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Heero Tells All – Chapter 1 - Shot

Lying in his bed, tying to get to sleep, he heard some one get in. He never put in a security system, only cameras, because he just bought the house a week ago. Silently grabbing a pistil he hid under his night stand, he got up, and began his stealthy search. To his surprise, there seemed to be nothing in the house.

He had quietly opened his door, and walked ever so lightly down the hallway, towards the stairs. The pistil was at hi side, firmly gripped. Avoiding the creaks in the wood stairs, he came into the kitchen at his left. A window was slightly open, enough for a person to slide through. Tip toeing, there was no one in the room, so he continued his search. Peering though the foyer, and passing the steeps, then into the office, again another room was empty. The house so far seemed secure, however the former solder couldn't shake the feeling that someone was in the house, and watching him. Coming to the living room as he passed the dinning room, he thought he heard something.

Still nothing prevailed. Just then he heard a crack, and was thrown to the grown! He lost his pistil in the attack, and the intruder picked it up, and without hesitation, shot the man before him.

......... Relena.......

It was so odd; Heero was never late for my meetings. I decided to go over to his house to see if he was there, or was feeling alright. Once before he got himself locked up in a safe at his old house, and I had to get him out with Duo's help. Some thing just felt bad about this time. He had been so nervous because of having no security system, but he said he didn't need one.

Heero's house was an old farm house in the middle of nowhere. I had been there once to help him move in and decorate, but that was it. For the better I called Duo, to help me search for him. It was after all a fairly large farm, and two people would find him quicker that one.

We pulled into the half mile drive way with pastures on both sides. There were two horses in the far left field, and four in the right. There was a hay field on the left following the pasture, and on the right, there was a wheat field. Trees lined the drive way all the way to the house. The house was two stories, with a porch, and columns.

"I'll go check the barns, and stables. You should check the house. I have a key for the front door. Later Lena," Duo said. He was a little worried, but he loved searches.

"All right, I just hope he's ok," I replied.

I climbed up the stairs, and opened the door. It was unlocked! Heero would never leave the door unlocked. I looked into the kitchen, and headed upstairs. He wasn't there. Turning back down the stairs, I went into the dinning room, and office. Still no one. Then there in the living room I saw him, face down, and blood; wearing only shorts. My Heero had been shot!


I heard the screaming from the house, and rushed right in. That's when I saw the one thing I thought I would never see. Heero shot, and face down unconscious. Relena was crying holding my buddy's head. He was hurt bad, an gunshot wound right above the heart.

Patching him up, I called Une.

"Hi, Une, this is Duo. I'm at Heero's new house, and he's been shot!"

All I heard was a serine, and I knew she was on her way.


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