Title: Lycanthropy
Author: Mistress Nika (InuNekoMikoaol.com)
Rating: PG
Couples: not sure yet; cannon lovers can probably look here for Inu/Kag and Mir/San
Warnings: not sure yet again, probably nothing much
Summary: Kagome's family has a secret. This secret has been locked away for years. Away from the public eye where it could never be brought to light. But what if that secret escaped? And what if it's only desire centered on the Higurashi Shrine?

Lycanthropy= from Greek lykoi, "wolf" anthropos, "man", a psychiatric state in which the patient believes he is a wolf or some other nonhuman animal. The delusion has been most likely to occur among people who believe in reincarnation and the transmigration of souls.
Running. She was running as fast as she could. The earth shifted slightly under her bare feet, adjusting to her slight weight only to have it disappear. Limbs and branches whipped at her skin, lashing it mercilessly as she ran through the forest. Her long raven hair flew out behind her, becoming nothing more than a shadow as her speed increased. She could hear them still, voices ringing through her head, refusing to stop. Tormenting her. And harder she ran. The sweet scent of trees, flowers, plants and the earth itself mingled with her own scent. Her own scent that betrayed her emotions of fear and freedom.

Yes, she was free and she wasn't going back.

Skidding to a halt under a large tree she allowed it to consume her, taking her into it's depth and hiding her from the rest of the world. Slowly she raised two piercing blue eyes to the sky. The stars didn't shine tonight, covered by clouds. However, the one thing that mattered to her did shine down upon the nocturnal landscape. The moon, so bright and pure. A crystalline orb floating high in the sky, bathing her in it's pristine glory.

With a smile she allowed her eyes to drift shut. Soon they would find her. Soon it would be over. But for now, she was at peace in the forest. The forest held everything for her and no matter what she may have said or done in the past, she would always return to it.

The quiet chirping of a multitude of cicada was her symphony that night. No other sound made itself known. She could almost taste the fear resonating throughout the forest. Whatever animals would have made their appearance by night had been driven into silence by the unwelcome presence of an unknown predator in their vastly untouched wilderness.

She smiled to herself once again as she slid down the tree, it's bark scraping roughly though not unpleasantly at her back. Sitting there at the base of the tree she could feel some semblance of life return to the forest as the creatures of the night realized her not to be a threat. She watched as an owl landed on a branch above her and began to study her. It's head cocked one way, and then another as it's big golden eyes bore innocently into her. It let out a confused hoot and she giggled.

Suddenly it spread it's gray wings and dove down, forward in an attacking dive. She didn't bat an eyelash as the owl swooped down and gathered up a little gray mouse into it's talons before flying away to have it's breakfast in peace.

She envied the owl. It knew such freedom as she could never know. She stared down at her hands almost disdainfully. Such little hands with pathetic fingernails instead of claws. She would never be able to do as the owl. Swoop down on an unsuspecting prey, drag it away and then rip it to pieces as she devoured it greedily.

She may know a kind of freedom now, but it was fleeting. She longed for the lasting kind, but knew it was just an illusion. She could chase that illusion as long as she liked, but it would always disappear with the arrival of them.

Yes, they would come. And they would break her happy illusion of freedom. So she ran from them, and they pursued. They didn't understand her. They didn't understand her wild impulses that she neither could nor would control. She lived to be free, and yet all they seemed to want to do was entrap her.

Speaking of them, the silence of the forest and her peaceful illusion of freedom was suddenly shattered by the sound of feet approaching. Also there were the voices, loud and harsh to her ears as the silence was beautiful. She could escape them if she wanted. She could run again and they wouldn't even know she had been there. But she was through running, at least for tonight. Perhaps she would run again another night, when the moon was full and she was untouchable. Until then...

The bright unnatural luminance of numerous flashlights filled the night. Several large men in white uniforms crashed through the trees, searching frantically for the one who had somehow eluded them yet again. Their beams fell upon a still form watching them with eerily feral eyes and they stopped short.

Before them, crouched low against a tree with a hand to her eyes was the one they had been searching for. She had removed both her shoes and socks, leaving her feet bare. Her hair hung loose about her body, draping it in a wild black veil all the way to her waist. Her green and white clothes were mere vestiges of what they had been, having been torn and shredded in her wild flight.

The young woman watched them warily, her legs bent and her fingers lightly touching the ground. She was prepared to flee at any moment, but was holding her ground. Like a wild animal who's territory had been invaded by one more powerful than itself. She wanted to fight, but knew she couldn't win.

One of the men held out a hand in a placating gesture and spoke softly, not wanting to frighten her into fleeing. "Now, now, Higurashi-san. Let's get you back to the asylum. We don't want you to catch cold out here."
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So, is it Kagome? Is she crazy? What drove this Higurashi to insanity? How long has she been in this asylum? What is her 'problem'? And most importantly, is this problem really insanity? Or knowledge of a world beyond ours? A knowledge that others refuse to believe.

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