Chapter Eight:

The Marauder's Map

"I have an idea." Announced James.

"What's new?" asked Sirius.

"It's a good one."

"That is new."

At this, James tackled Sirius and pinned him to the floor. Sirius flipped James off of him. James threw a nearby pillow at Sirius, who caught it and threw it back. It missed James and nailed Remus in the back of the head.

"Sorry, Moony."

"So what is your idea?" asked Remus.

"Well, we've discovered so many secret passages that some of us keep getting lost."

"So?" asked Sirius.

"We could make a map."

"That is a good idea." Said Remus. He went to his books, pulled out a piece of parchment, and sat down.

With help from the others, he began drawing a map of the grounds. Soon, most of the areas were filled in. They added a charm that showed where everyone in Hogwarts was, and filled in the secret passages. When they were done, James looked at the others.

"We need a password."

"I have one." Sirius took the map and set the password. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

"Good." Said James. It is finished.

"What if someone finds it?" asked Peter.

"I know," said James, "I know a spell that insults anyone who tries to read it. You have to enter the insults, though."

"Cool." Said Sirius.

"Yeah." Agreed Peter. It was cool.

The marauders map proved itself very useful and helpful during the remainder of the year. It enabled the marauders to get away with more pranks than ever before. They were caught fewer times, and soon had their files moved and combined as they were always pulling pranks together.

This year was even more fun than the previous year. As the end of the year approached, the marauders pulled tricks more and more often. The marauders pranked as if there were no tomorrow.

The end of the year came, and the marauders went home, eagerly awaiting the coming of fall, when they could return to school, and be together once more.

The End.