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"Kisara, let go of your friend's collar. Kisara!"

Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corporation and the many Kaiba Land Overseas Companies warned as he hurriedly flipped his laptop close and hurried over to the mini jungle gym. It had just been a brief moment since he kept an eye on the little girl and she was in trouble, again.

Little Kisara, pale skin, blue eyed looked up at the towering CEO, but her small little hands still held a solid grip on the other terrified kid who would not let go of his Kuribo doll.

"Kisara." Kaiba warned again, his tone relatively gentle than normal but firm, and little Kisara let go of the doll very reluctantly. The victim of little Kisara's terrorization scampered off to his mother instantly. Kisara turned back at the CEO with a very unhappy 'see what you did' look.

"What am I to do with you?" Kaiba signed silently, though still keeping his face straight with a slight frown. He pulled Kisara away from the gym and led Kisara back to the waiting room's comfort seats.

The little girl pouted as she trotted behind unwillingly. "But he started it first. He wouldn't let me show him how to multiply his Kuribo." Kisara protested. "I just want to show him how to multiply Kuribos!"


Kaiba smiled faintly. The brown little monster had always annoyed him extremely. It was small, weak and almost to the point of being useless. He had never been able to understand, nor bother to understand why Yugi put the card into his deck, though Yugi had certainly mastered his Kuribo gracefully.

The CEO paused. Yugi Mutou. Black Magician. Duelist Island. Battle City.

These things that were deemed so important to him back then seemed so far and beyond. It seemed as if all those were just fading back and white photos in a deserted photo album. It had been years since he had seen Yugi or any of his friends. In fact, Kaiba ran a quick calculation in his mind, it had been ten years, a decade. He had not seen any of them since high school graduation.

"...multiplying Kuribo is so fun. Don't understand why he just wouldn't let me show him how to..." Kisara continued to grumble.

A little tug on his trench coat summoned Kaiba back to the little girl who was staring up at him in one of his own patented glares.

"You aren't listening." The small girl accused rightfully.

He patted her head apologetically.

Why the sudden nostalgic over old friends and fiends? It was definitely not his character to do so. Pushing all thoughts of Yugi and his happy companions out of his mind, he started on the matter at hand.

Sitting Kisara down on the comfort seat beside his laptop, he went on explaining to her that once she tears up the Kuribo, as to multiply Kuribo, then it becomes no more a toy, and it was bad enough when she does it to her own, but she definitely should not do it with other kids'.

Kisara frowned and folded her arms, giving Kaiba an early version of a Kaiba's frown. At the sight of this, a smile threatened to spill on Kaiba's lips. He ruffled Kisara's pale long hair and kneeled down so that they were at eye level.

"How about this?" Kaiba suggested, "You promise not to tear or multiply any more Kuribos and I'll get Uncle Mokuba to get you a set of Kuribo family dolls the next time he visits."

Kisara burst into a smile. The little girl simply loved Kuribos.

"Alright! You're the best, daddy!" Kisara cheered. She bounced to her feet and gave Kaiba a quick peck on the cheek before running back off to the jungle gym.

Kaiba felt his face flush red as he sat himself down at the comfort seat. It had been three years since he had adopted Kisara as his daughter but he could never get use to the little girl's affection. Mokuba had been very close to him, but he had never kissed him or showed affection towards his elder brother so openly. Raising a girl was wholly different from raising a boy and Kisara was certainly a handful. Mokuba was an angel as compared to her, despite his little pranks every now and then. But Kisara was completely different, with her disastrous ability to fall head-first into numerous troubles of any sort. The little girl was hyper active.

Not that Kaiba knew about it when he adopted Kisara. He had found her in Egypt. Mokuba had recommended that Kaiba Corp should spread its operation area to Egypt, considering that Egypt was where Duel Monsters all started. In other words, Mokuba wanted to set up Kaiba Land, Egypt. That was five years ago and Kaiba had no objections towards it. Mokuba had started to share the running of the corporation as soon as he entered high school. Together, the capable Kaiba brothers had succeeded in making Kaiba Corp and Kaiba Land the Microsoft of the games sector. Now, they had Kaiba Land USA, Australia, France, China, Egypt, Japan, and a new one in Thailand awaiting contractors.

It took a full two years to complete Kaiba Land, Egypt. Mokuba wanted it to be the grandest Kaiba Land of them all. He practically designed every single detail of the game park, spending the most money and time on recreating an 18th Dynasty Egyptian Palace along with its surrounding city as well as Pharaoh Atemu's Tomb. Kaiba suspected that Yugi had a part to do with that. Mokuba had always been overly sociable with the Yugi gang and especially enjoyed Yugi's stories about his other half and his Egyptian histories, hanging on to every single of his words.

But Kaiba did not object to the building of the Egyptian World as it is called now, nevertheless. Now, Kaiba Land Egypt was the top visited park among all and he supposed it was Egyptian World's artwork. It was absolutely surprising how people would actually travel all the way to Egypt just to visit Kaiba Land Egypt with its Egyptian World.

Three years ago, Mokuba had persuaded him to take a trip together, touring all the Kaiba Lands at one go. Kaiba would have very much preferred to stay at his US mansion and remote control the Kaiba Lands as he usually did. But it was so hard to turn down a brother who specially flew in to US from Japan. Egypt was the last stop of their trip before they each headed back to where they belong now, Mokuba in Japan and Kaiba in the US.

Kaiba had no idea now how Mokuba had then convinced him to tour the rural areas of Egypt together. On their travels, they came across an orphanage. It was hard to believe it was even an orphanage. It was barely any bigger than Kaiba's personal bathroom. Then again, Kaiba's personal bathroom was large.

It was nothing Kaiba would have imagined to be livable. Yet there they found Kisara. Lying in a dark corner of the orphanage in a filthy little bed, she was a sick but nonetheless beautiful child. And then Mokuba suggested that they adopt her. And so they did. It was only after they adopted the girl officially, that they realized that Kisara was hyper active. The little orphanage had actually drugged her with sleeping pills to keep her in bed and out of trouble.

Drugging a child was the worst thing Kaiba could ever think of doing to a child. As soon as Kaiba returned to USA with Kisara, he had her brought to Children Therapist Centre instead. There, Kisara got the help she needed. Nonetheless, Kisara still got into lots of "accidents", such as punching a little boy in the face and knocking off his loose front teeth, or pushing a little girl on a swing so hard that she flew off... or multiplying someone's Kuribo, or even kicking a parent in the shins, or... well, you get the picture. Fortunately, Kaiba could afford to take care of those little misfortunes.

Taking care of Kisara was exhausting, indefinitely more wearisome than being the CEO of Kaiba Corporation. But there were fulfilments in raising Kisara too. When Kisara smiled, cuddled up with him on stormy nights or even just held on to his hand while crossing the roads, these brought some warmth into the young man's life. Kisara filled up his lonely days without Mokuba...

"Kisara Kaiba, room 2 please." The nurse at the counter announced, interrupting his train of thoughts. Kaiba collected his laptop and Kisara from the jungle gym and headed down to the indicated room.


Kaiba's thoughts floated back to Yugi and his friends again as he sat in the room watching the middle aged Doctor, Light observed Kisara play with a Rubik's cube.

"As she gets older, she will learn to be more disciplined and controlled." The doctor explained as she observed Kisara play with a Rubik's cube at the mini table set, her little hands twisting the colorful toy in all directions.

Kaiba nodded absently in agreement. The last 3 years of reading up on Hyperactivities and their treatments had made him half a therapist.

But he wasn't paying attention to what Doctor Light was saying or whatever Kisara was doing with the Rubik's cube.

He was thinking about Domino City. Thoughts of Yugi and his happy gang led him eventually to his home city back in Japan. He had never visited the city again since he left it 10 years ago. He opted to leave it out of their tour 3 years ago. Saw no need in going there at all since Mokuba was in control there and visiting it to check out the operations seemed like an insult to Mokuba, though the younger Kaiba had thought it was crazy of Kaiba to think that way. Whatever the case, He had never ever revisited Domino City.

It wasn't that he feared going back or any thing like that. There was just no need to. One place was just the same as another. One city a replica of the other. He had learned that in his travels around the world.

And then there was Mokuba, Mokuba was there in Domino City to take care of everything. They work together in a simple way; Mokuba did most of the administration and office work, which were mainly in Kaiba Land Japan, the main Kaiba Land. Kaiba, on the other hand, stationed himself in USA, traveling every now and then to the Kaiba Lands all over the world to solve problems and to meet prospective business partners...

"Mr. Kaiba? Are you listening to me?" the Doctor asked patiently as Kisara threw the Rubik's cube across the room in resignation.

Kaiba rocketed back into the world. He hated being caught inattentive and to make things worse, this was the second time in a day he was caught drifted off.

"I'm sorry, you were saying?" Kaiba left the low armchair he had been sitting in to retrieve the Rubik's cube.

"I was saying," Doctor Light explained good-naturedly, "that her condition has improved greatly since I first met her 3 years ago. She is now more even-tempered and less easily excited. I can see that our therapy and your constant companying her has helped a lot, but she would improve even more if you would put her on medication-"

"That is out of question. We have gone through this. I don't want her on any drugs." Kaiba said firmly, his hands twisting the Rubik's cube expertly, as Kisara watched in awe.

"Very well." The doctor agreed resignedly. "In that case I recommend the next level of therapy, which is developing her social skills."

Kaiba frowned at the comment. Social skills. The mutt back in Domino City had always insulted him of having none of those. But in truth, it was more of a truth rather than an insult. He didn't have much of a social skill or cared about having social skills. Nevertheless, he had been glad that Mokuba was the complete opposite of him when it came to socializing.

And now, it was Kisara's turn. Kaiba did not want her to grow up to be like him.

"I agree with you." Kaiba passed the completed Rubik's cube to Kisara who happily accepted it and stared at it in wonder.

"Kisara enrolled to Kindergarten last year, but for the past two years, her attendance was less than a third required. And we both know why, don't we?" The doctor asked.

"Yes." Kaiba replied irritated. If this was 10 years ago, and the doctor worked for him, Doctor Light would find herself out of job immediately.

"Your work requires you to move around for spans of 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the case, we both know that it helps to keep Kisara by you side, but she misses a lot of opportunity to mix around with her friends. "

"Mn." Kaiba grunted in response.

"What I'm trying to say is, Mr. Kaiba, have you ever considered settling down?"

Kaiba couldn't keep his mind of Doctor Light's statement as he pulled into their driveway.

"Mr. Kaiba, have you ever considered settling down?"

The sweetly lady did not explain the implication of settling down before shooing them out of the room as their session ended.

But he knew what she meant. He needed to settle down, stop traveling around, build a home, send Kisara to Primary School in the coming year, which was 2 months away, live a normal lifestyle that requires little traveling, let Kisara live a normal lifestyle that requires minimal traveling, and probably also, get a partner in life.

"We're home!" Kisara's shout echoed in the large empty mansion as they stepped in.

Kaiba froze in his tracks.

"I'm home!"

Mokuba used to shout that every time he reached home back in Domino City.

Domino City.

"Daddy?" Kisara tugged at his trench coat worriedly.

Kaiba's eyes met up with Kisara's blue eyes.

"Start packing. We are going home."

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