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Summary: Oblivious to the reputation of Tamashi High, Kagome enters the school in hope of chasing her dream of acting. What she found was the Suicide Club led by the hotass leader, Inuyasha.

Suicide Club

Enter the Suicide Club

When things are tough
There's always something worst

Too bad I've never experienced 'worst'

So basically this is hell


Walking through the halls I noticed that not all the students were quite as happy about going outside as I would've thought they had been. I tried to ask one boy about their glumness but he just said "You better run before. . ." but someone pushed him along.

"Kagome-chan." Kikyou poked min in the cheek as she stood next to me in the centre of the bustling crowd of depressed looking students.

I turned to her and smiled. "This school is weird!" I said cheerfully.

"Yeah," Kikyou rolled her eyes. "These people look like they wanna kill themselves.

(enter the Suicide Club)

I stared at the wall during the entrance speech the principal gave Kikyou and me. He had said something about choosing my friends correctly and not getting into any orgies and sexually explicit nature. I rolled my eyes and Kikyou giggled behind her hand. She was used to such sexual activities, having done them for money when Mama was dating our stepfather. Had Mama married him we would be rich as thieves. Had she divorced him we had been richer then the Hilton Sisters, but she had broken up with him, and now we're poor. Poor with designer clothing and purses.

Not to mention a mansion planted over our once tiny shrine quarters. The man had loves us dearly, sending Kikyou and me money every weekend to go buy ourselves something "nice".

I came to this school for the soul purpose to chase my dream of becoming a movie star. Kikyou entered the school to become the supermodel of her dreams. Too bad after her boyfriend broke up with her she started eating. A lot. And now, she weighed at her all time highest of 135lbs. I sympathized but I told her she did it to herself.

After receiving our ALMOST identical schedules, we stood in the hallway, at a loss of what to do. All the students had left the building in a sort of unofficial fire procedure and the two twins were sent to homeroom, where they were TOLD to meet their new classmates.

There was silence for a moment and Kikyou turned to me, opening her mouth to speak. She shut it quickly and that look I found oh so familiar took over her beautiful features. She gasped and whispered to me, "Kagome-chan, don't look. I think I've met my man." She smiled as she pushed me aside and, against her request, I whipped around, glaring in the direction of the man she was referring to.

Kagome gasped in the same fashion as Kikyou had. A man, or guy, long black hair over his shoulder, a smirk on his face, and his hands in his pockets. A flock of similar looking guys clustered behind him, chatting and laughing.

They halted as the leader did and everyone was silent. Kikyou was the cause of the traffic jam.

"And who are you?" the leader said, his voice arrogant. I already hated him.

Kikyou smiled and hooked her arm with his, urging him to walk with her. "My name is Higurashi Kikyou, do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.

"No." the leader said. "But I guess I do now.

And they walked off, Kikyou giggling as she latched onto his arm and talked, and the leader's posse following and chatting again. One by one they followed, once again, suit of the leader as he passed me with a glance, his eyebrow lifted.

"K-Kikyou. . ." I whispered, my hands shaking at my side. "Kikyou." My voice rose as I walked the group disappear down the hallway. "Kikyou! You backstabber!

(enter the Suicide Club)

"You disrupted class, Kagome." The principal said as he stared down at me in the twisty students chair I sat in across from him.

"What class? Everyone's outside." Kagome said under her breath.

"It's not even your first day and you're in my office." He sighed. "You are very lucky this wasn't a bad situation, or you would be suspended as of now." He shuffled papers as if trying to fight nerves. "This school is meant for the most intelligent of pupils. Our main concern is the problems that we see in the halls of Tamashi High." He explained. "Now, go to homeroom.


"Go!" he said.

I skedaddled.

Exiting the principals' office I leaned against the door for a moment, wondering why I even bothered trying to keep Kikyou with me. Boyfriend after boyfriend ended with a fat Kikyou in tears crying on my shoulder and leaning over the toilet, trying to win him back. That's how it went and that's how it always would be. I loved Kikyou to death; she was my partner in crime. We'd been in jail for possession of drugs 3 times together already. Kikyou seduced the men in charge to put us in the same cell, and everything was hunky-dory.

Although the drugs weren't MINE I knew Kikyou was the possessor of the drugs. And had our mother and late stepfather cared we were in custody? Well. . .our almost stepfather (the filthy rich one) broke us out. Thank god.

I turned down the hall, in the direction my schedule had appointed me toward. Room 307.

Students were cautiously entering the building again and one asked me if Ôthey' had passed. I said yes, knowing they were speaking of the group that had just passed.

Someone actually noticed my confusion. For one thing I had no clue where this room 307 was, I was just following the 100s, hoping to find 200, and maybe then I would find the 300s. This person gasped as he came up to me.

"You wouldn't be one of the Higurashi sisters?" he asked, his hands over his mouth as he gasped annoyingly.

I raised an eyebrow and leaned backwards. "Yes, I would be." I said awkwardly. This guy, with his black hair in a ponytail at the back of his head and his outfit was the picture of rock band singer.

He grabbed my hands and I had the urge to fling my Louis Vuitton purse at his head (I kept a block of brick inside. And I HAVE had to use it).

"I'm so glad you've been able to make it. The trip must've been hard for you and Kikyou-san, right, Kagome-san?" he said as he pulled me down the thinning crowd of students returning to their classes.

"How do you know about me and Kikyou-chan?" I asked accusingly. After the small events that happened in the passed 10 minutes I was not in the mood for some unknown guy to be swooning all over me.

"Duh, you're always in the newspapers." He said and I could tell he had queerness to himself. "My name is Hojo, by the way." He said, smiling at me.

I rolled my eyes. It was TOO early for this. And Kikyou had backstabbed me.

He pulled me down the now empty hallway and my mood lightened, his grip on my hand was comforting and I felt comfortable in all with his queerness. I hoped he was queer because if he wasn't I'd have asked him out just then.

He beat me to it.

"So. . ." he said as he took on a leisurely pace down the 100s. "Do you have a boyfriend?

"No." I replied, my heart racing.

"Do you want one?

"Yes." I said, my heart speeding to an un halting pace.

We hooked up, and it was payback to Kikyou for ditching me.

(enter the Suicide Club)

"The new girl's going out with Inuyasha. And her sister is going with Hojo!

"Total opposites. Hojo-kun is so lucky.

"He'll be popular that's for sure.

My eye twitched. Gossip, gossip, gossip. I mean, I lived with it, my mother gossiped about people all the time. Kikyou gossiped all the time. I'd never heard gossip about me, though.

I let my head drop to my arms, my forehead against my arm and my nose almost touching the desk. I had used disinfectant so my face wouldn't break out if I touched it. I wanted to cry. I had never had so much happen to me in 30 minutes ever in my life. Since my other half was detached I felt empty, alone, blah. For some reason, as much as Kikyou ditched me, whenever she wasn't with a guy she was my sister, my partner in crime, and my big (by 2 minutes) sister. I loved her.

I closed my eyes, trying to clear my spinning head. I was scared, I found out. Everyone become quiet and sat down hurriedly in their seats.

I looked up and narrowed my eyes. Never have I been so angry in my life. I've always been calm, happy, and caring. Right now my hands had a mind of their own. I wanted to strangle Kikyou.

I knew then that I was dead. Why? Because they came toward me; the leader glared down upon me. I cringed. Fear was prominent in my veins but rarely surfaced to my face.

"You, bitch," he said in that cocky, arrogant voice of his. "What's your name?

I swallowed. I knew Kikyou was laughing at me. I never was good under pressure. "K-Kagome." I stammered, looking anywhere but his face.

He detached himself from my sister and grabbed my hands, pulling me upward and against him, embracing me with a crushingly strong grip.

"Nice name." He whispered in my ear. He pulled me backwards, my face flaming red at the close proximity of our faces.

And then he closed that gap I was trying to widen.

My eyes went wide as he tried to deepen the kiss.

I lifted my purse, the Louis Vuitton one with the brick, and smashed it against his head. He tumbled off me, into a few desks, and his posse dashed out of the way.

Some loyal subjects.

I wiped my mouth, panting. My first kiss had been taken by a barbaric no body with rock hard abs and beautiful golden eyes.

And Kikyou, her eyes narrowed, was out to get me. I was dead.

Welcome to Tamashi High.


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