(Locked Away in Her Bedroom/The Annex/Another story typed in secrecy.)

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Witness Protection

Koenma is sitting at his desk, looking very angry. The vain on his forehead is pulsating and looks like it could explode, even from underneath his oversized blue hat. He seemed uncomfortably ticked off, and the fact that it was so early in the morning wasn't helping his mood. The door to Koenma's office is suddenly opened. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei are hurriedly and very roughly pushed inside the office by Botan who opted to stay outside of the room.

"You're here. Finally. What took you so long!" The ticked off Koenma snapped at the four spirit detectives.

What are you talking about Pacifier-breath?" Yusuke inquired in a grouchy manner as his brown eye looked angrily at Koenma. "We probably set some type of record for speed getting here!" One could base the reason for his crankiness on the fact that he was half asleep when he was dragged off to spirit world. Also, because of the fact that it was four o' clock in the morning and he was not even able to put on some decent clothes, he still had bed head at that. In fact, so did Kuwabara and Kurama, though his wasn't that bad.

"What's the rush anyway?" Yusuke inquired more calmly though it was obvious the boy was still irked at the whole situation.

"I too would like to know why you so urgently needed us to rush here" Said Kurama his voice held a certain amount of curiosity.

Kuwabara stretched and then yawned slumping over with his eyes half closed. He then rubbed his eyes. "This isn't good. I need my beauty sleep so I can look good for my beautiful Yukina."

"Well then you'd better set aside a couple of centuries" said Yusuke mockingly he had finally regained his sense of humor.

"Hey shut up Urameshi!" said Kuwabara in a threatening manner, he straightened himself out so that he towered over Yusuke as he glowered at the boy.

"Would you two stay focused!" Koenma interjected seething with anger; though it was not uncommon for the toddler prince to lose his temper, no one had known him to have such a short fuse. The force of Koenma's voice was enough to knock Yusuke and Kuwabara off their feet out of shock and a little bit of fear. Now sitting on the floor somewhat in a daze, the two boys stared up at the very pissed Koenma. Yusuke and Kuwabara traded confused glances at one another before looking back at Koenma. The Prince had seated himself in his largely oversized chair, and was clenching tightly to the armrests, as waves of anger hovering over him.

"Jeez Koenma what's your problem?" Yusuke ventured to ask as he and Kuwabara rose from the ground still uncertain why it was Koenma was about ready to blow a gasket.

The pint sized prince shot a glare to a unnoticed point in the room. The four spirit detectives let their own eyes follow the prince's gaze. The four boys were greeted by the sight of a young man seated in a chair, which seemed to appear out of nowhere. The young man was wearing a dark, cryptic little smirk on his face. He had shortdark hair with a violet gleam, that stopped just short of his shoulders. His hair was plastered to his head which made it seem even shorter, several wisps of it hung in his face almost obscuring his left eye from view.

The young man's eye were a deep azure, almost the color of the night sky. He had a medium build though not particularly tall, maybe just over five and a half feet. The young man was garbed in a pair loose, black pants, and had a pair of black wings draped over his shoulders like a cape, hiding the black vest that he wore. Around his neck was a loose hanging chain that bore a strange charm. The young man rose and looked at the spirit detectives rather smugly.

"Who's that?" Kuwabara asked Koenma, as the person began to walk over to them.

"Me?" said the young man in a quizzical tone as if he were surprised that his identity was a mystery. "Why I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth" Torrin spoke as if his identity was common knowledge. (A/N. Now you know what Torrin looks like, for those of you who've experienced Torrin, already.) And you must be the pathetic excuses for spirit detectives, that I'm supposed to be helping" said Torrin looking over the boys his eyes stopping on Kurama. A mischievous glint flashed in Torrin's already devious blue eyes.

"Well hello there, Princess" said Torrin far too sweetly for Kurama's comfort. Not that being called Princess in any tone of voice was acceptable. Torrin gave a soft chuckle, "And I was afraid I wouldn't be able to have any fun." Torrin spoke as if he was relieved; placing his arm on Kurama's shoulder and gave him a very seductive smile. "Mm" Torrin sigh contentedly having taken in a deep breath and the scent of Kurama's hair.

All this was too much for the spectator Yusuke, who snorted back a laugh that threatened to erupt from his throat Yusuke found that he was unable to fight his baser urges as his snicker, evolved to a chortle, then outright laughter. Kurama, slipped out from under Torrin's arm with a slight blush of complete mortification on his face. It certainly was not the first time Kurama had ever been mistaken for a girl, but given Torrin proximity, he should have noticed the obvious.

"I have to point out that you have me mistaken" Kurama stated coolly, though he was feeling anything but. "What do you mean?" Torrin inquired meekly having once again thrown himself over Kurama's shoulder. Torrin glanced at Kurama's face from the side of his eyes. (A/N. Torrin is just a bit taller than Kurama.)

"Congratulations." Koenma voiced drawing Torrin's attention "You've succeed in alienating one of the people that will be looking after you" said Koenma.

"Uh, Kurama's a guy" said Kuwabara trying to spare his friend of further humiliation at the hands of Torrn, who still had his arm around Kurama and did not seem as if he would be letting go any time soon.

"Really?" the now mystified Torrin inquired in disbelief as he shot another quick glance, at Kurama. "Certainly, doesn't look like one" said Torrin finally removing himself from the grateful Kurama's form. Torrin slowly circled Kurama with a skeptical eye, as he slowly walked around the redhead, scrutinizing him. Kurama's usually placid face was red, from a mixture of embarrassment and anger. A simple mistake he could take, but this was getting to be a bit much. Most people would have accepted the nature of his gender by now, or a least doubted it quietly. Of course Torrin had no shame.

"Don't you think that's enough?" Kurama asked now sounding a bit more hostile. Torrin stopped walking then looked Kurama square in the face. He cocked his head to the side, and gave a small sigh. "I suppose" Torrin stated furrowing his brow, "but are you sure you are what you claim to be, Princess?"

Kurama emerald eyes widened momentarily, the boy could not help but be shocked by the fact that Torrin would even ask such a question. It was pretty obvious that he would know better than anyone aside from his mother just what gender he was. Considering Kurama was at the moment speechless Torrin continued to speak.

"What I mean to say, Princess, is…" Torrin leaned into Kurama's ear and whispered not quietly enough to save Kurama from further embarrassment but softly enough that his voice tickled Kurama's ear. "Do you actually have something hanging in betweenyour…" Torrin's voice trailed off when he noted the harsh look that Kurama was giving him.

"I'm just asking because, it is hard to tell by looking at you." Torrin step away from Kurama a bit and spoke in a explanatory tone. "One could look at that one right there." Torrin pointed to Kuwabara "And easily see that he is a guy. A very ugly one."

"Hey!" an insulted Kurabara interjected. Torrin however merely ignored Kuwabara, and actually looked displeased that the boy had interrupted him. "But still he is a guy, and by looks alone it would be ridiculous of him to claim anything else. You, on the other hand look far too much like a pretty…"

"I suggest you stop now" Hiei said angrily growing tired of Kurama being forced to endure Torrin's insults. Quite frankly Torrin's voice was starting to annoy the fire demon to no end.

"Wha…?" Torrin inquired sounding surprised once again. This time the cause of his shock was a disembodied voice. "Who said that?" Torrin looked around like a lost child for a moment before casting his eyes downward. "Oh" stated Torrin as Hiei came into his view. "Were you talking to me?" Torrin asked he then hesitated for a moment before speaking again. "Insect." Hiei's eyes jumped widening for a moment. Not more than fifteen minutes into making acquaintance with Torrin and Hiei was already wanted him dead. Torrin had sufficiently shattered Kuwabara's record.

"What did you call me?" Hiei seethed dangerously, as anger rose in his voice. Torrin gave a smug smirk as if he was happy to have struck a cord with the irksome fire demon. "I think you heard me Insect." Hiei's eye twitched. "I shall destroy you, you second-rate demon" said Hiei preparing to do something drastic, his shoulder were grabbed before he could start swinging.

"Hey Hiei, hold up. I don't think you should kill him" said Yusuke straining to hold Hiei back.

"And why not?" Hiei growled, he had obviously had enough of Torrin, and was ready to dispose of him. Even though he knew that there was some reason why Koenma was introducing himself and the others to Torrin, he could not find a reason as to why Torrin should live.

"Because." Torrin stated in a haughty tone. "You four need me" Torrin finished but quickly slipping his arm back around Kurama's shoulder. Kurama shot a hateful glare Torrin's way, and Torrin just smiled. "Besides you're too weak to do me any harm anyways." Hiei shot Torrin a glare that showed he begged to differ. Not being about to take the smirk that Torrin wore Hiei turned away from trying his best to control his anger. Least he end up doing something foolish.

"Is that true?" Yusuke asked somewhat disbelieving. The boy was sure that Torrin was not as powerful as he claimed seeing as the boy could barley sense his energy, but needing Torrin's help.

"I'm afraid so" said Koenma. "I just need the four of you to put up with him," Koenma referred to Torrin. "Until you can capture this demon."

A television screen dropped down from the ceiling. Mug shots of a very ugly demon were on the screen. As well as some information on its vital in small print alongside the photos.

"This is Gladamus." (A/N phonetically Glad-a-mus. I know it's a stupid name forgive me.) "He escaped from spirit world prison about a week ago. So far spirit world intelligence, has gotten very little information on him, but I have a feeling he'll be up to his old tricks in no time."

"But if he hasn't done anything for a week, what makes you so sure he'll do anything at all?" Yusuke inquired looking at the pictures of the behemoth like demon.

We'll Gladamus happens to be a creature of habit with only one goal in mind" said Koenma in a dramatic tone.

"He's just trying to assemble his old team so he can destroy all ningens" said Torrin rather bluntly, having long since removed his arm from Kurama. He was now seated in his chair looking very uninterested. Koenma seemed a bit disappointed that he could not go into his long dramatic explanation he shot a quick glare at Torrin. Torrin leaned his head to the side and sighed, perhaps in response to Koenma attention.

"What does he mean old gang?" asked Kuwabara also looking at the picture of Gladamus.

"Yes, well his group consisted of three head demons. Including himself. When his evil plot was thwarted, I thought it was wise to keep the three of them separated. Together they are practically invincible. Unless you can get them separated and that is quite a task."

"Okay so we just defeat Mr. Bad and Nasty now, and I can go back to bed. No problem" said Yusuke arrogantly.

"Yes well it's a bit more complicated than that" said Koenma easing back into his chair.

Cut to a shout of the outside of Koenma's palace. Where Yusuke's voice rings out into the air. "What do you mean he can't be defeated!" Back inside one could see the small stack of papers that had once been comfortably resting on Koenma's desk were now falling like snowflakes just because of the force behind Yusuke's voice Koenma as well as everyone else had their fingers in their ears to block out Yusuke's voice.

"Well Yusuke if had been listening to, you would have noticed I said practically undefeatable" said Koenma in an indignant tone as he began removing his fingers from his ears.

"Oh like that's any better" Yusuke snapped back

"Actually it is, it means that Gladamus does have a weakness, and can be destroyed" said Kurama.

"Okay, Yeah whatever, what's this guys weakness so we can kick his ass and I can get some sleep? I'm tired."

"That's one of the reasons why he's here." Koenma pointed to Torrin.
Everyone looked at Torrin. He was sitting in his chair, with a look of boredom on his face. It almost seemed that he had fallen asleep, which was hard to believe with the advent of Yusuke yelling as he had. Torrin noticing the attention he was receiving gave a disinterested yawn before speaking. "He's like Achilles."

Yusuke and Kuwabara gave him black stares. Torrin did not seem as though he would elaborate so, the two pairs of eyes just stared dumbly, before traced their way to Kurama. The redhead shook his head wishing the two boys would pay a little more attention to their studies. "A tragic hero in Greek mythology Achilles had skin that was impervious in all places except for the heel of his right foot" Kurama stated filling in the blanks.

"Smart and beautiful" said Torrin quietly with a soft smile.

"Alright" said Yusuke with renewed confidence. "So, point me to the demon and I'll blast his foot off."

"Were you listening at all? We don't know where he is. All I know is that small groups of thieves are popping up stealing things and claiming to work for him. That's how we came across Torrin. We've checked all his old hideouts and I'm even going to beef up security around the other prisons that hold his old partners. But like I said we haven't heard anything."

"Well?" said Yusuke looking at Torrin.

"I only know how to stop the dooms day device not find it" said Torrin cryptically Yusuke shook his head, why was it he was getting the impression Torrin was worthless?

"So what are we supposed to do with him until you find that Glad guy?" asked Kuwabara, he already had a sinking suspicion as did everyone else.

"Humph, surprisingly, the Oaf just posed a very good question" said Torrin making Kuwabara glower. "What will you do with me, Prepubescent Prince?" Torrin glared at Koenma.

Koenma look sternly at the four detectives, disregarding Torrin's inquiry completely. "From now, until Gladamus is found and dealt with," Koenma spoke in a diplomatic tone. "Torrin will be you problem" Koenma sounded happy as he spoke. "Just make sure he isn't captured. Torrin's knowledge of the workings of Gladamus' plans could prove to be infallible, and will be very valuable."

"Are you suggesting we baby-sit that second rate demon until this Gladamus shows himself?" Hiei snapped. Koenma just nodded.

"No way, Nuh Uh. I don't wanna" said Kuwabara, with his arms folded over his chest he shook his head ardently as he spoke. "Even I think that guy's a first class creep! And that saying a lot!" exclaimed Yusuke.

"Yes, well. He's your problem now." The tiny prince didn't try to mask his joy. With that said Koenma practically shoved the boys out of his office, to reluctantly begin their new mission.


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