It was a hot summer night the neighborhood of Privet Drive was quite. All the normal people were fast asleep. What they didn't know was that locked away in the smallest room of number four. Was someone that had a lot of secrets more than anyone alive knew?

The neighbors thought that the Dursleys were a normal hard-working family with its normal ups and downs. It was a well-known fact that the Dursleys had the bad luck of having to raise their horrible nephew Harry Potter. The Dursleys told everyone that Harry went to St. Brutis for the unlawful criminal boys that had no hope for a future. They were all waiting for the day they would be told that Harry was finally in jail. What they didn't know was Harry never went to St. Brutis. That was just a story the Dursleys made up to cover up the truth. Harry went to Hogworts School of Witchcraft and wizardry the best school you could go to learn magic.

The Dursleys hate magic. They thought there was nothing in the world as bad as magic. They live in fear of anyone finding out that they were related to freaks. So they lock Harry in his room ever night and make him do all the chores. No one would talk to Harry or even look at him.

As for Harry he was sitting on the bed thinking about the last year he had at school. It had been a very bad year for Harry. It started with having to go to court for using underage magic. It was a well-known fact that witches and wizards were not to use magic in the summers until they turn seventeen. Harry was cleared of all charges because he only used magic to save Dudley his Aunts whale of a son. That is when he found out that the Minister of Magic was trying to discredit Harry in hopes that everybody in the magical world would think that Harry was telling lies. The Minister of Magic didn't want anyone to believe that the darkest wizard in history was back but, by the end of the year the truth was out Voldemort had returned. Having the truth out was good but that night Harry's godfather died.

Sirius Black was gone and there was nothing anyone could do about it. When he died Harry lost the only father figure, he had. Sirius was also the only person that knew his secret. The only person he called family. Now Harry missed his godfather and didn't know who to turn to. Harry knew he would have to tell someone. His secret but, who he was still a little angry and hurt with Dumbledore. He didn't know how his best friends would react.

He had been talking to his owl Hegwig about this problem

"Well, Hegwig who would be the best person to talk to." His owl flew to Harry's desk and picked up a letter giving it to Harry. There were five different letters on his desk that he had been ignoring for the past two days.

" Ok. Hegwig you want me to read ths one huh?"

Harry opened the letter. It was from Remus the last Marauder.

Dear Harry;

I know this summer is going to be very hard for you. I want you to know that I will be there for you if you ever want to talk or just to have someone around. We don't need to talk about anything but, I know that Sirius would want us to help each other get though all the pain and heartache. If you need anything please don't feel shy about coming to me.

I will always be there for you.


Harry turns to Hegwig "I guess you are right Moony would be the best one to talk to." Harry quickly wrote a letter and sent his owl out to deliver it.

" I guess I should go to bed. Worrying about what I need to tell Moony will only make me more nervous." Thought Harry.

In the early morning sunlight a white owl flew toward a nice little cabin. The nice thing about the cabin was in the middle of nowhere. The cabin had no neighbors for miles and miles. Only trees and wildlife. It must be a very peaceful place to live. Remus Lupin loves living in the cabin with no neighbors. The perfect place for a werewolf to go and not have anyone fear and ridicule him.

Remus was sitting at the table reading the newspaper and having a cup of tea. He looked up at the light tapping on the window.

"Hegwig let me get the letter of you leg and I will get you some water"

The owl lifted her leg so he could untie the letter. After getting some water for Hegwig he opened the letter. He quickly read the letter.

Dear moony:

I am writing you at ask if you can come over today for a visit. There is something I really need to talk to you about. I really need to get some advice about a problem I have. I really need to see you before my birthday. I hope to see you soon.

Harry Potter

With a worried frown he looked at his watch and saw that it was 7:00. He sat there from a couple of minutes wondering what Harry needed to talk to him about. It wasn't like him to ask anyone to visit let alone ask for advice. So he was going to go and find out but, should he go over there now or send a letter to set up a time to meet. Knowing Harry's family he thought it would be best to send a letter. After writing a letter he tied it to Hegwig's leg.

Back on Privet Drive Harry was jerked from sleep with the screeching voice of his Aunt.

"Boy, you get your lazy bum of that bed and fix my Dudders a good health breakfast."

Harry didn't mind cooking he enjoyed it. He really hated being called 'boy' but, there was little he could do about it at least for now. Someday soon nobody would call him that ever again.

On the other side of London in a very stately mansion there was another boy the same age as Harry. He too was jerked from sleep but, not from a family member. He awoke because he had a nightmare again. He wasn't sure you could call it a nightmare it was more of a memory and an unpleasant one. Two weeks ago he returned from School to find The Dark Lord at his house. To say he was surprised is an understatement.

Draco always knew that his father was one of Voldemort's followers. He always thought they were more like friends. It now looked like his father was just a servant. That night he had his eyes opened to just what being a death eater was all about. Draco was soon surrounded by death eaters. The room was filled with people wearing long black robes with masked faces. He saw his father in the middle of the room. When Voldemort entered the room he was shocked to see his own father getting on his knees and kissing the bottom of the dark lords robes begging to be forgiven. He was even more shocked to hear his father's words

"Master please forgive me for failing you. It will never happen again"

Lord Voldemort just laughed. Draco couldn't believe his eyes. He never thought he would see the day his father beg for anything and on his knees was shocking.

Voldemort turned to Draco and said. " Draco Malfoy you are going to see what happens to those who fail me. Your father was given a task to complete. He failed and will be punished." The next thing he knew his father was screaming. It seemed to go on for hours. They beat his father and sent curses in the end his father looked like he was at the edge of death.

After everyone was gone, his mother took Draco to his room and said that they would talk in the morning. The next day he went into his mothers sitting room.

"I have to tell you some bad news your father isn't doing well. I think we might lose him.". Draco sat there in shock. "He wants to talk to you. There is a lot you don't know and he will tell you all that he can." She said softly.

"Can we take him somewhere to get help?" Draco asked.

"No I am sorry but, the healer has just left there is nothing we can do" After a moment she said "Come along Dragon your father is waiting"

As he sat up on his bed remembering what his father told him. 'His father was a spy.' 'He never liked muggles or mudbloods but didn't want them dead.' 'He also informed Draco that he was to make a choice about what he wanted. He could become a servant to the dark lord or go to Dumbledore." He handed his son a necklace with the Malfoy crest and told Draco that it was also a portkey to take him to Hogwarts if that was what he wanted. Draco could still remember his father's last words. "No matter what choice you make I want you to know how proud I am that you are my son."

Now it was time to find his mother he had made his choice.

The end of chapter 1

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