Chapter Nine

Eve barely had a chance to register what was happening before she felt the dizziness take over again. Her head hurt horribly...why? And why was she lying on a couch? Opening her blue eyes slowly, she took in her surroundings – a lush, Spanish style apartment. Don Juan. Trying to sit up, Eve felt a constraint on her shoulder, pushing her back.

"Stay still, Doña Evelyn. You hit your head rather hard." Came a familiar Spanish lilted voice. Eve blinked, then turned to face the man she'd come to see in the first place. There sat Don Juan, a look of concern written plain as day on his handsome face. "You had me worried, Doña." He said softly, running a hand through her hair.

"What happened?" She managed, still trying to get the room to stop spinning.

"Mike came over, looking for you." He started, then held up a hand to silence her as she started to speak. "No, let me finish. He came in, attacked me, and threatened me. I couldn't give you up, or let him challenge my honor. Then you showed up, and fainted at the sight...and then the authorities came. I assume you called them, because I didn't." He finished, brown eyes flashing at the memory of Mike.

"I seem to remember that." She said softly, then did sit up. Eve's eyes scanned the apartment, not seeing any sign of the blonde tooth-paste model.

"He's gone." Don Juan whispered in her ear. "The cops took him away." Eve merely nodded, leaning back against him.

Silence spread between them, covering the lovers in a blanket of unease. In any other situation, Don Juan would have found the setting perfectly fine – reclining on a couch with a beautiful Doña curled against him. What more could he want? But this was his Eve, his Doña Evelyn. She wasn't a one night stand. No, she was far more than that. She was his love, his one and only.

He loved her.

He'd finally admitted it.

Unable to believe his subconscious's revelation, Don Juan took a deep breath. That was what had been different with her! No wonder she hadn't been like Doña Ana! She was so much more to him than love. She was a part of him. Could she really be his soul-mate? He liked to think so.

Turning his gaze to the brunette in his lap, Don Juan bent down and kissed her forehead softly.

"Doña..." He started.

His voice snapped Eve out of her reverie, and she blinked, looking up at him. She was in love. She'd known it earlier – that's why she'd come over. To profess her love for him. But was it consensual? Was she just a fling for him? She liked to think not.

"Yes?" She asked softly.

"Sit up." He commanded just as softly. She complied, facing him on the couch, no more than an inch between their noses.

"Doña, there is something I must confess. I..." Seeing the look on her face, he paused. She looked so hopeful, so on the edge. Could she not have guessed it? No, of course not. He hadn't even known until a few hours ago!

One thing he did know, though, was that he couldn't do it this way. Screw it. He thought to himself, and leaned in to kiss her.

This kiss was unlike any other the two had shared. He wasn't trying to persuade her of anything, nor was she. Their lips met in unison, two halves of a puzzle that had been denied completion. It was as if they had been playing with matches before, and now the fire had been struck. The kiss grew, innocent at first, tentative even, but now it encompassed them both, causing them to shudder and grasp each other for sanity.

Eve had never....ever...been kissed like this. Don Juan was a master at the art of love making, but this...this was something else entirely. She felt herself floating, on a cloud of sheer bliss, never having known the sensations that now floated through her. But, as abruptly as the kiss had begun, it ended. He pulled back, eyes glazed, watching her intently.

"Eve," He whispered, the accent gone. "Eve, I love you."

Then he was kissing her again, pushing her down into the couch, their lips glued, hands roaming each other's skin as they confessed their love for each other the best way each knew how.

A while later, Eve lay there, his head on her chest once more. He was exhausted, sleeping now, his breathing deep and slow. She smiled contently, running a hand through his hair. This wasn't their first time, but it far surpassed the other. She'd never felt so much love in her life, and an odd feeling of completion filled her. So this is what love is like. She thought. Now you know what you were missing! That voice chided. Oh, shut up! She argued good-naturedly. She was far too happy to argue with herself, and instead concentrated on the man who's heart she now possessed.

" I love you too, John." She said softly. "My Don Juan." At this, she placed a kiss on his head and then leaned back, smiling happily at the ceiling. Oh yes, a girl could definitely get used to this.

The End.

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