! By the way, my name is Paisley. Yes, it really is Paisley...


Paisley: KONNICHIWA!!!! -hops in and sits next to Kyou- I am Paisley, otherwise known as KawaiiLilMarron. Let me start off by telling you a bit about me! I am fifteen years old, I live in California and I am psycho.

Kyou: Like they couldn't tell that already?

Paisley: Shut up...-glare-

Kyou: You shut up...-glare-

Tohru: Hello! I'm Tohru Honda! Thank you for reading Origami Koshi and reviewing! You made Paisley quite happy. -smile- Oh and this epilogue actually just explains stuff you probably didn't understand or stuff about the author Paisley, because you all asked these questions because you obeyed her and it's fun obeying Paisley! -smile-

Paisley: -hugs Tohru- Thank You Tohru!!

Kyou: Yeah, yeah, let's get on with this...-rolls eyes-

Paisley: -points- READ THE QUESTON KYOU!!

Kyou: Geez, quiet down. Okay, this is from Paisley's friend Sydney. What does Koshi mean in Origami Koshi?.

Paisley: -sweatdrop- Okay, to tell you all the truth. It's supposed to mean Paper Stars, but I couldn't quite remember if it was Hoshi or Koshi that meant stars and my friend told me that it was Hoshi and I freaked out because I had NO idea what Koshi meant. But nobody really noticed and that made me quite happy. Heh. Actually this story was about to be called Sentimental Value. I dunno why...

Kyou: See? She's not as great as you think people.

Paisley: Shut up.

Tohru: How about we move on to the next question! This person has two questions. Why does Tohru talk to eggs? and Are you going to make another Kyou X Tohru story?

Paisley: Okay, about the whole talking to eggs thing, I didn't really know where that was going. But honestly, have YOU ever talked to an egg. They're quite enjoyable. Mostly because I don't eat eggs. I just talk to them. And about me making another Kyou X Tohru story...sigh I am sorry to disappoint you all but probably not...

Audience: BOOOOOOOO!!

Paisley: Just kidding. But seriously, who knows? I usually need an idea that I really like and if I come up with one then yeah, I'll have another Kyou X Tohru story.

Kyou: Another question from, somebody. Two questions, Where'd you get the idea for Origami Koshi? and How do you like the reviewers from Fruits Basket, compared to your other fanfiction reviewers?

Paisley: I got the idea for Origami Koshi while listening to Nobody's Angel. I had an OLD burned CD with a bunch of old pop music and I was listening to, "I Just Can't Help Myself." and I pictured that one scene in the last chapter and I was thinking I could make an idea out of it. Hense, this fic being born. And your second question, I LOVE Fruits Basket Reviewers. You all are SO nice and you don't care about OOC or about spelling, you guys just want fics and I love it. Like when I wrote Tenchi Muyo fics, people would always flame me for OOC and spelling. And Saiyuki Reviewers are nice, but they hardly review...and InuYasha people are the same as you all. Makes me happy.

Kyou: Awww, when are they going to interview us...?

Tohru: Ah! Kyou! There is a question for you! Does it hurt when you transform into your true form?

Kyou: Mmmm...yes. Did you NOT hear the screaming!? It doesn't really HURT, it just feels weird. How would you feel if you changed into a giant cat...thing?

Tohru: Yes, that would feel weird.

Paisley: Geez Kyou, she's just asking!

Kyou: You're the one who dragged me here!! -hiss-

Paisley: Next question my dear Tohru!

Tohru: Okay, it's another one for Paisley, what other anime do you like?

Paisley: My favorites are Gensomaden Saiyuki -I. LOVE. GENSOMADEN. SAIYUKI.-, Saiyuki Reload, Yu Yu Hakusho, Boys Over Flowers, Naruto, Gravitation, Weiss Kreuz, Yami No Matsuei, of course Fruits Basket, Wild Adapter, Bleach, GetBackers, FLCL, Gokudo-Kun Mannyuki, InuYasha, PreTear, Kodomo No Omocha, Azumanga Daioh, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ai Yori Aoshi, Chobits, Battle Athletes: Victory, Fushigi Yuugi, Pokemon, Magical Shopping Arcade, Tenshi Ni Narumon, Jubei-Chan: The Ninja Girl, Urusei Yatsura...oh the list goes on and on...

Kyou: Why is Fruits Basket so low?

Paisley: Because of Yuki.

Kyou: Oh...I agree.

Tohru: ANOTHER question for Paisley, How long did it take you for the fic?

Paisley: About two months...but for each chapter it usually didn't take more than an hour, I'm just lazy. I could probably finish a 20 chapter fic in two days, but I am lazy and I like taking a long time. . Except it was weird writing Origami Koshi because I am so accustomed to writing yaoi fics. Heh...

Tohru: Heh, another question for Paisley...

Kyou: My god!! Why do you people care about HER!?

Paisley: Because they know everything about you!!! -whack- On with the question dear Tohru.

Tohru: Do you like the Shrek Movies?

Paisley: AHH! Yes. I love Puss In Boots. He's adorable.

Tohru: Another question. Who are your favorite and least favorite characters in Fruits Basket?

Paisley: Oh god, my favorite characters are Ayame, Hiro, Momiji, Haru, Arisa, Kyou, Shigure, Hatori, Kisa, Tohru, Hana, and Kazuma. The only people I don't like are Kagura -Sorry Kagura fans, I just find her obnoxious-, Yuki -no, really?-, and Akito. But my top three favorites are Ayame, Hiro and Momiji. I even like Arisa so much, I am thinking about naming my first daughter Arisa.

Kyou: -yawn- Great, great.

Paisley: -whack- Isn't it? You were on my favorite character list too.

Kyou: EVERYBODY was on your favorite character list!

Tohru: Now, now Kyou...

Kyou: Oh bleh...

Tohru: And we have yet another question for Paisley...If you spell Kyou traditionally, why don't you spell Tohru, Tooru?

Paisley: Because I didn't know that was the traditional way of spelling Tohru...-sweatdrop- if it was like that I would have. But I put the 'u' because America takes the 'u' out of some anime characters name like Shuichi Shindo in Gravitation, it's really Shuuichi Shindou but America already ruined the Gravitation dub so...

Kyou: You didn't even really answer the question! You started talking about a totally different anime!!

Paisley: So what!?

Kyou & Paisley: -glare-

Tohru: And now, a last note from our author!

Paisley: I would like to thank everybody for reading Origami Koshi, it's a great honor to have so many people admire me and send me fan mail and it's amazing and it keeps me motivated to write and make great stories for everybody to read. Alot of you are very nice people and it makes me happy to see so many people reading my work and reviewing and laughing and it's really a privilage for me even if I don't think I am that good. But everytime I want to quit I read all my good reviews are encouragement and that's what keeps me writing like I do. I thank all of you who reviewed and made me happy and told me that Origami Koshi was the best Fruits Basket fanfiction they'd ever read. That really makes me happy! So once again, thank you so much everybody! -throws onigiri to her reviewers-

Kyou: And that's all!

Tohru: So stay tuned for Paisley's other works, she is currently working on a Saiyuki fanfiction and an InuYasha fanfiction! Please read them if you like those anime, you'd make Paisley happy.

Paisley: That's right!!!


The End

Thank You For Reading Origami Koshi!