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Warm piercing sunlight on his face.

Jounouchi barely lifted one eyelid, and when he did, he winced at the sunlight before turning away to lie on his back, blinking away the sunspots.

White tall ceiling with gold cornices.

Where the hell was he? The bed was too hard, the ceiling too high up and definitely far too royal for his taste.

His brows screwed together as he tried to start up his still-dormant brain.


The frown quickly dissolved into relaxed smile.

The first few times he had woken up in that room, he had seized the blanket in shock before proceeding to kick and demand to know who the man lying beside him was. Every time, Seto Kaiba would groan and reassure him that it was his dear Seto, before grabbing his half of the blanket back and telling him to go back to sleep. And he would, with his brain more functional, snuggle back up with Kaiba and return to sleep, knowing that everything was well.

He peered over the lump beside him at the nightstand to find the clock, only to remember that they had shifted the clock. He grinned, recalling the only once too many times Kaiba had glared at him after being woken up with a fist to the eye. Now the alarm clock stood on his side of the bed.

"Blanket hogger." He nudged the lump beside him, feeling the sunlight warming up his bare skin, until the lump shifted away a few inches.

He signed and flopped back onto the bed, but knew he was too wide awake to fall back into sleep.

He tended to wake up early when sleeping over at Kaiba's. It wasn't that he could not adapt to the new surroundings, it was simply that he wanted to spend more hours awake beside his lover.

He shifted his weight towards Kaiba and slowly peeled back the silk blanket that Kaiba had scrunched up all around him until the sleeping man's face was uncovered.

There he was, still sleeping like a rock. When Seto Kaiba slept, it was near impossible to wake him up unless some serious violence was involved. The alarm clock could be ringing right beside his ear and he would sleep through it like it was the lullaby. Jounouchi really wondered how the guy usually made it to work on time.

Long eyelashes, pale fair skin, brown soft hair are like cat's fur.

Beneath those closed eyes were the most beautiful, intensive aqua blue eyes he had ever seen.

The eyes that always assured him that everything would be fine, that he would always be there for him, that he would never walk away.

Under those eyes, he had allowed himself to be undressed by Kaiba. Kaiba had kissed him on his forehead before moving his hands downwards leisurely, provocatively sucking and kissing at every bare skin, his hands unabashedly exploring around Jou's navel. By the time Kaiba's kisses found their way near his toes, he was nearly begging for release and more. His fear of what was to come was overshadowed by his need and yearning for the pleasures derived from sex. When Kaiba entered him, slowly and gently, among continuous kisses and soft whispers of his name, the pain and stimulus mixed together to form a fire that burnt throughout his lower body and threatened to burst out of him. The pleasure overpowered the pain, for several moments he thought his mind would blow. Just when he thought they couldn't go any deeper, Kaiba had pushed himself further into his trembling body. Until finally they were one. For a moment, they had held still, hearing each others' breaths, feeling each other pulsing within each other. He felt Kaiba, hard and hot inside him as far deep in as they could reach. He felt himself burning, trying hard to hold back where Kaiba had wrapped his fingers around. After what seemed an eternity of bliss, he could not help but automatically started moving against Kaiba, and when Kaiba moved along with him in the perfect rhythm, he found two voices crying out for each other's name, both holding back for as long as they could until they were dizzy from the experience.

It was amazing.

If any fear was involved, it would be how Jounouchi was shocked at how much he enjoyed it and wanted more.

That was a month ago. Since then, they had made love uncountable times and Jounouchi had enjoyed them all.

Despite their previous agreement about making love on Kaiba's birthday, Kaiba had taken it all slow and patiently, never giving him any pressure.

The day it happened, they were simply lying in bed holding each other.

They had spent an hour trying to get the children to go to sleep in spite of the storm raging outside. The children finally fell asleep as the storm died down and they had returned to Kaiba's room.

Kaiba had raised an important point as they lay on the bed making small talk.

They were together again, but given their current commitments and responsibilities, it was unlikely they could move in together. As lovers, they wanted to spend as much time with each other as possible. As independent adults, they had their own lives, work, responsibilities and wishes to continue to retain as much of those independence as possible. As parents, they had to make sure that their choice of lifestyles did not cause too many changes to the children. As siblings and members of their extended family, they had to respect their family member's level of acceptance of intimacy.

Kaiba's sole family – Mokuba, had little to say about their choices. Mokuba had always supported whatever decisions Kaiba made. In fact, Mokuba was the first to declare that Jounouchi and the children were always welcomed to stay if they wished to. His little brother, on the other hand, was willing to move into the East Wing with Rebecca, whom he had swore his loyalty and love to, at least for now. Kaiba and Jounouchi, had however, after much discussion, decided that Jounouchi and the children should not move in permanently. Nevertheless he and the twins stayed over almost every Friday and Saturday. On Saturday nights and occasionally, weekday evenings, Kaiba and Kisara would join them for dinner at Jounouchi's house.

Jounouchi's family had been more difficult to deal with. Jounouchi knew his father and step-mother were more willing to accept Kaiba and Kisara as part of the family. His birth mother, on the other hand, had been very against the idea since the beginning. She had been aghast when she knew that he had reconciled with Kaiba, and had even at one point refused to come over for dinner when Kaiba was there. But at least she wasn't on his case that much for now since she was busy enjoying her twin baby granddaughters.

The conversation had then drifted off to Kaiba's birthday celebration.

"What were Bakura and Malik talking to you about?" He had asked.

Kaiba had raised a brow and refused to answer the question.

"Come'on." He had coaxed, with little nibbles of affections on Kaiba's ear.

Kaiba had squirmed, smirked and answered with a strong, long, passionate kiss, which Jounouchi could do little to resist. Fuming lightly, he had kissed back so hard and long he practically sucked all the air out of Kaiba - Kaiba had ended up gasping for air.

"You've improved." Kaiba had gasped.

Jounouchi smirked, "I've always been good a kisser. I just didn't want to blow your ego."

He had then moved in to plant kisses and soft bites on Kaiba's ear and neck, where he had learnt Kaiba was the most sensitive, earning grunts of pleasure from the taller man.

They had kissed and rolled about in the bed, running fingers along each other's back and face when Jounouchi became aware that Kaiba was sticking painfully into his side. Kaiba had looked at him intently, waiting patiently for an answer that he did not expect an immediate reply.

Willing trusting brown eyes had met steady blue eyes.

Now, lying beside his lover, Jounouchi tucked himself back into bed, and snuggled under the blanket until he was hugging Kaiba face to face.

Kaiba opened one sleepy eye.

"Good morning."

Jounouchi kissed him on the eyelid.

"Why are you up so early?" Kaiba muttered.

"I was thinking about how far we've come."

Kaiba simply smiled, closed his eyes and rolled back to sleep.

"I should have known it the first day I saw you at the vet."

"Known what? And didn't we first meet at the therapy center?" Kaiba mumbled.

"I saw you in your car from my vet." Jounouchi ran a finger down Kaiba's nose, as if teasing a puppy.


Jounouchi snorted in feign annoyance, "I should have known that you would come storming into my life like a hurricane, smashing my perfectly balanced single fatherhood with your egoism and interfering self-importance."

"Does that imply that you wish I never came back to Domino City?" Kaiba asked, lazily opening one eye.

Jounouchi shook his head, "You did come back, and I did meet you again."


"Why did you come back?" Jounouchi asked.

Silence met his question.

"Why did you come back?"

"I was looking for something." Kaiba finally answered quietly.

Jounouchi raised a brow as he poked Kaiba in the side, which made Kaiba stifle back a chuckle and roll into a ball inside the blanket.

"What were you looking for?"

What was he looking for?

Why had he come back?

9 months ago, he was still in the U.S. with Kisara, when Dr. Light started to preach him about settling down. Even now, the memory of him playing with a Rubik's cube in the consultation room was fresh in his mind.

Honestly, he had no idea that this was how his life would turn out to be at that very point of time.

All he had decided, was that it was time for them to go home.

Time for him to go home to Domino City.

After 10 years.

Where his brother and childhood memories were.

Where he had grew up under the tyranny of Gozaburo. Where he had studied and fought so hard to gain a stronghold of Kaiba Corp and eventually took over as CEO. Where he had met the Yugi-gang, held Death-T and Battle City. Where he had eventually left to expand Kaiba Corp into a world class organization. Where he had chose to return to.

He certainly had not expected to meet a certain single daddy at the therapist center, did not expect to be invited into the lives of his high school acquaintances whom have now become his close friends, did not expect to kiss a crying man on the wedding day of his sister, did not expect to sweep like a cyclone into the life of a particular mutt he had teased mercilessly ten years ago.

He had barged into the Jounouchi's life, interfering in the other's life and utterly destroying the other's secure and happy life. But his own life had not remained untouched. Like Jounouchi, his life had been thrown into shambles the day he found himself kissing the man at the beach. He had struggled and pretended that he was in control, that he could step out of the collision any time he liked. But by the time he came to admit it, he was already too deeply entangled. Losing Jounouchi brought him literally to his knees as he lay in his bed wondering where their relationship had gone wrong.

And now they finally had things right. Kisara adored the twins and Jounouchi. He loved the twins. Jounouchi and his two little clones came over every weekend. They would have dinner together, have family time until around 9pm and then the children were tucked into bed with a short bed time story. By ten, he and Jounouchi would be comfortably snuggled up in their bed doing whatever things he had planned, that is unless Jounouchi had something else up his sleeves.

Jounouchi always surprised him when it came to making love. The puppy had been wary at first, frightened and worried. They had put it off for a most torturous period of time whereby the number of cold showers he took was uncountable. But the following results after their first time were delightful, with Jounouchi initiating most of the time, allowing Kaiba to find out the kinkier side of his lover which he had not known. The things Jounouchi suggested and did in bed, and outside of it, were more often than not, creative and requiring a certain level of flexibility and gymnastic skills. To date, he had replaced two night stands, his bathroom sink and a full body massage chair. The piano bench was also on the verge of collapsing. But of course, those were small prices compared to the look on Jounouchi's face in the moment of ecstasy and the sleepy contented look afterwards.

"A hundred life points for your thoughts?" Jounouchi prodded him randomly through the blanket.

Kaiba chuckled, only his chuckle was quickly eclipsed by the slamming of the screen door and happy shouts and screams from Kisara, Seth and Jono as they ran out of the house towards the pool.

"I get to go first!"

"No I get to go first!"

Kisara and Jono, as usual, fighting over who gets to go onto the pool slide first.

Two loud splashes were heard, followed by Kisara and Jono's squeals that the water was too cold.

Kaiba unrolled himself from the blanket and wrapped his arms around Jounouchi, smiling at the delightful shouts and screams from the children.

"I came back to find a home, and I found you." He finally whispered into Jounouchi's ears.

And the kids. And everything.

Jounouchi rolled around so they faced each other.

Brown eyes met blue eyes.

"I just want you to know, that millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you." Jounouchi whispered.

He smiled and pulled Jounouchi closer.

He was home.

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