Diclaimer: The world of Harry Potter does not belong to me. It is all Rowling's.

Another Year, Another Lesson

By Bianca Jenkins

Year Two of the Marauders Chronicles

Chapter One:


James woke up, put on his glasses, and jumped out of bed. He dressed quickly and ran downstairs yelling.


"James, settle down, and have some breakfast." His mother said. "How many children do you know of that are excited to go back to school?" she asked her husband.


James was too excited to eat, but he sat down and nibbled his toast anyway. Finally, it was time to go. They piled into the car and took off.

James was so excited that he barely sat still. Soon he would be back at Hogwarts with his friends.

There was Sirius Black, his closest friend, who had shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. He was tall enough to make up for James's shortness. Sirius and James acted like twins; they were so much alike. They both hated studying, were smart, and loved to cause mischief. In fact, they were members of a group of troublemakers known as The Marauders.

Next came Peter Pettigrew, a quiet boy with brown hair and blue eyes. He was neither short nor tall, thick nor thin. He was a follower, but a nice person all the same and a good friend.

Last, but certainly not least, came Remus Lupin. Remus was small, pale, thin, and always looked sick. He had grey eyes and brown hair with a few strands of grey in it. He was a quiet, studious person and actually rather shy. He was also a werewolf. Because of this, the Marauders had nicknamed him Moony.

These four had formed a group of mischief-makers called the Marauders last year and had gotten into quite a lot of trouble. Fortunately, not enough trouble for their parents to be informed, or James would have been in a lot of trouble this summer.

After what seemed like forever, they arrived at the train station. Once arriving at Platform 9¾, James began to look around for his friends. He soon spotted Sirius standing out among the crowd.

He waved. Sirius saw him and made his way over to James.

"Hi!" said Sirius; "It's good to see you again!"

"Good to see you too." Out of the corner of his eye, James noticed his parents waiting to be introduced. He turned to them. "Mum, dad, this is Sirius, from school. He's a second year Gryffindor too."

"Pleased to meet you." Said Sirius, shaking the extended hands of Mr. and Mrs. Potter.

"Pleased to meet you too." Mr. Potter replied.

"JAMES! SIRIUS!" it was Peter, running over to where Sirius and the Potters were standing. "I've got the best idea ever for-" he broke off when he saw James's parents. "Hi. I'm Peter Pettigrew, James's friend. I'm a Gryffindor second year."

The Potters said hello, and soon the boys were looking around for Remus.

"He's so small," said Peter, "I bet we don't find him. Mom and Dad already left."

"There he is." Said Sirius. "He's got his back to us."

"Yell for him, then." Said James.

"You yell for him."

"Okay." He took a deep breath, and-

"REMUS!" They watched as a small boy jumped, spun around, waved, and headed their way, followed by a dark-skinned woman with dark hair.

"Hello, James." He said, looking at the ground.

"This is Moo-Remus." James said to his parents, nearly calling him Moony but stopping himself just in time. That would definitely raise unwanted questions.

"Hello." Said his mother pleasantly.

"Hello." He answered softly.

"He is a bit shy," Said the dark-skinned woman, "I am hoping he will grow out of it, though. I am Rhiannon Lupin, Remus's mother." Maybe it was just his imagination, but James thought his parents seem to stiffen slightly at he name Lupin.

"Um, yes," said his father, "Did you perchance know a Raiden Lupin?"

"Why, yes, he was my husband, Mr. Potter." Remus seemed to cringe slightly at this. "But he was quite different from Remus and myself. We were not sad to see him gone." James's parents relaxed a little at this, but not completely.

"We better go," said Sirius, "before we miss the train."

The children boarded the train, and sped off to Hogwarts.

Once onboard the train, the Marauders began chatting away gaily. They asked about each other's summers and discussed plans for disrupting class this year. When things began to slow down, James asked Remus a question.

"What was going on between my parents and your mum?"

"Your parents were worried. It is not surprising."


"Your father sentenced my father to Azkaban."

"Hey, man, I'm sorry, Moony." James said worriedly.

"Do not worry about it. It does not bother me."


"I never got along with him very well."

"No, I mean why was he sent to Azkaban?"

Remus's face darkened at that, and he looked out the window. "He was a deatheater. He was arrested for torturing muggles."

"Oh." It was silent for a bit, then Sirius spoke up.

"Raiden Lupin? The name sounds familiar. Oh, I remember now. He and my dad were good buddies. But I didn't know he had a son."

"He never told anyone. He was ashamed of me."

"Sorry." Said James.

Remus looked at him. "Do not be. I grew to hate him as much as he hated me. Your father did us a favor when he arrested my father. Things have been happier since then."