Title: Lycanthropy Author: Mistress Nika )
Rating: PG
Couples: Kouga/OC, Inu/Kag Mir/San
Warnings: not sure, probably nothing much
Summary: Kagome's family has a secret. This secret has been locked away for years. Away from the public eye where it could never be brought to light. But what if that secret escaped? And what if it's only desire centered on the Higurashi Shrine?

Lycanthropy= from Greek lykoi, "wolf" anthropos, "man", a psychiatric state in which the patient believes he is a wolf or some other nonhuman animal. The delusion has been most likely to occur among people who believe in reincarnation and the transmigration of souls.
Chapter Two:
Trapped. She paced restlessly from one side of the room to the other and back again. They caught her...trapped her. She was back in that room again. Glaringly white, so bright it hurt her eyes. They didn't trust her in the dark anymore. Once, after the lights had gone out, she had attacked an orderly. After that she was always in the light. Always in their sight.

Her senses tingled, telling her to be on guard. She paused in her pacing and looked towards the door. Peering in the tiny window was him. He was watching her again. Waiting for her to lower her guard. His greasy black hair, beady eyes and scared face caused her to shudder in revulsion. But it wasn't his appearance that made her hate him so. It was the feeling. That feeling she got whenever he was close that told her he was bad, wrong, unnatural. Sometimes she could see wisps of something black coiling around him, like smoke but thicker.

Kagome told her it was youki. Her beloved sister told her the truth. Not like the others. The others lied to her. They told her she saw things that weren't there. They told her she was the unnatural one. But her sister would never lie to her. No, her sister loved her. Her sister told her she was special. They were both special. They had been gifted with holy powers, miko powers. Her powers let her sense demons. That's what he was. A demon in disguise. Kagome had told her all about demons, Sengoku Jidai, InuYasha and the Shikon no Tama. Her sister trusted her. Not like the others. Her sister loved her.

He smirked at her. He knew she was helpless in there. Helpless to free herself. Helpless against the power he wielded in the form of a key. The key that opened the door to freedom.

He had opened that door once before, when it was dark. He had come in...and he had almost never escaped. If the others hadn't come, if they hadn't saved him, there would have been nothing left but bloody pieces. She had shown him. She had shown him that she wasn't to be taken by ANY man, least of all a low-level youkai like him. She had scratched at his eyes, pounded at his face with her fists and howled in rage. He hadn't been able to stop her then, not even with his increased youkai strength. She was strong. She had intended to kill him, but then they had come and shot her full of tranquilizers.

The next day Kagome came and talked to her. She wished she could talk back to her when she was like that. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make the words come out. It was as if they were stuck in her throat and refused to reveal themselves. All she could do was make instinctive canine sounds. Sometimes, if she were about to 'recover' she could talk. But it was simplified, no detail. Just basic facts. She couldn't get across that her mind was not affected, it was her throat. Her mind was as sharp as ever. She was just unable to communicate that fact clearly.

He was still watching her from that window. Suddenly she felt the rage well up from deep inside and she launched herself at the door. She growled fiercely at the man, but he only continued to stare with that half smirk. She pounded her fists on the glass, desperately trying to break through. To plunge her hand into the glass, reach out with clawed fingers and remove that smirk from his face. But it was in vain. She was too weak.

Before, she had acted in self-preservation, which gave her adrinilyn increased strength and speed. She knew from her studies that extreme situations bore extreme results. The surge of adrinilyn rushing through a person's body could give them increased abilities. That was how she had been able to overpower the man...the youkai. But now it was pure rage. The surge wouldn't come for that and she was left to release her anger on the door itself.

The man chuckled at her futile attempts to get to him, to rip him apart. With a superior grin, he waved a needle in front of the window so that she could see it.

"Now, now, Higurashi-san." he laughed. "If you don't stop that, I'll be forced to sedate you. You don't want that, do you?"

She suddenly grew still, her hands falling limply to her sides. She lowered her head, but not in submission. It was in threat. Keeping eye contact with the hated youkai, she growled deeply in her throat, warning him. She wanted to say, "If you come in here, you'll be dead long before you can inject me with anything." However all she was able to do was growl ferally.

But then, a thought struck her. A way out. If she could get him to open the door, she could possibly escape. But her timing would have to be precise.

Placing one hand on the plexiglass window, she tapped a single claw against it as she thought. Her 'claws' were merely the result of the staff being too afraid of her to clip her nails, but they served her almost as well as animal claws. Her entire family had the good fortune of having what her mother called 'good nails'. Meaning they didn't become brittle no matter how long they grew. If she hadn't been locked away for three years, people would have guessed she was a regular at the manicurist.

The man on the other side of the door looked at her hand in confusion as she tapped away. She just grinned back at him with an evil gleam in her eye, a plan forming in her mind.

She turned her back to the window and looked over the sparse furnishings of her room. She almost hated to do what she planned. Never had she been so angry as to destroy her meager belongings. But this time, it was different. This time she didn't intend to come back.

Grabbing the bedside table by it legs, she suddenly and unexpectedly spun around and bashed it against the window. The metal table crashed through the glass, shattering it outward. The youkai outside jumped back in surprise, letting out a shocked yelp.

She knew the window wasn't her way out though. Switching her focus, she dropped the table and kicked at the bed, upending it and sending it skidding across the room with a loud screech. It crashed to a halt on it's side against the far wall, the bed linens falling away to the floor.

"Help!" came the panicked cry from the man outside. "Help! Higurashi's destroying her room!" The pounding of many feet instantly filled the hallway as security guards and doctors came running.

Picking up the discarded table, she leapt up onto the side of the bed. She held to the wall with one hand as she balanced delicately on the metal rungs. In one swift move, she aimed and threw the table up at the ceiling. Glass shattered and the room fell dark as she destroyed her target, the light that had unfailingly illuminated her room so constantly.

And then, all fell silent.

From her hiding place, she could hear the people outside the room debating over whether or not to enter.

"No way!" one man yelled angrily, with a hint of fear tainting his voice. "She's a monster! If we open that door, none of us will be going anywhere but the hospital!"

"We have to go in." a female doctor replied calmly. "She could be injured. And even if she isn't, there's no way we can leave her in the dark. It's dangerous to both us and her."

"She's right!" another man agreed. "Higurashi is under our care and that means we have to not only keep her from hurting others, but also from hurting herself."

Finally the argument to open the door won out and the door slowly creaked open.

Tensing her body for not only a fight but also flight, she crouched low to the floor. Her muscles readied themselves to spring the second her target was in sight. Flashlight beams flooded the room as a woman doctor flanked by two burly security guards entered the room.

"Higurashi-san?" the doctor called out. "Where are you? We just want to help you."

Placing her hands on the floor, she counted their steps as they came further into the room. Eight steps, that's all she needed. Eight steps and she would make a run for it.


"Higurashi-san?" the doctor tried again. "You know me."


"I won't hurt you. It's Ishida-sensei."


"Let us help you."


"Are you injured?"


There! Now was the time! The time to make an all-out bid for freedom!

Pushing away from the wall with one foot, she suddenly leaped at the bed, flipping it back into place with a loud crash and landing atop it with nimble grace. The room instantly filled with a flurry of motion as the guards rushed forward, intent on her capture. But she had other ideas. Not pausing for more than a half second, she used the springs of the bed to her advantage and vaulted over the heads of the advancing men. Landing in a crouch behind them, she suddenly found herself facing the door to freedom. The only one who had remained outside was the despised youkai man.

Flexing her claws, she smiled at him sadistically. If she had time, she would have given him something special to remember her by. But as it was, he had backed away from her down the hall. And those who were behind her had righted themselves and spun around to attempt another capture.

Not wasting anymore time, she took off. Sprinting down the corridors and knocking over the hapless victims who got in her way, she rounded a corner and saw the welcoming black abyss, a night sky to aid her in her escape. Just a little farther! Alarm bells suddenly went off, filling the air with their shrill cries.

'I know this music,' she thought to herself with a smirk.

As the steel plates started to descend to cover every possible exit, she threw the steel bar she had pried off a grate in her room at the control panel across the way. The steel spear hit home with a crackle of electricity and the escape proof metal halted it's decent. She had successfully neutralized the locking mechanism. 'Who says Computer Engineering was pointless for a twelve year old?' she chuckled to herself. 'Now to get past the automatic locks on the front doors.'

Putting on even more speed, she swept past the destroyed panel and snatched her makeshift spear out of the wall. Only ten feet from the glass doors, she hurled it again, smashing through and creating her very own exit. 'Violence solves everything!' she laughed almost giddily in her head.

At the last second, she leaped off the ground and kicked out with her feet, sending her flying through the remaining glass with ease. As the shards of the glass door came into contact with her body, she raised her arms to protect her face. All in all, she managed to get through just fine, coming out with only a few minor scratches on her feet and arms. However, she had apparently failed to take into consideration the fact that someone might be arriving just as she was departing.

'Who told this baka he could walk in front of the door like that!?' she raged silently as she suddenly found herself entangled with a violently cursing red-and-black shape.

The pounding of feet from inside the building spurred her on and she pushed away from him with fury. If she got caught, it was going to be his fault!

Going into a crouch, she glared at the soulful brown eyes that rose to meet hers. His shocked expression only made her angrier. Growling deep in her throat, she lashed out and clawed the side of his face, leaving behind three perfect red marks that quickly started bleeding. To her surprise, he didn't yelp at the sudden feeling of fingernails slicing flesh, nor did he even flinch. In fact, he seemed too stunned by her appearance that he didn't even seem to realize his injury.

She started to growl at him again, but instead decided the chance for freedom far outweighed the price of revenge. Standing up and spinning on her heel, she began to dash off, but halted at the boy's stunned whisper.

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