Preface-slightly AU, you'll find out why and what at the end =
Quidditich Match, Slytherin versus Gryfindor

Harry Potter closes his hand around the golden snitch, ten feet from the ground, when the opposing Seeker charges him and Harry pummels to the ground and unconsiesness.


Chapter One=

"Harry, you ready to go? My mum's waiting outside."

"Yeah, I guess. As ready as I'll ever be, Nev."

"It's surreal, everything that's happened since our birthdays."

"I know, I can't believe it was such a short time ago, she..." sob.. "She deteroreated so quick. Why did she have to die, Neville? Why? I have to lose everything because she died. I lost my only family, my friends here, the only place I ever remember knowing!" tears running openly down his cheeks. Neville embraces his best friend.

"Mate, it's only a year. One year left of school before we're free of parents, guardians, and what not, when we're of age. Your godfather doesn't seem like a bad guy, It could be worse, you could have been sent to an orphanage. He has to be a good guy, if your mother entrusted you to him."

"Your right, it's only a year before freedom, I just wish that I knew a bit more of Sirius Black. I know he's my godfather, was my father's best friend and was good enough to pay the charges on the boxes I sent by post, but that's all, those are the only things I know of my godfather."

"You could know nothing."

"I know, I guess I have to accepct the enevitable, I have to go get on that train and meet my future, well, for the next year, anyway."

"Is this it? The bags you've got here?"

"Yeah, everything I'm taking. I inherit this house when I turn eighteen or twenty-one, or sometime, I think. Shall we get along before I miss that train?"

"Yeah, we've got to."

The two young men grabbed Harry's bags and toted them to the car.


The train pulled to a stop at King's Cross Station in London. Harry shouldered his backpack, slung his duffel bag over his other shoulder, grabbed his suitcase and pulled along his trunk, and exited the train.

Harry looked about him, wondering what this Sirius Black character looked like, not seeing him in person since the age of three, when his father was murdered and his mum moved them out of London.

"Harry!" called a clean cut, casually dressed gentleman, "Harry! Wow! You look just like James! Oh but you have Lily's eyes, it's wonderful to finally see you once more!"

"Mister Black, I presume?"

"Sirius, call me Sirius, let me help you," he took Harry's suitcase and trunk.

"Alright Sirius."

"Come along, let's get on to your new home."


They arrived in a slummy part of London, "Here we are, Number Twelve Grimmauld Place."

They had arrived in front of a from the looks of it, two maybe, three story house, paint chipping and in disrepair, like the rest of the neighborhood.

Sirius pulled into the driveway, hit a garage door opener and pulled in, the door shutting behind them.

They unloaded Harry's things from the back seat and boot.

Sirius led the way inside, up the stairs and into the hallway.

"There the room directly in front of us is the dining room, to the left is the kitchen, and the front rooms are the drawing and living rooms.

The bedrooms are upstairs, your things, which you sent by post are in the dining room."

"Alright, do you have a room for me?"

"Well, not a set one, a couple you can choose from though."

"Cool, lead the way."


"There's this one," a corner room, lying next to the bathroom, light blue walls, two windows.

They prceeded from the front room to the second, in the attic, "And here's your other choice," another corner room, with a slightly sloping wall straight ahead, this room is white.

"Do you know which room you'd like?" Sirius asked, once they were back on the first floor.

"The attic room."

"Okay, would you like help in moving the bed from the first room upstairs?"

"No, I can handle it."

"You sure?"


"Oh, Harry."

"Yes, Sirius?"

"What would you like for dinner?"

"What are you making?"

"Chicken and Potatoes."

"Fine with me."

"And Harry?"


"I'm registering you in school tomorrow morning, would you like to come along?"

"No, I'd like to get settled."

"Alright, Harry, across from your room is my storage room, if there's anything you need, shelves, desk, and the like, you can take anything out of there."

"Thanks, let me know when dinner's ready."

And with that, Harry grabbed his bags, trunk and headed upstairs.

After bringing up his suitcase, backpack, trunk, and duffle, he pulled up the matress from downstairs, followed by the box spring, then the frame, and head board.

Through the night and early the next day, Harry lugged up all of his boxes, from the first floor up to his room.

Sirius came and went or rather went to Harry's new school and came back all during the course of Harry's sleeping.

Harry appeared in the kitchen at around four in the afternoon.

"Good afternoon, Harry, or should I say, morning?" Sirius kidded. "Oh, by the way, school starts Monday."

"What!" Harry spit out the orange juice Sirius had just set in front of him. "But.. But," he sputtered, "There's two weeks left in August!"

"No, my fine fellow, there's two days left in August."

"It's Saturday?" He asked in disbelief.

"Right on."

"Where did the month go? Everything changed, everythings gone to the crapper since my birthday," He said with a noticable trace of sadness.

"Harry, would you like to talk about it? Everything that's happened?" "I barely know you! No I know that your my godfather and were my father's best friend and that's all."

"I'm sorry, I never came to visit, Harry, really I am, I was scared to see you again, your mother again, I was just so frightened, I kept putting it off, till now, here we are. You can ask me anything, we can use the next two days and year or as long as you want to stay here to get to know eachother is that a deal?"

"Okay, How old are you?"


"Girlfriend, wife, kids?"

"No, though I do have a son, he lives in Scotland, now, my ex-wife lives who knows where, now." (Sirius was 18 when he had a kid, not 12)

"How old is your son?"

"Twenty-one, I think he's going to school up there."

"I get the occasional letter from him, his mother left me when he was three, I got him for summers and weekends till he came of age."

"What's his name?"


"Do you get along?"

"Yeah, we had great times together, well till he got into High school and never gave me the time of day anymore, always postponing things in favor of his friends, he calls around once a month, so if you pick up and it's from him, get me."

"Alright, I will."

"So, Harry, what about you, wife, kids?"

Harry laughed, "Bloody hell NO, you've got to be insane, I've had one girlfriend and that was a disaster."

"Going to tell me what transpired?"

"Okay, I had a huge crush on her for years and finally asked her out, after a failure to my freshman year. Let's just say it was a disaster, I made her cry for goodness sake!"

"Who was this girl?"

"Cho Chang, I have no idea what I said wrong, or did wrong. I was overjoyed, now, since she graduated last year, thinking, yeah, now I'll be free from that, well, now I am, just not in the place I expected."

"Not girl savvy?"

"Absolutely not."

"What are your favorite things to do?"

"Read a book, hang out with my friends, I like to draw, though I'm not too good, and love to listen to music."

"Your like Lily, she always loved to read."

"Well, I did grow up with her, now didn't I?"

"You did indeed." Me, I love music, I play the piano," Harry butted in.

"Is that why you have that bloody sweet grand piano in the other room?" "Yeah. I also like to watch movies, the telly and listen to music, and I read a book here and there, I enjoy sports, as a spectator and player."

"You've got any ice cream?"

"Check the freezer. I think I may have some."

"What kind?"

"Oh, probably Butter Pecan, or Neopolitan, what kind do you like?"

"My favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip. But I don't mind those flavors." Harry dug through the ice box.

"What kind did you find?"

"Butter Pecan, yum."

"Did you want some?"

"Of course, and check the fridge for chocolate syrup, will you?"


"Chocolate Syrup?"

"Uh huh."

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