The Suicide Club

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He is the Model for all Members

The wind blew from the north in a wild torrent on debris and particles, tumbling down the narrow alleyway. She walked briskly down the alley, her hands in her pockets and her head pointed to the ground. The air blew her hair, long ropes of black, around her, tangling and getting caught in her mouth.

She stopped hastily, her hands shooting out in front of her. Men in black coats stood in front of her.

"Hello, Tatsuki."

She gasped, putting a gloved hand to her mouth. She stepped backwards, her shoulders grabbed by strong hands.

"Where are you going, Tatsuki?"

The leader stepped out, his hands in his pockets and his face in a sever smirk. "If this is you when you're dead, I can't imagine how you would look when you're in heaven."

Tatsuki spit at his steel-tipped boots. They came in contact with her face and she was down.


I sat outside the library, waiting for Inuyasha to finish his research. It's not that I completely abhor the library. I was on look-out. I was watching for any suspicious activity. And I found it.

A little down the street there was a skinny alleyway. I hadn't noticed it before but today it was peculiar. There was a feeling growing in the pit of my stomach which told me I should go check it out.

I limped. My knee's popped when I straightened them and my head was buzzing like a million bees had created a hive in my ears.

I reached the alley and jumped back, putting my hand to my mouth as I watched the latest members of the Suicide Club take down an innocent girl.

I remembered back to when Inuyasha had explained the "club" to me. From what he told me the members didn't physically abuse their girlfriends. They only drove them to kill themselves. This was entirely different from the club Inuyasha led before. I remembered how they had tormented my sister, devastated her to the point of crossing to a side that neither of us approved of, and turning on her own twin sister.

"Hey!" I yelled out, finally, my hands clutching the brick wall tightly. I wasn't afraid of these punks. I had been through worst.

They stopped abruptly and turned around. The leader stepped forward.

"What do you want little girl? Can't you see we're busy?"

I cocked an eyebrow. "Who do you think you are? Why are picking on that poor girl? Who are you?" I took a step forward, my mind tapping into myself, ready to bring out all the force I had if I had to fight this brute.

"I am Keige. I am the leader of this gang."

"The Suicide Clu--"

"The Suicide Gang. We don't associate with such trivial things as club memberships." He smirked. His black hair rushed in the strong breeze, his hands behind his head. I watched him with one eye and his friends with the other. They dragged the battered girl down the alley. "And its none of your business what we're doing, little girl."

I stood up straight and stepped forward. "I've dealt with you Suicide Club Gang members and you aren't nice people."

"Blah blah." He turned around and walked the away, his jeans were tight on him and he wore a black sweatshirt.

"H-Hey! Don't walk away from me!" I started to walk forward but my knee gave out, my legs falling to the ground in a heap. He stopped.

"Oh ho." He turned and smiled at me. "You're injured."

"Yes I am. But I could kick your sorry ass with both my legs tied behind my back."

He put his hands behind his back. He moved his hands forward again swiftly, his hands clutching a katana in his hands. "I don't have time to have pointless conversations, little girl."

Before I could respond, the tip of the sword was coming toward me, and on impulse I reached my hand forward to grab the blade. The sharp edge cut through my thumb and forefinger and sunk into my shoulder before stopping abruptly. His mouth was agape and his hands had gone instantly slack around the hilt of the sword. A trail of blood dribbled down the side of his chin and his eyes rolled into his head.

I couldn't move; my arm paralyzed with pain and my fingers burning and bleeding profusely.

Keige fell to the floor, unconscious and was kicked onto his back.

"Are you okay?" Inuyasha asked me, holding me by the shoulders as I swayed back and forth for a moment.

"Yeah." I looked down at Keige and reached down into his jacket pocket for his wallet.

A picture of him looking younger and more innocent stared back at me in the dark alley. His smile was dorky and his cheeks were dimpled.

His drivers licence read: Keigre Kuchin. Age 17. DOB October 24, 1989. His ID was bent at the corners and faded. Behind that was something frightening. It was a picture of Inuyasha.


I was looking up Naraku. Anything on him. Anything about him. I just couldn't let someone so horrible torment anymore lives. I had pondered my situation and put two and two together. If this guy was tormenting the Higurashi's lives, why would my life be so suddenly tormented as well? The Suicide Club had strict rules against using weapons. Your body is the only weapon you are fit to use. If you're too weak to do that then you don't deserve to call yourself a member. Where had Kouga gotten that gun? And why had I been picked up in a van instead of an ambulance? I had woken up in a coffin. That's not normal. Someone wanted me dead and I had an inkling of who it was.

I checked archives and newspapers and the internet but I found nothing. Finally, after about 45 minutes, I went outside to where Kagome was supposed to be waiting. She wasn't. And then I saw the silver flash of a blade and then Kagome and I was over there in a flash, hitting this guy in the stomach before I could assess the situation.

I watched Kagome for a second, the sword falling from her arm and her face wincing in pain as she swayed where she stood. I grabbed her by the shoulders and surveyed her. Her hand was cut and her shoulder was bleeding.

"Are you okay?" I looked into her eyes but she didn't seem to be thinking about her injuries. She reached down to the man on the floor and felt in his jacket pocket. She pulled out a wallet and after inspecting its contents, came across a very peculiar item.

A picture of me. I took it from her hand hastily and turned it over.

Our Savior. He is the Model for all Members of the Suicide Gang.

I looked at the man in disgust. His body glowed and pulsated for a moment and then went still. He was dead.

"Who is he?" I asked her.

"Keigre Kuchin."

He was a new member of the club when I left. I hadn't interviewed him. I hadn't even overseen his induction. I was too disgusted with the club by then to care.

Overhead the sky got dark, raindrops falling from pregnant clouds and the large wind whipping garbage and dust into our faces. I put myself in front of Kagome but she moved from behind me and, while clutching her shoulder, reached out her other hand into the dust. The rain was pelting us hard and the wind rushing through trees leaves made an eerie howling sound.

Kagome's hand was glowing, just like Keige's had. She stared intently forward and after a moment a figure snapped into view, 10 feet in front of us.

A startling laugh erupted and echoed off the brick walls around us. I felt surrounded and I got on the defensive. It was Naraku. I knew it.


I could feel his presence, strong and menacing, surrounding me and making it hard to breathe. I fought his influence and did not subject myself to weakness by his Dark power. I reached out my hand. I could feel that awkward power pulsing through me and I tried to control it. It was in the form of white light, I knew that much, so I channeled that white light to my finger tips. While clutching my shoulder with one hand, I used my weak hand to aim at him. The white light flowed through my fingertips like spiders crawling under my skin. I could feel something rising up in me. I could feel the force building behind my palm and when I felt it was time, I released it. I released all of it, right at Naraku.

He stumbled and came into view instantly. His body was cut in several places but he regained his composure. His hand was holding a large gun at his side. I put my hand down and took a deep breath.

"Naraku." I muttered his name with disgust. Inuyasha stood next to me, his body tense and ready for a fight. I knew we were no match against a gun so I didn't make any threatening gestures toward Naraku.

His laugh echoed through the alley and I got a chill running down my spine.

"What to you want, you goddamn bastard." Inuyasha spit out, his fist at his side, tight and stiff.

Naraku lifted his gun and pointed it at both of us, holding it with one hand. With the other he scratched his head. "Hm hm hm. I have completely forgotten what I've come here for." He stopped his innocent gesture and let his hand fall to his side. "How about I let your sister remind me."

He snapped his fingers and Kikyou came into view, her hands chained and her legs underneath her. She was blindfolded and quiet.

"Your sister wants to know why I'm here. Please enlighten her."

An electric shock ran through her and she only flinched. "He's come to kill you, Kagome." She said quietly, her head bowed.

I didn't say anything, neither did Inuyasha. He stared at Kikyou in shock, his hands tightening into sharper fists. His anger flowed out in red waves and I could feel heat radiating off of him.

"Ah, yes. I've come to kill you. You don't serve any purpose to me any longer. And I would like to get rid of--"

Suddenly he was cut into pieces, Inuyasha's body standing in the ruins of his body.

"He talks and talks and doesn't keep his guard up." Inuyasha spat on the ground. "Foolish."

Kikyou fell to her side, motionless. Her head lolled to the side and her hands strained against the chains around her wrist.

I ran to her side, my shoulder bleeding and my hands burning with pain. I pulled at the chains and grunted. I felt the white power again and the chains vanished into white puffs of smoke.

"Is she okay?"

I swallowed the lump rising in my throat. I knew she wasn't okay. We held a connection and it was faint. "I can't feel her. I can't….I can't feel her anymore." I felt tears rolling down my face. The wind blew around us, pulling at my hair. The rain pounded my back and my clothes were soaked through. I could feel the water in my bones, in my wounds, in my soul. I could feel the tears endlessly pouring. I felt lost.

Inuyasha sat down next to me and put his arm around me. He didn't say anything.

We sat like this for an hour. It was 7 o'clock and the street was quiet outside the alleyway. The rain let up.

I felt something behind me. We both felt it and turned quickly.

A women in old fashioned clothes stood before us, her hands in her sleeves and an unfaltering smile on her face.

"She is free of his grip, but she is dead." She said curtly. Her smile was stable.

I glared at her. Inuyasha squeezed my uninjured shoulder to quiet me. "Who the hell are you?"

The woman took a step forward. She wore gold slippers on her slender feet. Her kimono was white and red.

"I am Kagura." Her dark hair was in a ponytail and her face was strong and calm. "I can help you. This girl has not reached the spirit world yet."

I felt a weight lifted from my chest. "What do we do?"

Kagura opened the fan she held and tapped it on her shoulder for a second. She closed it wish a snap and crouched down in front of me.

"What will you do?"


Her smile grew. "Perfect answer." She touched my face for a moment. "Give me your soul."

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