Chapter 11

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Rika landed carefully on the tip of her feet. Her wings balanced her on the very top of a tall stack of rocks, to the south of Japan, by the ocean. It was almost sun-set and the breeze from the sea was swirling around. It was a beautiful, mind clearing sight, and it was a comfort, seeing the endless blue of the ocean clashing with the burning red of the sky.

She closed her eyes, and opened them again.

She had accused Ryo, of all people, to want to kill her. The same guy who saved her life so many times, and the same guy that provided her with hope and support at the beginning.

He was the guy that had awoken her memories.

Rika closed her eyes, and felt the ticking of the second hand in the sound of the ocean. She slowed her breathing, until everything slowed, and almost stopped.

They're coming. The sky was red, like the blood about to be spilt.

The ocean's blue, like the soul of the soldiers, whether good or bad.

There was no true purpose to this war, but to just settle it all.

In a moment
Everything can change
Feel the wind on your shoulders
For a minute
All the world can wait
Let go of your yesterday

Rika let her wings expand to its maximum. It was several times longer than she was. The feathers ruffled with the ocean breeze. The air brushed Rika's shoulders, and caressed her face. It twirled around, like a playful pet. She sighed, breathing in the salty air. They had a four men army, and they were against thousands, millions. Who has the advantage, no one knows, as they've all grown in power since the beginning, which was quite a few months ago.

Deep within her lungs, the moist, ocean air sent tingles across Rika's back, arms and side. And deep within Rika's stomach, a deep knot of nervousness was tying itself firmly in place.

Can you feel it calling?
Can you hear it in your soul?
Can you trust this longing?
And take control…

Rika closed her eyes and plunged herself deep, down, to the very bottom, her wings spread, wide and beautiful. The air rushed past Rika's face, giving her a shot of adrenaline. Her wings soared her in a deep 'u' up to the very top once again. This time, Rika let her wings guide her, high, into where oxygen was scarce.

It was cold.

Open up the part of you
That wants to hide away
You can shine
Forget about the reasons why you can't in life
And start to try
Because it's your time
Time to fly

Was she ready?

Were they ready?

What if they all died again?

Rika shook her head as all sorts of questions seeped in, deep into her skull, into her soul.

What if they failed?

It was her destiny.

It's your destiny, the distant moon seems to whisper. The stars winked at her with assurance.

Rika spread her wings wide to stop her ascent towards heaven and fell back down onto earth.

Perhaps it was time to return to the others, just to prepare for what's about to happen.

The sky darkened into blue, once again.

All your worries
Leave them somewhere else
Find a dream you can follow
Reach for something
When there's nothing left
And the world's feeling hollow

Can you hear it calling?
Can you feel it in your soul?
Can you trust this longing?
And take control

And when you're down, if you're alone
Just want to run away
Trust yourself and don't give up
You know you're better than anyone else

Forget about the reasons why you can't in life
And start to try
Because it's your time
Time to fly

In a moment
Everything can change…


"It's coming," Henry whispered. He dropped the tongs he was using to reach the last of the 'Guilmon bun' at Takato's parents' store.

"Henry, are you alright?" Takato's mom asked, concerned as Henry picked up the tongs from the ground and handed it to her to be washed.

"Yeah, I just realized something very important. I'll come back some other time," Henry said, hurriedly and practically ran out of the store.


Alice slipped on a coat and opened the small window at the very corner of her room that leads to the front of the house – the exit she never uses because people can see. But it was the closest exit out. She muttered an invisibility spell she learned recently that saves more of her power, and jumped out of the window, her wings flapping, and soared into the night sky.

Mom… Dad… I'll be back…


Ryo healed the last skin tissue on the wound. He sighed and materialized his sword. He stuck it into a strap that he made for it, and hung it onto his back. He closed his eyes to feel the last moment of peace for him.

After a few moments, he put on his silver cross that his best friend, Ken, gave him as a present.

I'll probably never be back…

He opened his bedroom window and soared out and towards where the night was darkest.


Rika looked upwards to see Ryo, Alice and Henry, flying from their direction to where she was.

The ground beneath her shook impatiently, and spoke of the darkest creatures waiting to claw their way up. Rika's eyes turned upwards towards the moon. Slowly, the dragon-shaped clouds floated to cover it.

"Alright," Rika whispered; a whisper that travelled to the ears of Henry, Alice and Ryo.

"Yeah," They all replied and landed behind her.

When the moon was fully out of sight, the first black claw dug its way up above the earth.


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