The Hardest Thing

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: The hardest thing he ever had to do was let her go.

A/N: This little story came to me after watching Shrek 2. Hope you enjoy it. Everyone is human. Riley is mentioned but only cause I didn't want to deal with coming up with a name.

"Spike!" Buffy called to her best friend as she ran into his apartment.

"What, luv." Spike said as he walked out of his bedroom only to gasp at her beauty. She was wearing a white, lacy shirt with a knee length black skirt. It was nothing special but to him she always looked beautiful.

"Riley asked me to go away with him and I said yes. Were leaving in 2 days. This is so exciting." She said with a giant smile on her face.

Buffy had been dating Riley for little over 3 months, much to Spike's dismay. Riley wasn't the best type of person. He wasn't the nicest person you'll ever meet, but Buffy loved him. As much as Spike tried he couldn't get her to see that.

"Luv," He started, his intent was to disapprove, to tell her it was a bad idea but seeing the smile on her face he couldn't bring himself to say anything that would take it away, "that's great." He ended with a forced smile.

Buffy didn't seem to notice as she ran to Spike wrapping her arms around him and grinning like a fool.

"Oh, it is. It's the start of a happily ever after Spike. Just like I always wanted." She stepped away from Spike and as if quickly remembering something she headed to the door, "I have to go pack." She called as she walked out.

Her apartment was right across the hall. She ran across the hallway leaving both, Spike and her, doors open.

"Will you come over tomorrow? I'm going to miss you a lot. I've known you since we were both in diapers, practically." She said as he came into her apartment, having shut his door.

'And I've loved you almost as long' Spike added in his head, but didn't dare say it out loud.

"Of course I will, pet." He said instead.

The next day after Spike went over to Buffy's and visited for a while. Buffy and Riley were leaving early the next morning. Spike helped her carry the luggage to the front door so it would be ready.

"So I guess this is goodbye." Spike said

"No, I'm not leaving forever, I'll come back and visit." Buffy said trying to make both of them feel better.

They both knew that she wasn't coming back. She was going to get her happily ever after and Sunnydale wasn't a part of that.

Spike wrapped his arms around her giving her a hug, "Right not goodbye just see ya later." He said before walking out of her apartment.

Instead of going back to his place he went down to the bar on the corner. When he got there he slipped into one of the seats. He motioned to the bar tender and upon seeing it was his friend Xander he proceeded to order a drink and explain that Buffy was leaving.

"She's leaving tomorrow and I'll never get to tell her I bloody love her." Spike finished, downing his drink. "I can't tell her now, she's had so many bad things happen in her life, with her dad leaving and then her mother dying all she wants is a happy ending and going away with the bloody wanker can give her that."

"Spike," Xander started, "This will probably be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do, but if you love her you got to let her go."

Spike nodded silently and after paying for his drink left the bar without saying another word.

The next morning as he watched Buffy drive away, silent tears rolled down his face. Xander was right, the hardest thing he ever had to do was let her go.

A/N: I hope you all liked it, and if you haven't seen Shrek 2 you should go see it, but this story was nothing like it I just got the inspiration while watching it. Now PLEASE review.