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Makimachi Misao moved swiftly through the air. Her ninja training gave her the agility and balance needed to hop from tree to tree. Landing on a tree branch, the ninja girl made sure she was going where she wanted to go before resuming her hopping.

It has been a year since the whole being a prisoner in Shshio's lair ordeal. Every day since then was a time of peace. Shishio was gone, and his followers were either dead or hiding. There were even followers of Shishio, like the Juppon Gattana, were working for the very government that they had tried to destroy.

Misao was actually looking for an ex-member of the Juppon Gattana.

He had been guarding Misao while she had been a prisoner. Though he had once came close to killing her, he had ended up letting her go in the end. And he had given her information that had saved not only Kyoto, but Tokyo as well. He had to Misao about Shishio's men going to burn Kyoto, and the attack on Tokyo using a battleship. The Okishira of the Oniwabanshu had put the information that she had been given to good use, and many people were saved.

Now, with Shishio gone, he was living with his former enemies. He had helped rebuild the Aoiya, which had been destroyed when some members of the Juppon Gattana attacked, and was now living with them.

The sound of a running river reached Misao's ears. She allowed herself to grin as she leapt from one tree to another, making her way to her destination. She would get him this time.

Landing on one more tree branch, Misao stopped, having reached her destination. Crouching low, she hid behind a clump of leave. She was able to see her target through the leaves, and smiled evilly.

His back was turned to her as he fished. He had a fishing rod in his hands, the line out in the river where hopefully a fish would be caught. A wooden bucket was next to him, and a few fish were already in it.

Misao couldn't help but grin. He was such a good cook, especially when it was fish. When she had asked him how he learned to cook, she was surprised to find out that the huge monk named Anji had taught him how to cook. She had once seen Anji before, when he had saved her from Usui, and it was almost hard to believe that someone that big and menacing actually enjoyed cooking.

Shrugging to herself, Misao aligned herself so that she would get him. She waited for a few seconds, looking for any signs that he knew she was there. Finding none, she waited for another second before leaping from the branch.

And it was then that Seta Soujiro turned around to see the flying ninja girl.

All Misao was able to see was Soujiro's smiling face before he caught her arm and threw her over him. She flipped end over end and fell into the river with a loud splash. Misao popped out, and had a fish flopping around in her mouth. Spitting out the fish, Misao wiped her mouth and glared at the chuckling Soujiro.

"You almost had me Misao," he said, smiling at her.

Misao grumbled to herself. "I will get you one day." Continuing to grumble, she stood up in the river and squeezed the water out of her long braid. Stalking out of the water, she caught the towel Soujiro tossed to her (Was he expecting her? O.o).

"Well that should be enough fishing for now," informed Soujiro, lifting up the bucket of fish while placing the fishing rod against his shoulder. "And we better head back to get you some dry clothes."

Misao didn't really like the whole event of being thrown in the river, but she still followed Soujiro as they made their way back to the Aoiya. Holding the towel to her soaked body, she trailed behind the former Tenken.

"Did you hear about the festival that's going to start in a few days?" Misao asked after a minute of walking.

"I think so. It's for celebrating the day Kyoto had been prevented from burning right?"

"Yep." Misao smiled. "It would be nice if the one that played a big part in saving Kyoto to be there."

Soujiro looked over is shoulder and smiled back at the ninja girl. "I didn't help that much Misao. All I did was tell you what Shishio was doing. From what I heard, you did all the work."

Misao only grinned and waved her hand. "They were wimps."

"Except for Usui," said Soujiro knowingly.

Misao immediately frowned at that. But she recovered and had her usual cocky smirk on her face. "He was just lucky. If he hadn't ran away with that monk guy I would've easily beaten him."

Soujiro was about to say something but stopped. Instead he asked, "Are you going to the festival?"

"Of course! It'll be fun! There's going to be many stands where you can play games and buy food! And there's going to be a fireworks display! Even though I never saw fireworks before....."

"Sounds fun."

"Are you coming Soujiro?" asked Misao, now turning to him.

"I've never been to a festival before," mused Soujiro.

"Aw come on!" Misao now looked at Soujiro with a small pleading look. "It'll be fun! Besides, you're not a Tenken anymore so you should have some fun!"

Soujiro looked down at Misao, smiling as always. "Yeah. Maybe it will be fun."

"Good to hear. You won't regret it."

"I know I won't."

And Soujiro did know. Strangely enough, something told him that the night of the festival was going to change his life forever, for the better of course. Something stirred in the former Tenken but he didn't know what.

Only time will tell what will happen.

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"I say they'll get together at the festival," said Angel Soujiro, sitting on a tree branch as he watched Soujiro and Misao.

"You said that they would get together when they would meet each other again last time," replied Devil Soujiro. "It's been a year now and I still have the money I got during that time. I say they won't."

"But I have a good feeling about the festival," put in Angel Misao.

"Like you did when Soujiro had been helping her train and rebuild the Aoiya?" questioned Devil Misao. "I got the money that you better with."

"Shut up."

"Well I bet with the rest of my money that they'll get together at the festival!" Angel Soujiro challenged.

"Yeah same here!" put in Angel Misao.

"Fine," replied Devil Soujiro. "If you want to lose your memory like that, then okay."

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Author's Note: And the prologue is done! A festival is coming, and the shoulder angels and devils are ready to go! See ya in the next chapter!