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Author's Note: This is going to be a collection of shorts, all interrelated with one another. A few of you may remember 'A Time To Grieve'; well, that's going to be taken down and have its title tweaked, and will reappear under this arc. Some of these will be happy stories, while others will be heartbreaking. (No, not that Will!)

Author's Note 2: This note is just for this installment. This first one is just a tad on the silly side, but everyone had moments when they act slightly... juvenile. Enough said? I hope so. (Don't worry, angst lovers; the next two are going to be just for you!) (Yeah, the title doesn't exactly have to do with the fic, but it sort of relates to it. Close enough, anyway!)

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-A Time to Live-

"Jack! Jack, what are ye doin'?"

Her words were incredulous, but her tone laughing. She was obviously more amused by her captain's antics than shocked or angered. Which was certainly a relief to said captain, as he was far too used to having her anger turned towards him. She may have meant to deter him from his actions; instead, it merely encouraged him.

Smirking at her, and revealing a scattering of gold among otherwise white teeth, he cocked an eyebrow at her. Making his way toward her, he stopped halfway to casually glance over his shoulder at the ocean. Turning back to her he waved a hand in front of her face.

"What does it look like I'm doing, luv?"

Ana-Maria shook her head, smiling as she did so. Normally his comments would have put her on the warpath, but today she was in an exceptionally good mood, and was therefore unusually tolerant. Truth be told, he hadn't really done anything to bother her this morning. Still, she couldn't help but rise to the occasion. He was baiting her; daring her to enter a sparring contest.

"Well, from 'ere it looks like yer about t' do somethin' daft and get yourself killed, fool tha' ye are."

Jack walked all the way up to her and shook a finger in her face with a triumphant look to him. There was a dangerous gleam in his eyes today, one that Ana-Maria hadn't noticed before. Not dangerous in a life-threatening sort, but dangerous all the same. Invading her personal space and placing his face mere inches from her own, he stared deeply into her eyes and smirked.

"Now tha's where your wrong, luv. I may be about to do something daft, as you say; but I am not about to get myself killed. It's your life that I'm willin' to put to the risk." With that he suddenly grabbed her around the waist and the next thing Ana-Maria knew, they were both in the ocean, treading water next to the Pearl.

Spluttering indignantly, she pulled herself out of his grasp and glared at him. He only seemed pleased with the reaction he got; clearly he had expected as much. Still, it was good to see him relaxing for once. The man had been so tense about something lately; something had been bothering him. Today, however, he was just out to have a good time.

All too suddenly for her comfort, Ana-Maria was ducked under water, completely unprepared. Very well then; he had struck the opening blow; now the war was on! She lunged at him, but he evaded her grasp. Diving under water and swimming away from her view, he sprang back up at her and pulled her under water again.

With a cry of fury, she shoved him away from her while still under water, and then kicked him hard. Then she made it back to the surface, eternally grateful that for some reason the crew was nowhere to be seen. Probably still drunk from last night's 'celebration'. Whatever the reasons were, they weren't there, so she had full license to get her revenge on Jack.

Speaking of which, the pirate captain had just come up for air, with a wide grin on his face that told Ana-Maria she hadn't kicked him nearly hard enough. Her temporary good mood completely eliminated, she glared once more at Jack; then lunged again.

Once more he evaded, but this time he simply came straight back up. Throwing another triumphant look at her, he ever so casually made his way over to her. Jack was quite obviously enjoying the disgruntled air Ana- Maria had about her at the moment, as his good mood was apparently feeding off of her discomfort.

"Come on, luv. It wasn't that bad! I quite enjoyed it meself!"

"O' course ye did! Yer th' only one I know who likes t' think tha' 'e's a bloody fish!" Then a crafty look appeared in her eyes, and the anger left, replaced by a much more dangerous emotion. Jack, formerly reveling in his triumph, now started to get just a little worried. Ana-Maria angry was dangerous. Ana-Maria with that look in here eyes could be downright deadly. Jack started to just maybe regret his little antics of earlier.

"Now, Ana- Ana, you know I didn't mean anything by it! I swear! Ana- Ana as your captain I order you to belay whatever it is you're planning! Ana, luv! Ana!"


Some time later, the crew began to rouse. Universally suffering from hangovers had kept them from work much longer than usual. They couldn't help but wonder, to a man, just why their captain hadn't been bothered by it. Still, what did it matter? You're not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth, after all!

Gibbs was having the oddest time. He couldn't find the captain anywhere, or Ana-Maria. He had been slightly worried about that earlier, but both of their cabins were empty, so he knew that his fears had been unfounded.

Coming around to the helm, he was startled to see Ana-Maria standing there, a wide grin on her face. Jack was still nowhere to be seen, but Ana-Maria was obviously happy about something. Which made Gibbs very worried about Jack. He was semi-concerned about his own safety as he approached her, but an inquiry must be made. After all, if something had happened to the captain, then the crew deserved to know about it.

"Ana, where be th' Cap'n?"

If anything, Ana-Maria' widening grin only served to further concern Gibbs. Smiling in a falsely innocent way, she turned to Gibbs and answered his inquiry with a question of her own.

"An' wha' makes ye think tha' I'd know where th' Captain is?"

Gibbs had no answer for that, and when he saw the glint in her eyes, he decided not to push it further, lest he wind up in the same situation that Jack had apparently found himself. So he shrugged and went off about his business. Still, he couldn't help but think there was something different about Ana-Maria's appearance...

Turning back towards her he suddenly realized what it was. For some reason, the woman pirate had on Jack's sash. It was rather odd, yes, but there was no real concern in her simply wearing his sash. If that were the only thing odd, he'd have forgotten about the whole thing. But then he noticed, lying inconspicuously in an often-overlooked section of the deck, Jack's bandanna, crumpled up and quite obviously hidden.

As the day wore on, there was still no sign of the captain; but it seemed that his clothing was turning up everywhere. Marty happened upon Jack's breeches while in the galley, and had made a comment to Gibbs that wherever the Captain was at the moment, he was most likely entirely unclothed.

Ana-Maria watched with a laugh in her mind as her fellow pirates found piece after piece of Jack's clothing, but still couldn't find him. She knew she'd pay for this eventually, but Jack did deserve it, after all! She was just thankful that no one had thought to check the brig yet. Her grin only grew wider as she heard the shout of a crewman as he had apparently discovered the captain, who would most likely be very angry with her.

She had proven that while Ana-Maria in a bad mood was dangerous, Ana-Maria in a good mood was far more so.