On Saturday was the first Hogsmead weekend Pansy and Jade finished getting ready for what they hoped to a fun day away from school. The girls were going to go to Hogsmead early to do some shopping before meeting up with Draco and the rest of the guys at the Three Broom Sticks. The girls were having a great time spending money on makeup when they heard a voice behind them.

"What do we have here? The lovely Jade shopping without her boy friend. I knew you would see that I am the only guy that would know how to treat you. Malfoy is just too spoiled to know how to treat a lovely young lady such as yourself." David Boot pulled Jade against him and started to kiss her and started rubbing against her.

Jade jerked herself away from him and was getting ready to slap him when someone tackled Boot from behind. When Jade looked down she was surprised to see Draco and Boot rolling on the floor. When they were finally separated, you could see that Boot barely landed any blows but, Draco made a mess of Boots face. The girls quickly payed for their makeup and joined the boys outside. Leaving Boot unconscious on the floor of the shop.

When Jade joined Draco grabbed her and was checking to see if she was hurt. " Jade, are you all right he didn't hurt you did he?"

"I'm fine he just grabbed me right before you got there. He didn't have time to do anything else. Look at your hands they're a mess" Jade said softly as she trailed she fingers over the ripped skin on his knuckles.

They both were surprised to see his knuckles were healing before their eyes. Jade whimpered "am I doing that?"

"I thank so why don't you touch my other hand to see if it happens again."Draco suggested.

Draco's other hand was heeled as she trailed her fingers over the cuts.

Jade didn't know what to say or what to think she had never had this happen before.

"Draco,do you mind if I try to see if it works on your face? I want to find out if it works on bruises too." When Draco nodded she gently touched his face and wasn't too surprised to see the puffy redness around his eye disappear.

"It worked." Jade said as she looked at draco. He smiled at her a bent his head and kissed her. Then the kiss ended Jade was even more shocked that the cut on his lip was gone now as well. "OK, this is getting a little weird somehow. I healed your lip with a kiss. We need to tell Father about this. Maybe he can tell us what is going on."

"I agree, would you mind if we stopped at Honeydukes first?

After they went to the candy store the headed back to Hogworts. They found her father in his office looking over some of the students homework.

He looked up when they entered the room and asked. "What are you two doing back so early? I didn't expect you back for an another hour or two at least. Did something happen while you were out?"

"Do you remember that guy that was bothering me the first day of classes?"When her father nodded Jade continued. "Well he came up to me when I was shopping with Pansy when came up started running his mouth about me being his then he grabbed me then started kissing and rubbing all over me then I jerked away from him."

"He did what?" Professor Snape was defiantly in protective father mode."When I get my hands on that boy, he won't know what hit him."

"Calm down dad Draco took care of Boot."

"How did you take care of the parasite?" Snape asked.

I beat the crap out of him and left unconscious like he deserved." Draco answered.

Professor Snape raised one eyebrow and said "I'm impressed you took out a seventh year without him landing a punch."

"I'm afraid that he did succeed in getting in a couple of blows but, not as many as he received." Draco said with a smirk.

"Well at least they don't show. Do you need to be checked out by the nurse?" The professor asked.

"No I'm fine. The reason we are here is to tell you about what happened after the fight." Draco told him.

The professor just looked at them waiting for them to continue. "Well Draco's knuckles was a mess so I sort of healed them when I traced the cuts with my finger. Then I fixed his eye the same way but, what really threw me was that when Draco kissed me, I somehow healed his split lip." Jade informed her father.

"I believe that you have some kind of healer talent. I am not sure what kind because normally you need a wand. There are some rare cases that a witch or wizard connects their magic with someone else to heal them but it is not done with a casual touch. I have never heard of healing someone with a kiss. That is something we will have to talk to the headmaster about."

The teenagers waited for Professor Snape to contact the headmaster to see if he had time to talk to them. It was agreed that they would meet in the headmasters office after lunch.

The end of chapter 28