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Summary: Miss Yula is tired of being left behind and always getting captured. Frankly, she's just tired.


Chapter 1: Visionary

" Can you hear it? The

sound of the Pheonix?"


The moonlight glistened over the lake, reflecting it's rays beautifully upon the surface. Reaching down, Yula lightly brushed her hand against the surface creating gentle ripples.

Sighing, she flopped down upon the soft grass, the smell of earth wafting around her. The wind blew through the sycamore trees, gently lifting the leaves into the air.

" T'is a beautiful night.." she whispered.

The crickets sounded off, breaking the silence in the woods, providing Yula with a simple tune to play off into her mind. Yet she couldn't bring herself to enjoy such a peaceful night.

' I wonder where Kyo has gone..'

They had just reached a new village when Kyo had just took off into the woods, without giving any of them a single idea of to what he was going off to do. Benitora had told her to leave him be, saying that he would return when he had finished off his business; and that he would stay with her to keep her company. But that quickly changed as he to, sped off into the woods without I single excuse or reason to why he was leaving. Migeria, it was expected of him to randomly disappear so Yula didn't take much offense to his leaving but why did she have to be left in the dust on everything.

Come to think of it, it really sounded like they were trying to abandon her.

' Grr… '

Yula sat Indian style upon the grass, her kimono rising slightly to reveal her upper thighs. For some reason, she always wore a kimono. It was tradition with women of that era, but she found it quite annoying. First, they were hard to move in and Second, hentais would always find a way to look up them.

" I think I should seriously have a wardrobe change.."

" And I think a lady like you shouldn't be out alone at this time of night."

Yula whipped around fearfully, her hand immediately reaching for the gun hidden the bow of her kimono.

" Akira…" she gasped out.

Akira smiled slightly at her, his white hair glistening under the moonlight.

" Miss Yula. . I'm going to need your assistance."

Yula stood up slowly, her grip on her gun tightening.

" Oh there is no need for violence, Miss Yula."

Yula's eyes widened.

" What do you want with me?" she whispered softly.

Akira took a step towards her.

" Kyo has grown weak… therefore I must purify him. Starting with you."

Yula backed away from him.

" No, get away from me.."

Akira smirked at her.

" Oh do not worry Miss Yula, I shall not kill you yet."

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