Time Machine

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Hello there, the angel from my nightmare

The shadow in the background of the morgue

The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley,

We can live like Jack and Sally if we want

Where you can always find me

We'll have Halloween on Christmas

And in the night we'll wish this never ends [wish this never ends]

"Beastboy… I'll miss you…" Raven took a deep, shuddering breath, "Remember me… I… I… love… you…" And with that, Raven opened her eyes and let a small tear escape, and took her last breath.

"Raven, I love you too, Ray! Raven!!! NO!!!" Beastboy exclaimed, "NO!!! RAVEN!!! COME BACK!!! No… no… she's really gone… come back… Raven…"

"Friends, is she really…?" Starfire quivered meekly.

"Come on Star… Let's give Beastboy some space," Robin said.

After what seemed like days, Beastboy was able to walk away from that spot, traumatized for life. From time to time he would even hear Raven's voice, whispering in the wind, "Beastboy... Beastboy…" he would hear. He knew the others thought of him differently now, but he was so sure that Raven's presence meant something. He would have to get her back, no matter what… If only I could go back in time. Aha! That's it! I must create a time machine and save Raven! But how…? He pondered as he turned toward a picture of Raven holding the chicken that Cyborg and me had won for her…

Don't waste your time on me

You're already the voice inside my head

[I miss you]

Don't waste your time on me

You're already the voice inside my head

[I miss you]

I thought back to that awful day:

::.¸¸.·´¨»Flashback«´¨·.¸¸ .::

"Titans, go!" A familiar sound echoed throughout the city as Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beastboy ran, or flew, to the scene.

Hundreds of oil spills and toxic waste were scattered around the street.

"Dude! What happened?" Beastboy asked. He felt the rush of foreboding silence stretch across the abandoned street.

"Titans, see what caused this mess, move out!" Robin ordered. Raven and Starfire flew one way as Beastboy and Cyborg searched the other. Robin stayed in position, waiting for something to appear.

"ROAR!!!" All the Titans turned to see what caused the anguished call.


They heard the sound, and sniffed the night air, the awful, unfamiliar scent, wafted up their nose.

"Dude! Have you heard of cologne?" Beastboy managed to ask before pulling a doctor's mask out of no where [oo!! He's magical! lol] and put it on his face and started breathing heavily.

"Hahaha!" the thing laughed, "you pitiful fools dare challenge me?! I am 'it'!!! Nobody messes with 'it'!!" It was the ugliest monster, the Titans had ever faced. Ranging about 7"8, he was a huge blob of nuclear waste and hazardous concoctions.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, we do challenge you!" Cyborg said and immediately raising his arm with the sonic cannon, and fired.

All of a sudden it started to take in the sonic cannon and grow at an alarming rate.

"It's getting bigger!" Cyborg unnecessarily pointed out.

"Azereth, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven hovered above the ground, eyes slightly closed, and seemed to be concentrating on the creature, and repeating those three words. Five cans of toxin flew towards "it." As the toxin collided with 'It', it stopped moving. Immobilized by fear, the titans stayed in position and watched 'It' just take in the toxin and grow larger.

"It must have a weakness!" Starfire cried out in distress.

"Let me try," Beastboy said. He morphed into a pterodactyl and soared across the crisp, night air. Conveniently, there was a water house near the old abandoned fire station. Dino Beastboy took the hose by his talons and sprayed water at 'It.'

"AGGHH!" 'It' screamed in agony as it slid its way towards them.

"That's it! Titans, let's give 'It' a bath…" Robin grinned maniacally as the Titans each took a hose, aimed, and fired. But, 'It' was ready this time, it began an oil spill which oozed out from its own body. The oil was toxic, it burned everything it touched.

"Aaah! It is impossible. There is nowhere to escape, the oil has filled the whole street" Starfire said miserably.

"No… I'll hold him off! Everyone else, climb onto the fire station's roof!" Raven bravely proclaimed, and she hastened to drift over to a tank of water. She used all of her strength and unleashed her powers and let the water flow out onto 'It.' Sadly, this did not work, because apparently water just went into the oil and made it larger. Ominously, 'It' inched toward Raven.

"AHHH!!" Raven said as the creature sent all the oil on the street hurtling towards her.

"Raven!!" The titans cried as they stumbled to safety on higher grounds. As she plummeted, Beastboy became infuriated beyond what he had ever felt before. How dare it hurt Raven! He became a hawk and flew out to distroy 'It.' He turned into an elephant the second he landed. He went over to the water tank and took in water through his trunk. He turned to face 'It' and let all the water out.

The creature fled, but it was too late… Raven had fallen, and would never get up.

::.¸¸.·´¨»Flashback End«´¨·.¸¸ .::

"Raven, I'm so sorry, I would have helped, if I had known just a second earlier!" Beastboy said, for once in his life he was serious. Disturbing. Tormented. Sad.

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