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-A Time to Dance-

AnaMaria had been captain of the Black Pearl for over five years now, and she still wasn't completely used to it. Neither had she completely gotten over Jack's death, but she couldn't be expected to heal all the way: A wound like that will heal, but never completely. This she knew with all of the pieces of her shattered heart.

The visit/hallucination that took place shortly after Jack's death had been the last time she had ever seen her captain, dead or alive, figment or no. Thinking of him anymore brought a smile to her face more often than tears to her eyes, but it still hurt knowing that they had never had a chance for anything to happen.

When she had informed the Turners, she had been mildly surprised to see both of them weep, albeit Will was a little less emotional than Elizabeth. But that could have been simply because she was with child. She had still stopped by occasionally to check on them, more for Jack's sake than her own, and once she had been pleasantly surprised to find out that Elizabeth had given birth to a son, whom they had called Jack.

Smiling at the thought of the child, and how much he reminded her of her Jack, she was startled by a cry from Gibbs. She was the captain of the Pearl, in truth, but she refused the title. It was the least that she could do for Jack; he would always remain the captain of the Pearl, she would always be first mate.

"Sail ho, Ana!"

Drawn from her thoughts, AnaMaria looked up: Just what she needed to lighten her mood; a man o' war. There wasn't much the Pearl could do at this point except fight. She really should have expected that they would send something like this after them; ever since Jack's death something in AnaMaria had snapped, and the Pearl was one of the greatest threats to all of peaceful society. At least, that was what the British Navy believed.

As she shouted orders to prepare the ship for battle, AnaMaria couldn't help but think that this was somehow similar to the day that Jack had died.


She stood looking out over the crowd, doing her best to ignore the noose that hung ominously above her head. It was rather odd; here she was about to be hung and all she could think of was that Jack would kill her in the afterlife for letting his ship sink.

As the list of her crimes was read out, she didn't even pay attention. Her mind was far away from the noose: far away from the eyes of the crowd. Her mind was somewhere back in time: back when the Black Pearl had a different captain. Her mind was with Jack.


It was just after a successful raid, and everyone was 'celebrating'. Jack and AnaMaria had somehow both made their way to the bow of the ship. AnaMaria had made it there a short time before Jack, and she was staring out at the ocean, deep in thought. It was the perfect opportunity for Jack to sneak up on her, and he did so.

AnaMaria jumped, startled out of her reverie, and whirled to face the one who dared to interrupt her privacy. Upon seeing Jack, she started to draw her hand back in order to slap him, only to find her wrist caught in a firm grip. Jack shot her a semi-triumphant smirk as she realized that she was at his mercy.

"Now, luv. There's no need t' be so tense. There's nothin' t' fear."

He was so close AnaMaria could smell the rum on his breath. Managing to loose her wrist, she reached up and pushed him away.

"You're drunk, Jack."

Jack simply took her wrist again, and spun her around so quickly that before she knew it he was holding her closely. It was making her distinctly uncomfortable, and yet she felt like she couldn't pull away in a million years.

"Dance wi' me, luv."

He whispered it in her ear, in a tone so unlike his usual voice that it took AnaMaria by surprise. Still, she laughed and pulled away. Seeing the semi-hurt look on his face (Undoubtedly caused by the drink, she reasoned.) she attempted to explain; although she really didn't know why she should; she could just let him assume that she didn't want to dance.

"Jack, do ye e'en know how t' dance?"

Jack smiled at her and pulled her to him.

"Does it matter, luv?"

"Aye; I wouldn't wan' ye t' drop me flat on me face."

"Now luv; you know I wouldn't let tha' happen. Don' you trust me?"

"When you're drunk?"

AnaMaria didn't protest any more after that, and Jack pulled her to him again. What they did couldn't exactly be considered 'dancing', but it was just enough for the two of them. They stayed out there for about an hour, just enjoying each other's presence. Then Jack wandered off for more rum, and AnaMaria went back to her thoughts.

In the morning she couldn't really remember much about it; and she would chalk up her feelings during that 'dance' to an over-indulgence in rum. Still, that night held a special memory for her, long before she realized what she had felt.


The noose being placed around her neck and the drum roll temporarily brought her back to reality. These were her last moments alive; did she really want to be lost in the past? The answer was undoubtedly a 'yes', and she was back on the Pearl with Jack before the drums stopped.

She wasn't aware of the platform's opening beneath her, nor was she aware of the drop. The only thing she noticed was that Jack was there. She couldn't believe her eyes at first, but he was there. Without a conscious thought she stepped onto the platform, forgetting what she left behind her. She all but ran toward Jack; tears streaming down her face once more.

Their impact barely registered with her as they kissed. This time there would be no separation; they would never be apart again. She felt Jack's arms wrap around her as he returned the kiss. After an eternity they pulled apart, and all AnaMaria could do was smile. Then a thought struck her, and she looked uncertainly at Jack.

"Jack . . .? Are ye angry? Abou' th' Pearl?"

Jack actually laughed at her and pulled away slightly. Then he reached out and brushed a strand of hair out of her face.

"Why should I be angry, luv? The Pearl had an end worthy of th' legends."

"Ye really mean it, Jack?"

"Yes, Ana. Now come dance with me."

AnaMaria felt herself pulled up against him, in a position similar to the one she remembered. This time she didn't pull away, and simply leaned further into him; her eyes closing in contentment. She didn't notice anything but the dancing as the world faded away from them. All she knew was how good it felt to be in Jack's arms again; how good it felt to have her heart repaired for eternity.