Who: Hello it's me who as if you didn't know this is my bonus chapter for Torrin's story. I'm a lazy procrastinator that should had this done long ago so that I could work on the other…

Kurama: Other? Who… (looks suspiciously at Who)

Who: The other stories I have. (gives a suspiciously innocent grin) Anyway on with the last chapter. It's really just a bunch of stupid extras I thought up while making the story I hope you enjoy. This first thing scene is called casting call you'll understand. It's written in script format for that reason.


Casting Call

(long line of guys standing outside of Who's place)

Who: (looking at applicants) Okay I'm looking for a guy that can effectively play a creep. Any questions?

Applicant# 173: I was told there would be food, is there?

Who: There are cookies, and finger sandwiches.

Applicant# 173: What about soda is there soda?

Who: (grumbles)

(A soda falls from the sky knocking out applicant 173)

Who: Anymore questions?

Applicants: (Blank Stares)

Who: Good. First up Applicant# 3562

Confused Applicant: Why don't you just start at one

Who: I like unpredictability

Confused Applicant: That's weird

Who: Enough Applicant# 3562 you're up.

Applicant# 3562: (An exceptionally nerdy guy, think glasses talks through his nose those ugly suspender.) Um Yes. I'm the magnificent Torrin.

Who: Next!

Applicant# 2384: Today I will be doing a scene from Hamlet. (pull out skull, then starts to talk in a very exaggerative way) To Be! Or…Not To Be.

Who: This is a comedy.

Applicant# 2384: (Still has exaggerated voice) I don't do comedy. I'm exclusively a Shakespearean actor.

Who: Next!

Applicant# 128: I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth

Who: You are aware this part is for a guy right.

Applicant# 128: That's sexist. I'll have my lawyers down here to sue your ass so fast it will make your head spin. I deserve an equal shot I'm as good an actor as any MAN that comes in here. You male chauvinist pig

Who: I happen to be a girl.

Applicant# 128: Well you're still a male chauvinist pig

Who: Right. I thought I was the one who was supposed to say stupid stuff. Next!

Applicant# 849: I'm (looks confused) line

Who: the

Applicant# 849: Yeah right I'm the. Um…line

Who: magnificent.

Applicant# 849: Okay. Okay. I got it. Magnificent. Uh… Line

Who: (annoyed) Torrin

Applicant# 849: (nods) Right! Torrin. Um…Torrin…uh.

Who: Next!

Applicant# 849: No I don't think it was that you should really learn what's on the script.

Who: Get the heck out! NEXT!

Applicant# 45: (voice that too deep) I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth

Who: No you aren't.

Applicant# 749 (Voice too high-pitched) I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth

Who: And my eardrums are bleeding.

Applicant# 456: (Way too loud) I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth

Who: And I'm gonna need a hearing aid.

(Several more bad actors later)

Who: Next!

Applicant# 501: (has a fake mustache on) I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth

Who: You look familiar. You were here before weren't you.

Applicant# 501: No (shakes head fake mustache falls off) crap.

Who: You're that chick from before. I said I need a guy.

Applicant: You were gonna cast me before you found out I was a female I have proof now I can sue you for being sexist.


Applicant# 210: I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth. Gee this guy sounds awfully full of himself.

Who: that's how he is.

Applicant# 210: (reads over script) Gasp. He says the V word

Who: (Growls) NEXT!

Applicant# 798: I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth.

Who: Wait that was actually good (excited) Say the next line.

Applicant# 798: I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth.

Who: No, no we're past that line say the next line.

Applicant# 798: I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth.

Who: That's all you can say isn't it?

Applicant# 798: I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth.

Who: (Groans) Next!

Applicant# 1830: (singing in a bad opera voice) I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth.

Who: I…can't…take…it slams head onto her little interviewing desk.

(Three migraines and many more bad actors later)

Who: So Next (sounds tired) Say your lines so we can get this over with.

Torrin: Hello Virgin, I see you're trying to fill out the part of me in this story. I'd be happy to play myself.

Who: (slightly ticked) Please just read from the script.

Torrin: (rolls eyes) I'm the magnificent Torrin Ravencroth And you must be the pathetic excuses for spirit detectives, that I'm supposed to be helping.

Who: (To herself) He's good. (smiles happily) That's very good would you read the next line.

Torrin: Virgin do you honestly think that's necessary.

Who: Please the next line.

Torrin: (grumbles something) How disappointing.

Who: (nods) He's very good. You're defiantly on my list of favorites. Next!

Torrin: Next? But?

Applicant# 377: (Looks pretty much just like Torrin only he has violet eyes and blue hair) Hello I'm the Great Torrin Ravencroth.

Torrin: (grumbles as) if I'd ever say that

Applicant# 377: How unpleasant.

Who: I think I found my Torrin

Applicant# 377: Me really?

Who: Yes when can you start?

Torrin: Virgin Honestly

Who: Oh you're still here. Sorry someone else got the part.

Torrin: (Wide-eyed)

Applicant# 377: I can start (cell phone rings) excuse me. Hello…Really?…Really?…Great…No I'm not doing anything. I'll be right over. (closes cell phone) I'm gonna have to pass on the part something better came up. Sorry.

Who: But. Where am I gonna find someone to play Torrin now. (Sigh)

Torrin: I think I can help out Virgin.

Who: Oh who do you know someone?

Torrin: Isn't it obvious. My name is Torrin, and the part was made for someone named Torrin.

Who: I don't follow.

Torrin: It's a story about me so…

Who: You know what I got it I know just who should play Torrin. It's so obvious.

Torrin: Finally

Who: I'll see if Koenma will bring back Karasu and I'll get him to play Torrin

Torrin: (Falls over)

Who: Now that I think about it Karasu may not be the best choice. He'll be way too into Kurama. But who can I get. I know how bout you Torrin?

Torrin: (still conked out)

Who: Torrin?


Who Silly huh? Well I thought it was fun. Anyways on to tying up the lose ends… I mean doing the scenes that I cut or changed hmm this one evolves a what would have happened if Torrin had stayed the night with Yusuke. I kind of wrote myself into a corner with it which is why I don't think I wrote this version.


"Gah! No way!" Yusuke exclaimed looking at the bit of straw in his hand lets do it again.

"But we've done it three times already." Kuwabara groused.

"One more time this time I hold the straws."

"No way Urameshi!"

"Just except your fate Detective."

"But I'm going out with Keiko tonight. How am I supposed to explain him to her."

Kuwabara shrugged, "She probably won't care anyway Urameshi. I think Keiko liked him."

"That's the problem. She doesn't even know that… that he's an asshole. He's gonna ruin the whole night."

"Oh were you planning a romantic evening, Urameshi." Kuwabara inquired with a devious little grin.

"No, and even if I was I still wouldn't want him around. SO LET DRAW AGAIN!"

After several more embarrassing loses Yusuke finally was forced to concede and take Torrin off with him. "It's so wonderful to see you again my lovely morning flower. You look even more enchanting than my memory can do you justice." Torrin stated a he took Keiko's hands into his own he offered a sweet smile that once again had the girl blushing. "Of course I do hope that I'm not intruding on the evening that you had planned."

"No problem." Said Keiko hesitantly, as he pulled her hands from Torrin's grip. "We were just planning on doing homework anyway."

"Homework?" Yusuke groused. "What happened to going to the movies?"

"Well, actually I only said that so you won't just go off the arcade or something like that." Said Keiko, Yusuke's heart sank as a look of disappointment crossed his face. The spirit detective gave a loud groan

"Can I even get away from stupid school for one freaking day!"

"Not with your grades." Keiko reprimanded the boy. Yusuke rolled his eyes and grumbled something under his breath.

"You know." Said Torrin his voice just oozing with cynicism, while his dark and devious smirk crossed his face. "If you do find that you would like to go elsewhere Warden, I'd be most happy to entertain your dear Keiko."

"Not a chance!" Yusuke exclaimed excitedly. He stomped over to Keiko and grabbed her hand. "Come on Keiko let's go study!" Yusuke exclaimed angrily not even realizing his own word; as he practically dragged the girl off.

"Okay." Keiko called in a sing-songy voice as she left her house. In her hands were several school box, hovering over her shoulder was a pudgy blue creature with a mass of black hair all over it's hair. The creature flew away from the girl, and landed happily on Yusuke's head, before chirping out "Puu" enthusiastically.

"Come on Keiko please why'd you have to bring him?" Said Yusuke in a grouchy manner referring to the blue creature on his head.

"Puu's been cooped up in my room all day. He was lonely, and you two should really spend more time together. Torrin looked quizzically at Puu who had now settled quite happily into Yusuke's head.

"What an interesting creature." Torrin said relishing Yusuke's embarrassment, especially since the Spirit detective would never be able to back up any threats that he made. Yusuke let out a low and angry growl, and let his eyes drift upward to Puu who let out yet another happy little chirp.

"This is Puu. He's Yusuke's spirit beast. Kind of a reflection of Yusuke's inner self." Said Keiko as she reached up and plucked Puu from atop Yusuke's head.

"Really?" Said Torrin in an almost mocking tone. Though Yusuke was the only to catch it.

"Do you always have to embarrass me?" Yusuke inquired angrily, glaring at Puu as Keiko held him in her arms. Puu gave a frightened and hurt squeak and nuzzled himself into Keiko's arms.

"Oh Yusuke why do you always have to be such a jerk?" Keiko reprimanded Yusuke again. The boy only halfheartedly listened to Keiko's words.

"Yes Warden, besides being rude to this creature you're only hurting yourself." Said Torrin pointing toward Puu, who was no longer snuggling into Keiko's arm for sanctuary.

"I could hurt you how would you like that?" Yusuke snapped hatefully.

"Warden you know you aren't all…ow." Said Torrin pulling his hand back after a certain little blue ball of fluff bit his finger.

"Puu that wasn't very nice." Said Keiko to Puu, who was no on the girl's shoulder opposite of Torrin.

"The little creampuff finally did something useful."

"Yusuke don't encourage him." Said Keiko grumpily.

Somehow through the power of charisma Torrin was able to win over Puu's affection while, the three walked off to Yusuke's house.

"Puu" The spirit beast chirped happily landing on the now cranky Yusuke's head. "What do you want traitor?" Yusuke grumbled to the spirit beast. Puu just chirped excitedly in response.

After a few hours of studying Keiko made dinner. "I'll wash the dishes." Said the girl collecting up the used plates.

"Please let me." said Torrin sweetly. "It's the least that I can do. After all you went through all the trouble of making that wonderful meal."

"No that's alright but thanks for offering Torrin. You're very kind." Keiko looked toward Yusuke as she spoke. Yusuke just turned away grumbling to himself.

"It's in my nature, my dear. And I confess I'm trying to impress you." Torrin gave Keiko a charming smile that had the girl blushing and give a soft chuckle. Torrin continued to smile as Keiko left the room.

"You know Warden I believe your Keiko is quite taken with me."

"Just leave me alone you asshole." Yusuke grumbled.

"Such hurtful words. I don't enjoy being referred to so harshly."

"Then leave see if I care. You've been getting on my nerves since we first met you." Said Yusuke rudely. Torrin looked as if he was taken aback then a smile drifted over his face.

"Fine perhaps I can convince your dear Keiko to take me in. Perhaps I could even find a way to her bed. Yes I could defiantly fulfill my objective of getting underneath your dear Keiko's dress." Torrin chuckled darkly.

"You creep don't even think about her like that." Said Yusuke he practically snatched Torrin off of his feet, and held the insolent bat demon tightly by the front of his vest. "I'm the only one that's gonna end up doing anything with Keiko." Yusuke said sounding very angry, and much louder than he really should have.

"Warden that such a vulgar thing to say out of the blue like that." Said Torrin suddenly sounding overly innocent.

"What suddenly she's not good enough for ya?" Said Yusuke still clutching the front of Torrin's vest. The Spirit did not even see the girl standing in the doorway fuming, he was to blinded by his own anger.

"Your Keiko is lovely, but what makes you think that I would be so disrespectful to say such things."

"What…" Said Yusuke angrily.

"Yusuke! You big jerk" Keiko exclaimed hitting the back of Yusuke's head with a stack of school books. Yusuke was forced to let go of Torrin to cater to the back of his head. The boy lifted his head toward Keiko then turned back to Torrin.

"You knew she was there didn't you, you creep." The boy grumbled quietly.

"You really shouldn't speak in such a vulgar manner just because a lady exit's the room." Said Torrin in a reprimanding tone. Yusuke glared angrily at Torrin before turning back to Keiko to plead his case. The girl had already heading for the door.

"Keiko. It wasn't what it sounded like he tricked me." Yusuke said trying to sound apologetic.

"Yusuke why can't you be polite like Torrin. You know there's a lot that you can learn from him." Said girl as she left. Yusuke's eye twitched and he pretty much fell to the floor feeling completely crushed.


Who: Well that was fun. At least I thought so. Hmm on my pervious reviews someone asked why I created Torrin. No how I came up with Torrin as a character okay well, long story short I thought it would be funny to create a character that would call Kurama Princess. Don't hurt me he was only supposed to say it once, then Torrin just kinda evolved into the character people love to hate.

Kurama: You mean you did that on purpose?

Who: He wasn't supposed to be so out of hand trust me.

Hiei: Explain to me why I shouldn't kill you for the all trouble you put us through.

Who: You've grown attached to me

Hiei: Hardly.

Who: (moves closer to Kurama) On to the next scene had me rolling, but for the sake of decency I didn't put it up But now I think I will.

Kurama: I've got a sinking feeling.

Who: Don't worry Kurama it's not that bad. Anyways this scene is affectingly named Kurama in a skirt.

Kurama: I'll do anything if you don't post that scene.

Who: Sorry Red.

Kurama: Sometimes I believe you like tutoring us.

Hiei: More of a reason I should be allowed to kill the onna.


Kurama in a skirt

"I can't believe you were able to persuade me to do this. I've never felt so naked." Said Kurama as he tried to adjust the skirt that he was now wearing. The blue pleated skirt hung just below the redhead's knees.

" I can't believe you can fit that skirt." Said Yusuke with a short sinker. "It looks good on you." Said the boy just about to crack up.

Kurama tired his best to look at the back of the skirt. "I'm really not in the mood right now Yusuke. Where on earth did you get this. Or do I really even want to know?" Kurama inquired looking toward Yusuke.

Yusuke smiled and his brown eyes flashed with a mischievous glint. "Let's just say that some girl is going to be very surprised after she gets out of gym class."

"You didn't…" Said Kurama sounding quite surprised.

"What do you care?" Said Yusuke, a skirt's a skirt." Kurama gave a sigh and looked down at himself wear a girl's school uniform. He must have hit rock bottom. The boy rolled his eyes at his own thoughts. Then he heaved another sigh.

"Does it look convincing?" Kurama then asked.

"Maybe you should pull it up some." Said Kuwabara after giving Kurama a considering look. The redhead's eyes narrowed in anger.

"Yeah." Said Yusuke agreeing with Kuwabara. "It's way too long you should at least pull it up above your knees. Kurama heaved yet another sigh then grumbled a few inaudible words. Still the boy pulled the skirt up above his knees.

"There what do you think?"

Yusuke turned his head sideways then gave a catcall. "Yeah that looks good. Nice legs Kurama."

"Hey there pretty lady can I get your number?" Said Kuwabara before he and Yusuke pretty much fell over one another as they went into fits of laughter. Kurama blushed in embarrassment.

"I can't go through with this." Said the boy ready to lose the skirt. Yusuke and Kuwabara were forced to stop laughing long enough to get Kurama to finally go to Torrin. Or course there was a healthy amount of giggling and glaring throughout the whole ordeal.

Torrin was lying in bed talking to himself quite loudly. "These ningens certainly know how to live. Such luxuries. Comfortable living quarters, for the most part, peaceful conditions." A smirk swept over Torrin's face as he continued to think putting his hands underneath his head. "Deliciously beautiful onnas. I really don't want to leave." Stated Torrin into the air.

"Once Gladumus is taken care of you'll have to get used to the idea." Said Kurama after he hesitantly entered the room. Being that he had been so lost in thought, Torrin hadn't even realized Kurama had entered the room until the boy had made his presence known.

"Speaking of which." Torrin stated as he quickly drifted out of his musings. "Princess." Stated Torrin sitting up as a euphoric look of pure amusement washed over his face as he looked Kurama over. "It's so good to see you again, dare I say, I missed that elegant face of yours." Kurama gave a soft sigh.

"Good morning Torrin." Said Kurama slightly surprised that Torrin had actually stayed in his room for the night. Since he seemed to be the type that enjoyed running about creating mischief.

"It's truly been too long."

"Not quite long enough." Said Kurama under his breath.

"So what brings you here at this hour Princess? Did you find that needed me." Stated Torrin, already standing at Kurama's side with his arm over the boy's shoulder. Torrin was at the moment, rather overtly trying to lead the redhead to the nearby bed, with him.

"I'm really just here talk. Thank you." Said Kurama.

Torrin nodded "Hmm" stated the bat demon sounding slightly disappointed. Torrin settled himself on his bed and motioned for Kurama to join him. "Please Princess sit." Said Torrin in a voice that was far too, seductive for Kurama's pleasure. Biting the bullet Kurama sat down on the bed though not very close to Torrin. Somehow Torrin found his way to Kurama's side and had draped his arm over the boy's shoulder. Kurama inwardly cringed.

"What are your intentions Ravencroth?" Kurama inquired trying to put a little distance between himself and Torrin.

"Princess. You look absolutely enchanting today. Did you decide to put on that lovely feminine apparel for my sake because I quite appreciate it." Torrin stated placing his hand on Kurama's exposed knee.

"Actually no." Kurama stated dryly moving Torrin's hand. "Would you just cooperate with us Torrin. If we are going to help you we need to know that we can trust you." Said Kurama trying his best to stay calm even as he felt Torrin's hand once again on his knee.

"Princess." Said Torrin sweetly his he cupped Kurama's chin in his free hand and gently turned the redhead's face in his direction. "You should know that can trust me I would never do anything to abuse you trust." Torrin gave a wide smile. The blood in Kurama's cheeks suddenly began to drain he could feel Torrin's hand moving up his leg. The boy's eyes widened, out of shock, disgust, and complete embarrassment.

"This is why I love skirt, and dresses, easy access" said Torrin the most devious grin had crossed his face. "You know as you and I are alone together. I can't help but get a few ideas."

It was not long before Kurama tore out of Torrin's room wearing a healthy red glow.

"What happened?" asked Kuwabara. Looking at Kurama.

"Yeah did he tell you anything."

"Next time you have an idea Yusuke. Please keep it to yourself.


Who: Don't look at me like that. It could have been worse.

Kurama: (looking devastated)

Who: Hiei thought it was funny

Hiei: What makes you think that onna?

Who: I saw that amused look

Hiei: Don't kid yourself. Hn, at least that second-rate demon is out of my hair.

Who: (laughs) Yeah that he is.

Kurama: What are you hiding Who?

Who: I'm as lucid as ever I'm hiding nothing.

Kurama: That's far from comforting.

Hiei: Well onna if you want to hide things maybe I should do away with you now.

Who: Oh come on Hiei you can't still want me dead that like so first chapter.

Hiei: (Looks at Who) I'll give you a chose slow and painful, or quick but so painful it might as well have been slow and painful.

Who: I'm not too fond of either um anyways… I guess that's about it.

Kurama: Before you end this Who answer one question? Why did you call this chapter sequel.

Who: Sequel… Ha imagine that.

Hiei: You're not going to make one onna

Who: Well guess what. You can't stop me Short-stack! (runs off at top speed)

Hiei: Get back here onna (races off after Who)

Kurama: (Sigh) I can already see what's coming. I just hope it doesn't happen soon.